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So thankful for all God has done for our family!
Daniel & Courtney's Wedding
Connect With Us
Since our last report on July 9, we have witnessed a tornado, given our daughter in marriage, and conducted various meetings with Pastor Johnny Pike. It has been an incredible three weeks!  
Ministry with Pastor Pike
Kansas Pastors
Pastors Heneha, Pike, Stohr and Sexton.

In addition to performing our daughter's wedding (Pastor Johnny is an honorary "grandfather" to our children), Pastor Pike preached at Medora Community Bible Church and Village Bible Church. He led a missions meeting, taught men's leadership classes, and assisted me in a Pastor's conference.  Our pastoral sessions focused on "The Local Church: God's Missionary Agency." 
July 2015
Kansas Twister
On July 13 we witnessed a tornado form and descend near our home. A video we recorded while evacuating our home was shown on CNN. Click here to see the video. We are grateful for God's protection!
Wedding Day
On July 25 we celebrated the the marriage of our daughter Courtney to Daniel Hulbert. 
It was a very special day for our family.
Pastor Johnny & Ms. Cathy Pike
Partners in Ministry
On July 30 Pastor Pike returned to North Carolina. He is my spiritual mentor and partner in ministry. We continue to pray for the opportunity to serve God together on the Northfield property. Please pray with us.
In the next few days we will attend a wedding reception in our son-in-law's home church (Brookdale Baptist Church) in Moorhead, MN. We are also preparing to take two of our daughters to West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster, CA. Please pray as we travel across the United States.

Working the Great Commission, 

Pastor Wayne Johnson
Missions Revival