Target the Right Customers for Irrigation Upgrades
The older the irrigation system, the more likely it is to need water-efficient upgrades. Smart Irrigation Month is a great opportunity to connect with clients to get their systems updated.

When you're super-busy, target which irrigation upgrades to sell:
  • Focus on upgrades that are fast and easy to do, typically part of a normal "mid-season check-up".
  • Choose clients who take pride in their landscapes and who will listen to your technicians' recommendations.
Here are some profitable, easy retrofits:
  • Adding or replacing a rain sensor
  • Changing spray nozzles to rotary nozzles
  • Adding high pop heads instead of risers
  • Controller panel upgrades / WiFi modules
  • And more

The Team at North South Supply
Introducing the New Kichler Smart Control Timer
Compact and easy to install, the Smart Control Timer works with the Kichler Connects™ app – allowing homeowners to control one of our preset lighting schedules or create custom schedules. Plus, the Smart Control Timer’s unique external antenna allows for long-range connectivity and control by extending the signal range from the transformer enclosure, supporting superior performance.
Bluetooth and WiFi for local or cloud-based control from anywhere. Plus, you can use voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices for whole-home integration.
Expanded Connectivity The unique external antenna allows for long-range connectivity and control by extending the signal range from the transformer enclosure, providing superior performance in more applications.
Easy to Install Ideal for use indoors or in outdoor enclosures, it plugs directly into a Kichler transformer for easy set-up. Fits within Kichler CS, PL, and PR transformers as well as most competitive units​.
Program Local & Cloud Create custom schedules to fit your needs or select from preset options to align with your location, dusk-to-dawn, and adjusts to daylight savings time – allowing you to be in control of the beauty of your outdoors.
Kichler Connects App Designed to work with our Kichler® Smart Control Timer, this app allows you to utilize one of our preset lighting schedules or create custom schedules of your own. Preset schedules can align with your location, dusk-to-dawn, and adjust to daylight savings time– allowing you to be in control of the beauty of your outdoors.
Plan Ahead: Product Shortages and Rising Prices
It's all over the news: shortages of construction materials of all types, due to production and transportation delays. Our industry is getting 7 years worth of growth packed into one season!

We're doing all we can to keep supplies flowing to you so you can keep up with soaring customer demand. Give us as much advance notice as possible for large projects and special needs. Our teams are in constant communication with vendors to secure what you need.

Our vendors have been raising prices for months. Pipe and wire pricing continues to increase regularly. Please reach out to us if you need updated pricing information.
Earn Additional Savings & Bonuses with Your Purchases
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What Size Wire Should You Use for Long Runs?
How far can you run 18 gauge irrigation wire and still have the valve operate properly?
The answer to this question requires some basic understanding of the concept of "voltage drop". When electricity is flowing through a wire, some voltage is lost due to resistance in the wire. The amount of voltage loss is dependent upon the length of the circuit, the number and quality of splices, the size/resistance of the particular wire being used and the amount of current flowing through the wire (the amp draw of the solenoid).
Electrical resistance is comparable to friction loss in piping. As water flows down a pipe, it loses pressure (PSI). As current flows down a wire, it loses voltage.
Let's consider a "normal" installation: a single irrigation solenoid that needs 0.25 amps at 24 volts AC to operate properly that is located 750 feet from the controller. Let's assume voltage output at the controller is at least 24 volts.  The total length of the circuit we need to consider is 1,500 feet (750 feet out to the solenoid on the "hot" wire and 750 feet back on the "common" wire.)
If the wire is too small or is run too far, the valve won't receive enough current to open or close against the pressure of the water. The higher the water pressure is, the greater the current must be to actuate the solenoid.
With 85 psi static pressure at the valve and a standard solenoid, 18-gauge wire might be used for total circuit runs up to 2,000 feet, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.  So it would be safe to use for a single solenoid circuit up to 750 feet away.  
If you're sizing long wire runs, please ask us to help you make the right wire size choices. You don't want to install the wrong size!
Building a Monitoring Service with WiFi Irrigation Controllers
Your customers trust you to keep their irrigation system in perfect operating condition. But without visiting the site nearly every day, how can you be aware of what's happening with every sprinkler? Is the system applying the right amount of water? 

Today's new Wi-Fi controllers provide you with a sales growth opportunity: remote monitoring and management of your customers systems.  

With a simple web interface, you can access the status, faults and changes of your customers' controllers, plus receive real-time alerts of electrical and flow alarms.

Prepare a business plan for your service. Click here for a free guide to what your plan should contain.
Flint & Walling Smart Technology Improves Your Level of Service
Imagine knowing there is an issue in a system you installed before the homeowner knows. We're talking about a new generation of Smart Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) that are rapidly increasing the service level contractors can offer to end-consumers.
If you're not a regular VFD installer, you may not be aware how quickly this technology has evolved. Traditionally, the VFD's primary selling feature has been constant pressure. Without a VFD, a pump operates ON at full blast or completely OFF, and nowhere in between. A VFD allows the pump to start with a low rush amperage and slowly ease into its cycle, extending the life of the pump.
Recent advances have added smart technology to VFDs. This typically takes the form of an add-on device that links to your VFD via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable. System professionals can gain access to various features of the installed VFD. At the most basic level, the system will send alarms via email or text message when the drive is in a fault condition. On more advanced devices, you can remotely access the VFD with an app to monitor or even change settings - from anywhere in the world, in real-time.
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No WiFi Range Issues with Toro's SMRT-Logic
Toro SMRT Logic™ communicates to the homeowner's controllers (up to 10) and/or outdoor landscape lighting via a proprietary 900 MHz radio signal, NOT relying on the property's Wi-Fi network.  
It offers unparalleled remote control of your clients' irrigation, outdoor lighting, and other landscape features through your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Fully compatible with the Toro EVOLUTION Series controller; TMC Series controllers; and Custom Command controllers; as well as, Irritrol® irrigation controllers and Unique Lighting Systems® installations.
Simple plug and play operation that allows the SMRT Logic to sync with the homeowner's router and connect to the internet without the need for network passwords.

The SMRTscape companion app is available for Android and iOS devices. It can also be accessed at The program allows users to enter information about a property's irrigation system, upload photos, customize settings, and then manipulate the irrigation program.
Explore the many ways SMRTscape can grow your business. Ask us for details.