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July 2022
Session Updates
Summer Session

The Summer Session has started! This is one of our biggest sessions, and we are so happy for the support you are providing! Week #1 was off to a busy start, but we had so much fun being able to have classes outside! Thanks, everyone, for your good attitudes and flexibility as our Instructors navigated a new session.

We did a great job filling necessary spots for the session, but we have a few more to go! If you can help in ANY of the following classes for the rest of the session, please let me know right away. If we can't fill these spots with a regular volunteer, I will be asking for subs each week, so if you are available to sub, please let me know that as well.

Wednesday 5:45- 2 more volunteers needed
Thursday 4:30- 2 more volunteers needed
Saturday 12:00- 2 more volunteers needed
Reminder About Cancelations!

If you need to cancel for your scheduled shift, you have two options:

  1. If canceling the same day you are scheduled: Please call (262) 882-3470 and press 5 for the cancelation line.
  2. If canceling ahead of time (more than a day in advance): you can email to cancel.
Welcome New Volunteers!

Join me in welcoming our new volunteers who are joining us for the Summer Session! Make sure you say hi if you see them around the barn!

Lin Mattila
Pat Pahmeier
Devon Belsley
Kelsey Alford
Lianne Fritz (not new, but newly trained to help in classes when needed!)
Training & Education
New Training Module!
HEARTS- The Basics of Unmounted Programming

Did you know we need 19 volunteers to assist with HEARTS programming this session?? Wow! Because we need so much support with this program, we thought it was a great time to create a new training module! Please take a few moments to read through this module, and watch the videos that we included of a SMILES student working through her HEARTS session. We hope this is helpful to you!

*Even if you aren't currently assigned to a HEARTS student, we would appreciate it if you would still read through this training. We will need many subs, and would like to call on volunteers who are comfortable and trained to help with HEARTS. Thank you!

Click the button below to get started! I've also included this on the CURRENT VOLUNTEERS page on the SMILES website.
Event Updates
Golf Outing Thank You!

Thank you to all of the volunteers who donated their time at our golf outing! It was a successful and fun day, and the weather was beautiful!! We will send out more information about the success of the event once we have that information, but for now, I wanted to recognize everyone that helped with the event. You all are amazing!!
Barb Anderson
Abby Baker (Committee Member)
Maddie Bamford
Glenn Boss (Committee Member)
Liz Boss (Committee Member)
Sue Daniels (Committee Member)
Danielle Daniels
Kathryn Egeland
Emily Fideler
Jean Firn
Ray Firn
Kevin Gong
Rita Grespan
Kathy Hankins
Terry Hankins
Mark Hanson
Kayla Hawkins
Bonnie Hoover (Committee Member)
Tiffany Howell
Christa Kokott
Norma Jann
Hamza Jaka
Jillian Kellen
Dennis Markley
Kathy McMullin (Committee Member)
Troy Moldenhauer
Cindi Seichter
Cheryl Smith
Geoff Sugden
Leslie Sugden
Donna Thielen
Monica Tomasello
Monica Uselding
Heather VanPaassen
Leslie Warnecke
Judy Wildermuth
July Open Benefit Horse Show
July 16 & 17, Walworth County Fairgrounds

Our Benefit Horse Show is only a few weeks away! We are still in need of a few volunteers for both days.

Entrance Gate Volunteer (check off participants on iPad as they enter)
All day or can split into 1/2 day shifts (8am until about 5pm)

Handing out ribbons

Morning Registration (collect registration paperwork, coggins, etc.)

Entrance Gate Volunteer (check off participants on iPad as they enter)
1pm- end of show

Handing out ribbons
1pm-end of show

New Staff Member!
Welcome, Leslie!

We are excited to announce our newest staff member! You might have seen her around as she has served in many ways here at SMILES. Leslie Warnecke has been our Treasurer for over six years, serving a key role on our Board of Directors. She is also a class volunteer, serves on the Miles for SMILES committee and helps at numerous other events. We are so excited to welcome her as our part-time Office Manager! She will be handling all client billing, bookkeeping and more! Welcome aboard, Leslie!
July Volunteer Spotlight
July Spotlight is on....Kathryn Harbison!!

How did you become involved with SMILES, and how long have you been volunteering?

After I retired from teaching at the Wisconsin School for the Deaf (WSD) in 2012, I decided to join SMILES one year later because some of the WSD students have been attending in the past and I have always wanted to experience that kind of volunteering. I have been volunteering at SMILES for nine years now. 
Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Rockford, Illinois, but I was schooled at St. John's School for the Deaf in Milwaukee for 15 years.

Who is your favorite horse at SMILES and why?

All horses are my favorites because each is special and has its own personality and character traits. They are beautiful and amazing.

If you were gifted a million dollars, what would you do with it?

I would give it to charities like SMILES, Lakeland Animal Shelter, Wisconsin School for the Deaf, some Deaf organizations, and my travels with Tom, my dogs, and my children.
What is something you like to do in July?

I like camping, boating, playing game boards and cards, eating chocolate ice cream, and relaxing.

What do you enjoy about volunteering at SMILES?

I enjoy the scent of horses, the hard and physical work, the environment, watching experts in training and taking care of the horses, and my being around the horses. Also my "therapy". I enjoy watching my WSD kids show their joy and smile while riding their horses and petting them. They sometimes sign "I Love You" to their horses. 

Is there anything else you'd like your fellow volunteers to know?

I would love for my fellow volunteers to learn some American Sign Language so we can communicate with each other easily. 
Barn Updates
Stable Squad Thank You!

Cindi Seichter
Jen Fiedler
Gail Magnuson
Suzanne Peters
Jean Firn
Ray Firn
Tammie Mueller
Jean Schriever
Grace Finet
Alison Larkin
Barb Anderson
Pat Walsh
Katie VanEgeren
Heather Peterson
Dave Williams
Lianne Fritz

The Stable Squad was created to provide volunteers an opportunity to volunteer during break. They spend time thoroughly grooming and pampering the horses. They then learn how to turn the horses out. After that we break up the barn tasks such as mucking stalls, cleaning the pens, cleaning water buckets, taking down cobwebs, etc. This is a great opportunity for volunteers to get familiar with the facility and SMILES way of doing things. The goal is for volunteers to be comfortable helping with a variety of horses and daily stable chores. Look for Stable Squad sign up for the month of September near the end of session! We are grateful for all that our volunteers do to help keep our horses happy and healthy and our barn a clean and safe place.
July Birthdays at SMILES!

Happy Birthday!

Julie Barganz, July 8
Kim Good, July 13
Cindi Seichter, July 14
Kurtis Boss, July 14
Maureen Doheny, July 15
Maddie Bamford, July 17
Dennis Markley, July 20
Kathy Hankins, July 26
Mark Hanson, July 27
John Bradley, July 28
Rosemary Holland, July 30
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