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Costa Rica Trips Review
July has been a very busy month in the Norman household!  From camps, birthdays, gotcha day celebrations, and Nate traveling to Costa Rica, someone has always been on the go!

Nate spent two different weeks leading mission trips in Costa Rica this month.   The first trip was with New Covenant Church.  It was their 2nd time returning to their partner church in Lagunilla with Pastor Edgar.  This was a special trip because the Youth Pastor, Tyler, went to Elim Bible Institute with us!  It was a remarkable week watching both of these churches minister to each other....yes you read that correctly!  A Praying Pelican mission trip is not about a one-sided relationship.  During this week Nate saw the local church in Lagunilla dedicate an entire evening to minister solely to the team!  It was so incredible to witness a true partnership!  You can read the   New Covenant Trip Journal  that documents the entire week.

Nate just returned from leading his second trip in Costa Rica with Westside Family Church as they return for their 4th year in Costa Rica.  What is special about this trip is that the team is made up of families.  Watching families step out in faith together to share the Gospel is something that we will never get tired of!  This team spent the majority of their time working alongside of the local church doing children's ministry in parks and going door-to-door delivering groceries, sharing testimonies, praying for the households, and also doing women's ministry in a park.  From the women's ministry alone we saw 17 people give their lives to Jesus!  The local pastor spent the next day following up with the 17 women to make sure each had their own Bible.  Check out all that God did on the Westside Family Trip Journal.

As you know, Nate is the Operations Director for our Nicaragua and Guatemala trips as well.  We have been seeing incredible ministry take place with genuine and long-term relationships taking place.  We were thrilled to have Immanuel Church from Delaware serve last week in Guatemala!  I have heard that the partnership that was built in those seven days was unlike anything my team has seen in Guatemala in a long time!

The fruit that comes from each of these trips is due to your faithful giving and prayer support!  THANK YOU!
July Photos
Laura and Isaiah held down the fort at home all summer while the rest of us came and went. Isaiah always loves alone time with Mommy!
The boys tried Ethiopian food for their first time in the USA to celebrate their "Gotcha Days."
Reagan attended a conference called "Christ In You" with our church.
We might have hit up 2 different 7-11 stores on Free Slurpee Day!
The girls attended camp at Lake Aurora, a camp a few hours north of us with our church!
Our church hosted different themed Summer Nights. Gotta love the nacho bar!
Reagan was asked to share with her youth group what God had been teaching her throughout the youth conference she attended.  She's a great speaker - we are so proud of her!
Malachi went away to his first ever church camp!  Of course he loved it!
The girls loved having their best friends (since they were babies!) from Delaware come spend a few days with them in Florida!
Friends from Delaware came to church with us!
Nathan, Laura, Darrell (in DE) , Reagan, Abigail,  Malachi,  & Isaiah
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