Summer Update

We hope everyone is getting through the summer safe and healthy. Our plans are to remain closed through the summer months and open our doors on September 1. ALL groups can begin meeting again AFTER Sept. 1 unless there is word otherwise from our Governor.

Monday Night Jam will begin Monday September 7, 2020 and our after school programs: HendersonJAM and HendersonJAAr (Junior Appalachian Artisans) will begin in SOME capacity (based on the school system)...September 7 (JAM) and September 10 (JAAr). More information will be in our August update!

We are keeping watch on new surges and at this time are keeping arranged/private groups to a minimum.

Please stay tuned, we will keep a watch on what both the Community College decides as well as Smyth County Schools- since we interact with them for many programs.

We are missing everyone, and look forward to a healthy and productive fall.

Be safe!
Henderson "PPP" stands for: Private Paint Party!!!
The Henderson remains locked to the general public, but we are available for private paint parties. Our room is well ventilated, masks are available and room for up to 18 while keeping everyone at 6 feet apart.

• Invite family and friends
• Set a date
• Pick a Painting
• ARRANGE FOR TAKE OUT at a local restaurant (don't forget your drinks!)
• Pick up food/drinks and bring it up to The Henderson
• HAVE FUN!!!!
WEBSITE/Shop & Support
We still working on UPDATING our website! Some "Pre-Covid" information is still on some pages, updating takes time, but much has been done and information continues to be added as the summer progresses.

You can order a facemask and support our programs at the same time! Click on the photo and the link will take you to our virtual shop.

Our reconvene, known as our "Put-Together/Get-Together" was a huge success with seven VERY happy luthiers.

On June 26-27, 2020 we hosted a (very) limited event and kept it quiet. Wayne was ordered to stay put in Rugby as his safety is our first mission.

Future Guitar Building Workshops

Spencer Strickland , Josh Reese and Marty Howard organize our guitar building workshops. Wayne Henderson visits when his schedule allows.

Our wait list averages around 50 people, with an average 2 year wait to get into a workshop. November 15-20, 2020 and March 14-19, 2021are full. So far, there are two on the list for November, 2021. If you have been put on the list previously and are interested in November 2021, please contact Catherine.

We only take a person OFF the list if they ask to be taken off the list. It is chronological, so the person who has been on the list the longest is the first to be called when we are ready to fill the next workshop. We will return to our established system after the virus has settled. If you want to know more there is an information page on our website.

Watercolor will resume Saturday, August 1 as The Henderson is closed for the month of July. It will be open for beginning-advanced over 13 years of age. Cost is $10 and includes supplies. No RSVP needed.
Call or email with any questions or comments
Catherine Schrenker 276-706-4011