July 2022
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July is Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month was created to bring awareness to the unique struggles that underrepresented groups face in regard to mental illness in the US.
Healthy Summer Barbeque
Enjoying summer barbecues can have a negative impact on your waistline if you indulge in too many high-calorie, low-nutrient foods. However, you can make a few simple tweaks to create light, satisfying, nutrient-rich dishes.
The Facts on Fasting

The focus of intermittent fasting is not on what you eat, but when you eat. There are many methods to fasting, but all dedicate a specific window of time for meals, followed by a period of not eating. Followers claim fat loss, boosted brain function and longevity, despite limited research.
Restorative Power of Yoga

Researchers are exploring the therapeutic benefits of this ancient practice, which offers calming support to many individuals. A practice dating back thousands of years, yoga is based on the concept of unifying breath with movement through intention, focusing on acceptance, presence and wellness of spirit. 
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