Volunteer Update
July 30, 2020
CRC Volunteers,

When I was a child, I loved summers. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest so we had plenty of rainy summer days where I would sit on the couch and read book after book. All the kids in the neighborhood would play “kick-the-can" and would explore the nearby forest in search of treasure and adventure. We’d ride our bikes along the train tracks and collect wild blackberries as sustenance. We would come in when the sun set at 10 pm, and then wake up and do it all again.  

There was a darker side to my childhood as well. One that included an alcoholic single parent, lack of adult care, food insecurity and lack of simple resources.  

It is in the contrast of those memories, that I joined the CRC staff team in 2017 grateful.
CRC staff and volunteers work towards the mission to provide safety, stability and self-sufficiency to those who need it. Organizations like CRC come alongside others to close the gaps between hardship and ease. Kids (and adults!) have a better chance at a carefree summer if they are safe, if they are fed, if they have access to counseling and caring hearts. 

CRC volunteers seek not just to serve and to perform tasks, but they seek to understand. They seek empathy and provide true compassion. This month, we are highlighting the experience of two of our volunteers who recently completed a 40-hour training course on Domestic Violence prevention and intervention in June. We also have taken a closer look at our Fresh Rescue crew in the Food Pantry, who have to work twice as hard right now due to our cap on volunteer numbers. We are grateful to all our volunteers who continue to learn and grow and lean in to the work we do, even in the summer months.

Thank you!

Sara Rosenbaum,
CRC Volunteer Manager
The Latest News
Our Food Pantry "Up Close"

Our Food Pantry is running on half our normal volunteer team, with shorter operating hours, but with the same number of households to serve. From 8 – 12:30 each weekday, we provide families with pre-packed bags of non-perishable food and a box of perishable items such as produce, meat and dairy. The volunteers who work in the back packing these perishable food boxes work longer hours at a faster pace, in small quarters. We use family groups when possible to make this safer. Thank you to the volunteers who continue to provide critical help to the CRC Food Pantry and to those we serve. We know it isn’t an easy job!
Pictured: Leslie and Rob Sayers
Holiday Baskets Update
Our Holiday Baskets Program is getting reimagined for 2020! 

CRC is in the process of planning a one-day, drive- thru distribution for December 5 in order to best follow COVID-19 safety guidelines. We will send communication out regarding volunteer opportunities in the fall as soon as we have a better idea of what they will be. Please stay tuned for new ways that volunteers can be engaged this year! 

Spotlight On: Volunteers Who Advocate
June 40-Hour Domestic Violence Training Volunteers

Community Resource Center provides intervention and emergency services for Domestic Violence survivors. We also place a high importance on education and prevention. One valuable piece to that is our June 40-Hour Domestic Violence Advocate Training and our 4-Hour Training (our next class will be announced in the fall). 

CRC volunteers are often a part of those trainings as they seek to understand, advocate for and support survivors. Jani Sepanik, Domestic Violence Education & Prevention Manager, says, "We are always honored to have CRC volunteers participate in the training because we already know how dedicated they are to our community and how this training enables them to be even stronger advocates for those experiencing domestic violence."

Below are stories from two CRC volunteers who completed the training:
Jennifer Fellows
"One experience that stood out to me while volunteering at the food and nutrition center was seeing a young mother come in to the food and nutrition center with three darling little kids. Her kids were all probably under the age of five. She was clearly distraught and visibly had been in some sort of abusive situation and/or relationship. She was obviously scared ...

Seeing the look on this young mother's face and seeing her children clinging to her has left such a memory in my mind that I will never forget. After getting her the food and help that she needed I knew that I wanted to do more."

Monika Whisenhunt
"As an artist, I always wanted to help underserved communities heal through arts and crafts ... I had wanted to do this training in order to gain more knowledge on the subject of domestic violence and societal attitudes. I wanted to use my art as a tool/medium to express the severity of the problem. The 40-hr training has provided me not only with that knowledge but has also expanded my personal level of compassion for human trauma. Now, completing the course, I feel extremely empowered and confident that I can help someone who's living a nightmare of domestic violence in a truly compassionate and unconditional way."

Volunteers of the Month:
Anne and Elsie Paulsen
Congratulations to Anne and Elsie Paulsen, our July Volunteers of the Month! This mother-daughter team was nominated specifically for their work in our courtyard gardens this summer. 

Anne and Elsie have been volunteering at the Therapeutic Children's Center continuously since 2016, and they have volunteered with National Charity League and CRC’s Holiday Baskets toy department for more than seven years. When our regular gardening volunteers took a summer break, the Paulsen's were quick to jump in to help. We are so grateful for their support and dedication and the many ways that Anne and Elsie contribute to CRC.

Spotlight On: Volunteers Giving Back
at our Resale Stores
CRC board member, Katrina Dodson, featured in the Encinitas Advocate
Meet Katrina Dodson: CRC board member, CRC Resale Stores volunteer, baker extraordinaire and inspiring community leader! Check out this great article about the great work Katrina does at CRC.

Hope for San Diego partners with CRC at our Encinitas Resale Store
Volunteers from Hope for San Diego sorted donations at the Encinitas Resale Store on July 18th. Thank you to this great team for supporting our stores and our mission!

Ways to Get Involved Now
Resale Store Sign Spinners needed!

Have a couple hours to spare to bring in consumer traffic to the San Marcos or Carlsbad Resale Stores? We have Friday and Saturday openings for this opportunity at 10:30 am and 1:30 pm.  Contact Sara Rosenbaum for more information on how to sign up.  
If you know of anyone in need of food, housing or safe shelter, please pass along this link to the CRC program information on how we can help:
If you have a good story of volunteering, please share with me at srosenbaum@crcncc.org . I can include those stories in future newsletters as an encouragement to our team.  
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