Message from Rabbi G. - Founder
How many nurses does it take to change a dressing? If it’s on a Kids Kicking Cancer patient, the answer is often none. We continue to see our children breathing through the light and blowing out the darkness of procedures, needles, diagnostic exams and even painful dressing changes. Many children have to be held down, but our boys and girls will often tell the nurses and doctors to watch them “breathe in the light and blow out the darkness”. Our kids continue to teach the world.

As we continue to grow, you will soon see many more opportunities to learn from our children. Thanks for being part of our Kids Kicking Cancer family.

Power Peace Purpose!
2nd Annual Golf Outing-
One Week From Today!
Century Martial Arts -
Martial Arts Super Show
Senseis Richard Plowden, Michael Hunt & Tammy Bernardo represented Kids Kicking Cancer at the Century Martial Arts - Martial Arts Super Show. With the 2019 Kick-A-Thon just around the corner, this was a great opportunity to show Martial Arts school owners how their students can help the children of Kids Kicking Cancer in a fun and creative way.
From Markus' Mom
Markus was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Beta Thalesemia at birth. Kids Kicking Cancer has helped my son particularly in learning how to breathe when he has to endure shots at the clinic or ER visits for crises.

Before Markus joined KKC, he had to be held down by 3 or 4 staff including myself just to get an IV. The fear of being poked has mostly gone away since he has been in this class. We first learned about Kids Kicking Cancer from a flyer that was posted at the clinic in Children's Hospital of Michigan. I was skeptical at first,
but after Markus's last hospital stay, saw firsthand how this helped Markus, and he inspired and impressed his doctor.

The power breathing techniques that are
taught has helped my family tremendously.
In The News
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Kids Kicking Cancer Golf Outing July 30

Kids Kicking Cancer founder Rabbi G continues to change the lives of children battling cancer. He teaches the mind-body techniques of martial arts instruction, breath work and meditation to empower the kids beyond the pain of disease -- ahe need...

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Interview - Red Cross Children's Hospital Radio
Cape Town, South Africa
RX Radio SA

CHECK OUT] Ilze van der Merwe demonstrating some breathing techniques used at Kids Kicking Cancer on Zaahra's Kitchen #RXRadio #ByAndForChildren #KidsKickingCancer #MartialArts #BreathingTechniques...

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Photo Gallery - June Events
TMA Golf Outing
Thanks to TMA for choosing KKC as the beneficiary of their Golf Outing!
Teaching Breathing & Relaxation Techniques to
over 100 Staff Members at Camp Michigania
Cranbrook Institute of Science Day Camp
Breath Brake Presentation at Agree Realty
Kids Kicking Cancer