Operation Whiskers:

Successful Sex Offender Compliance Checks Conducted in Washington County

In a collaborative effort, the Washington County Sheriff's Office, together with the U.S. Marshals Service and the Oregon State Police, recently executed "Operation Whiskers." This operation aimed to target non-compliant sex offenders residing in Washington County.

Between May 1 and June 11, 2023, a total of 510 sex offender compliance checks were conducted within Washington County. The operation focused on verifying the sex offenders' reported addresses and identifying any non-compliant individuals. Non-compliance refers to offenders who violate their sex offender registration requirements.

Key results from Operation Whiskers:

  • 510 sex offender compliance checks
  • Out of these checks, 12 individuals were not residing at their reported residence
  • 28 compliance investigations
  • 19 arrests or citations for failure to report as a sex offender (ORS 163A.040)
  • 1 unrelated warrant arrest

The Washington County Sheriff's Office, U.S. Marshals Service, and Oregon State Police proudly share the responsibility of supporting initiatives like Operation Whiskers. The mission aims to enhance public safety by mitigating risks posed by non-compliant offenders and preventing future incidents.

We extend our sincere gratitude to both agencies for their valuable partnership and commitment to ensuring the safety of our community.

Read the full media release here.

WCSO Lieutenant James Coley Sworn in as Cornelius Police Chief

Mitch Coley CPD Chiefl

Exciting news for the City of Cornelius! Lieutenant James Coley was named as the new Chief of Police, effective July 1, 2023. With 32 years of public service experience, including serving in the Army and Air Force, Lieutenant Coley brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership to this position. We thank former Cornelius Police Chief Bob Ray for his service and look forward to Chief Coley continuing the strong community leadership established by prior chiefs. Chief Ray has served as Cornelius police chief since January 2021 and will be returning to the Sheriff’s Office Command Team.

Please help us welcome Chief Coley to Cornelius and say hello!

Read the full media release here.

2022 Annual Report

It's time to take a closer look at what our Sheriff's Office achieved in 2022. Our annual report is now available for you to explore and gain insight into the exceptional work done by our dedicated team. 

Discover the initiatives, programs, and activities that have shaped our commitment to serving and protecting our community.

WCSO 2022 Annual Report

WCSO Marine Patrol Team:

Keeping Our Waterways Safe and Enjoyable

WCSO's Marine Patrol provides expert service to those utilizing the excellent water resources in the county. Since the 1970s, WCSO Marine Patrol Team has been patrolling the county’s waterways, prioritizing safety, and protecting our environment. This team is the only marine patrol in Washington County!

Marine deputies focus on education, environmental stewardship, and proactive enforcement to ensure our county waters remain safe and enjoyable for everyone. Members of the team undergo rigorous training, including completing the Oregon State Marine Board (OSMB) Law Enforcement Academy, which covers navigation, operating boats, laws, regulations, jet boat operation, and water rescue training. Their advanced training helps to prepare the team to be equipped to handle any situation or emergency.

WCSO’s Marine Patrol consists of two full-time deputies between March and September, a sergeant, and several backup deputies who have all undergone the OSMB Law Enforcement Academy. During busy holidays or special events, additional patrol deputies provide extra resources and support.

Any community interaction on the water primarily serves to ensure safety laws are followed for everyone’s protection. These interactions often include education, boat examinations and safety checks, and boater education card compliance checks. The team also loves any opportunity to answer questions and provide safety recommendations. The public can also reach out to OSMB for excellent safety and education resources while visiting our waterways. 

Be sure to look for the team patrolling popular areas including Hagg Lake, the Tualatin River, Dorman Pond, and Barney Reservoir. If you see them out there, don't hesitate to say hi!

We were very excited to welcome back in person our WCSO Community Academy this past June. We welcomed 30 community members to participate in our six-week program, exploring all the inter-workings of the Sheriff’s Office!

The Community Academy offers a unique opportunity to experience interactive demonstrations, specialized tours of our precincts, jail, training facility, and dispatch center, and various presentations designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of their local law enforcement agency. This program is great for everyone, whether you’re interested in a career in law enforcement or just curious to understand the service behind the badge.

Even though this year’s academy is over, it’s a good thing we’re already looking forward to our next!

Be on the lookout for invitations to our next academy in Spring 2024!

Empowering Women: WCSO Power Curve Women's Self-Defense Course

WCSO takes pride in offering empowerment programs to the community. Among these, the Power Curve Women’s Self-Defense course stands out as one of the most popular and beneficial initiatives. For over a decade, countless women and girls aged 14 and older have participated in this transformative program.

Power Curve focuses on equipping women with the necessary tools to maintain personal safety and effectively navigate potentially dangerous situations. With hands-on training led by qualified Defense Tactics instructors, participants gain valuable insights and skills to successfully navigate and survive potential threats.

The class emphasizes situational awareness and provides practical training in physical self-defense techniques. By empowering women to be proactive and assertive, Power Curve teaches skills to help reduce attacks and respond if ever confronted. These classes offer invaluable knowledge and practical skills that can make a difference in personal safety.

Here are some essential safety tips from the Power Curve course:

  • Own your space: You have every right to your personal space. If someone is making you uncomfortable, do not hesitate to assert your boundaries and tell them to back off. Trust your instincts and take action if necessary.

  • Embrace the power of your voice: Use your voice as a powerful tool. Shout or scream to draw attention and call out predatory behavior. By vocalizing your concerns or distress, you increase the chances of receiving help and deter potential threats.

  • You don't always have to be nice: It's important to prioritize your safety and well-being. Being polite and kind is not always required, especially in situations where your boundaries are crossed. It is okay to assert yourself and set clear boundaries.

  • Be aware of your surroundings: Stay alert and conscious of your environment. Keeping your eyes up and vigilant allows you to scan your surroundings, identify potential risks, and respond accordingly. Maintaining a display of confidence can also discourage potential attackers.

Since returning to in-person classes in November 2022, instructors have dedicated over 40 instruction hours to five separate classes. Their hard work and dedication contribute to this program's success as evidenced by its incredible demand. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to these instructors for their commitment to empowering women and girls in our community.

To stay informed about future Power Curve classes, please visit our Power Curve webpage. If you have any questions related to the Power Curve program, email WCSO Public Affairs.

Let's work together to promote personal safety and confidence in our community!

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