Summer Zumba, now plus YOGA!
July 2022 Newsletter
Last month, we celebrated 11 years since Sabrina became a Zumba instructor! We also had fun wearing all the colors in celebration of PRIDE day and we had some amazing STRONG and Zumba classes! Thank you all for a great beginning to summer!

This month, we are diversifying our workouts by adding YOGA to the studio and welcoming Kat to our instructor family! See below for a little about Kat and take this quick survey about Yoga at the studio! Remember that the Autopay Contract makes you a ZCREW member therefore granting you access to special classes and discounts! This month ZCREW members will have access to a EXCLUSIVE FREE YOGA class with Kat on Sun July 10th at 8:30am! You have to be a member to join this class. Kat will begin regular classes later in the month on Wed at 7:30pm and Fri at 4:30pm. We have also invited a fellow Zumba instructor, Emily Aikins, who also teaches Yoga, to teach a special Buti Yoga Glow class on 7/15! Several opportunities available to try Yoga and see if it will help diversify your workouts! Best part is, Kat's regular classes are just $8 drop in or covered by your 10 class passes, unlimited month passes or ZCREW membership! Always check the schedule on our website for up to date information on subs or you can directly link to Mindbody for up to date schedule.

Looking for a reason to come to my Zumba classes? Why not check out this video, perhaps I can convince you!

What you need to do and know before class and on day of class
1) Pre-registration recommended for all classes *MAKE SURE TO SIGN UP FOR THE RIGHT CLASS (in-studio vs. virtual)*
2) Class confirmation & reminder email from MindBody has link to acknowledge our new mask policy. Please see and acknowledge here
3) Must cancel at least 2 hours before class or you will be charged full price
1) Studio opens to public 15 min before class, NO EARLIER.

2) No paper sign-in, please check in with your instructor verbally or on your phone electronically.

3) Masks optional for vaccinated and boosted people :-)!

4) Do not come to class if you are sick.
Give me the details!
Virtual Zumba classes (livestream) on Zoom: Option 1
Virtual classes in (Zumba, Strong Nation and Zumba Toning) are available with Sabrina and our ZCREW instructors. All classes are listed in local NM time, MST or MDT. To convert to your local time zone click here.

Please sign-up on MindBody.

*THIS IS IMPORTANT *Zoom links are sent by FitGrid automatically to registered participants. You sign up on MindBody and should receive the email with the link 1 hour before class to the email address listed on your MindBody account. If you sign up anytime within the hour before the class (even 1 min before) you will get the link immediately...automatically.

To ensure that you get the emails in your inbox, please follow these steps

Pre-Recorded classes ZIN Studio: Option 2
ZIN Studio pre-recorded classes are available at YOUR convenience for a 24 hour period! Join me AND my ZCREW instructors in these hour long classes!
We know you love Zumba, but results happen when you diversify your workouts!
Introducing Kat....& YOGA!
I love to teach & learn, so I have experience teaching & learning many things; skiing, scuba diving, environmental education at the Albuquerque BioPark, & most importantly YOGA. Most recently, I worked as a bartender, but teaching about beer wasn’t where my heart was at, yoga was always in the back of my mind! In addition to yoga, I love to garden, hike, and care for my sweet pet rats (don’t judge me I worked at the zoo!) My dream is to someday own a studio called “Just Breathe” which would teach yoga, scuba diving, and environmental awareness all in one go. I have a lot of interests, but my top interest is in YOU! I’m so excited to hear more about how myself and the practice of yoga can support and heal YOU! 

- Kat 

Join Kat for Yoga Wed at 7:30pm & Fri at 4:30pm with a couple Sunday classes at 8:30am here and there :-). Kat's classes are covered with your ZCREW membership, 10 class and unlimited passes or you can do a drop in for $8.

Take our YOGA survey here
Zumba Toning will build your muscle endurance while still adding that Zumba party that you love in regular Zumba! Even Zoe can appreciate adding weights to her routine!

Join Sabrina Tuesdays at 4:30pm
Strong Nation is a high intensity interval training (HIIT) class that will take your workouts to the next level! You will see results a lot quicker by adding this class to your workouts!

Join Sabrina & Tony Wednesdays at 6pm
July is the month for Yoga! Join our friend and fellow Zumba instructor (who also teaches Yoga) Emily in this Buti Yoga Glow. Emily will team up with Chloe for this event and we hope it helps to ignite your interest in Yoga!

$15 (or $12 for ZCREW members), in studio only.

ZCREW gear!
  • Purchase in studio with Sabrina via cc or any of our instructors using cash
Life is better when you dance shirts
soft tri-blend black tops green/white
Women's tanks $20
Unisex t-shirts $20
Life is better when you dance hoodie
black cotton/poly fleece
Unisex $40
ZCREW black joggers
black cotton/poly fleece Unisex $35
Gift cards available for electronic delivery! Perfect gift for any holiday or special occasion!

A message from Sabrina
It has been great to see so many of you come back to the studio! Thank you for always supporting our studio and for joining us in studio and online! Virtual will be an option as long as there is still a demand for it and Zumba allows us to do so. This year, we celebrate the studio being in business for 6 years (on Sept 10th). We are also trying to help you diversify your workouts with other formats. Check out the section above with info on Yoga, Zumba Toning and Strong!

Your friends and family can join us from ANYWHERE across the world! What a great way to reconnect with your family & friends across the world by dancing Zumba together on Zoom! Our ZCREW family now extends to other areas in NM, CO, AZ, CA, VA, NY, NJ, NC, SC, TN, TX, OR, PA, HI, VT, CT, MA, Australia, Costa Rica and COLOMBIA!!

As always I am available by phone to all of you if you have questions about your account or about classes (in-studio or virtual) or about virtual set-ups. I can also do credit card transactions over the phone if that helps you. If you are on social media, please friend or follow me so we can keep in contact in every way possible!

Did you ever want to know more about me? I sat down and interviewed myself asking all the important questions you all are dying to know :-). Get to know me a little more and check out this video!
Get rewarded for joining us!
Attendance Award
This month's attendance award goes to Reyna Tapia with 15 classes in the month of June! WOW!! Keep up the great work and keep dancing! You have one free class on your MindBody profile that you can use towards a virtual OR IN PERSON class!

If you didn't win this time, there is always next month! Reyna can't win for a whole year...will it be you next month?
Loyalty Points
All of you are still receiving loyalty points for every class you attend which can be turned in for FREE classes and 20% percentage off your next pass (10 class or unlim month). You MUST call, text or email me to redeem the 20% off, I will give you a promo code to redeem on our website. The code can't be redeemed on the MindBody app. Make sure we have your phone number so that you can receive text updates about how many points you have and whether you would like to redeem them for anything.

Contact Sabrina to redeem or for details.
One of the great things about virtual classes is that we get to connect with others who have moved away or are not local. So this means you can have your family members join us from different states or even out of the country!

You can help our studio by sharing this information with others anywhere in the world either by email or social media using this link. Plus you will even get rewarded when the people you refer join our classes! Contact Sabrina for details.
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