July Plastic Free
This year the Sisters of St Joseph of Carondelet Congregation is joining the global Plastic Free July movement. Every day in July, we invite you to join us in an action--either a short educational piece or an activity to complete. You won’t need more than five minutes for each, and we hope it will inspire deeper ecological awareness and conversion.

In order to spread the word beyond ourselves, we will be posting about the daily calls to action on our social media accounts and using the hashtag #PlasticFreeJuly. Some of our daily posts will feature videos of sisters and associates who have made changes in their plastic consumption. If you use Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter, you can help this online campaign reach more people by liking, commenting and sharing our posts.

Plastic Free July is one more way that we can live out our chapter direction to implement Laudato Si' together.

-Sister Patty Johnson, CSJ – Congregational team member
Hot off the Press…
Responding to the Dear Neighbor
Communications has created a small booklet entitled “Responding to the Dear Neighbor.”

As the needs of the dear neighbor grew and changed, the work of the sisters developed in different areas: in education, healthcare and in varied ministries initiated in response to contemporary needs of the dear neighbor.

The CSJ legacy is alive in this collection of vignettes highlighting some of the ministries developed to meet the needs of people in these times. These stories exemplify the vision and dedication of the sisters who along with partners in mission, individuals, associates and organizations that continue to share the charism today. If you would like to order one of these booklets, we are asking for a $15 donation to help defray the costs.
Please contact:
Mexicali Border Experience
With an invitation from Sister Suzanne Jabro, CSJ, a friend and I drove over the mountains into the desert meeting her along with two attorneys in Calexico. We crossed the border into Mexicali. After a short taxi ride we arrived at an old, run-down, two-story motel. The building was painted hot pink and surrounded by a chain link fence. All the gates were locked. A couple of kids ran to get someone with a key to let us in.
The courtyard was filled with kids and moms. These 90 asylum seekers were mostly from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. This shelter only exists on donations, no funding from any entity in Mexicali. The two attorneys went to work helping parents with their paperwork. Suzanne, my friend Derek and I began to mingle and ask questions. We spent time with the woman who had a small clinic in one motel room. We made a list of her medical needs, there were many.

-Denise Ginty, CSJA and Bob Carney, CSJA
Update on Asylum Seekers
An update from Sister Suzanne Jabro from the Desert Support for Asylum Seekers, an organization working with families who are in a shelter in Mexico who are seeking asylum.

UPDATE: There were eight new families who arrived at the Mexicali shelter all from Guatemala at the end of May. They were met with open arms and different necessary items that were donated. The families that are at the shelter now are from Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, and Nicaragua to name a few. Baby quilts were donated as well as items specifically for men. It was the first time donations for men were given.

Currently they need funds to prepare for the next three months of intense heat. If you want to donate for the specific summer items please send your financial donation to Suzanne Jabro – 43376 Cook Street, UNIT 10, Palm Desert, CA 92211.

For specific questions please contact:

Please continue your prayers for each of these families and all the migrants coming to our border.

-Sister Suzanne Jabro, CSJ
St. Joseph Workers
End of Year
Our seven St. Joseph Workers ended their year on June 30th. Thank you for your support and prayers! Give yourself an hour treat by watching our California Dreamin 2021 - June 5th event.

-Sister Judy Molosky, CSJ and Sister Julie Fertsch, SSJ
Memory Training Program
Do you feel like your memory could use some improvement? If so, you are invited to a free “Memory Training Program” held virtually through Zoom. This is a four-week workshop held on four consecutive Thursdays: July 8, 15, 22, 29. This program will be facilitated by Carol Hahn who does community education in the areas of health, memory and movement.

The Many Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Products
At the Sisters and Associates July Assembly, we will decide among four directions we can take to implement our Chapter Direction statement on care of the Earth and Laudato Si. One direction which has a lot of support among us is “using eco-friendly products.” If you are not already convinced of the importance of this practice, here are a few more things to consider.

Eco-friendly household supplies and personal care items are usually 100% cruelty-free, use ethical supply chains and sustainable materials, and make it possible for us to avoid single use consumption in our homes.

In addition, eco-friendly products are most often produced and distributed in just and sustainable ways. For example, the Grove Collaborative, a distributor, is committed to reducing inequality, lowering poverty levels, and creating stronger communities and jobs with purpose and dignity. Their shipments are carbon offset and they’ve saved millions of pounds of plastic just by changing from conventional products to products in concentrated formats.
That’s a world of good we can do as we brush with our bamboo toothbrushes!

-Sister Toni Nash, CSJ
Unlocking the Meaning
While reading breathe and ask yourself: “How does this apply to me?” and “How does this change me going forward?”

The month of June was PRIDE month and in the Church there is a history of exclusion and unwelcome for those of our dear neighbors who identify as LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, “+” the plus sign is to include other gender identities that are not specifically covered in the other letters). One way that people are trying to welcome people who identify beyond the binary of male/female is to introduce oneself by using one’s personal pronouns. When we refer to people the way they want to be identified as we can create an inclusive and respectful environment.

Key Term: Personal Pronouns – identifying yourself as he/him; she/her; they/them; Ze/Hir or Ze/Zir; or a person uses no pronouns and they would rather you only use their name.
At a meeting or on zoom when people ask everyone to, “Please introduce yourself and what pronouns do you prefer”, a person could say, “Hello my name is Ernie and my pronouns are they, them.”
On a person’s email signature or a person’s name on Zoom you can include your pronouns i.e. Ernie (they/them)

Dive Deeper:
Pronoun Resources | Xavier University - a Jesuit High School

-Sister Sally Koch, CSJ
Touched by Grace
Around Pentecost this year I recalled an incident with my sister. Mom was driving us to Pentecost Mass and my sister said, “The Holy Ghost is always overlooked.” Often I think of her insightful remark, made in the mid 1950’s.

This Sanctifying Spirit reveals, enlivens, moves us to praise, to recognize and rejoice in the Divine Presence. The Spirit helps us to see more deeply, to respond in loving service, is quietly at work and often touches us with grace, making “the invisible perceptible” through us. This week while cleaning my desk, I came across a powerful reflection by Joyce Rupp.

Veni Sancte Spiritus
You support and console us.
The disheartened you encourage.
The depressed you hold close.
The displaced you bring home.
The disregarded you give esteem.
The disabled you offer support.
The disturbed you extend peace.
The disgruntled you cheer up.
The disillusioned you enlighten.
The disappointed you reassure.

“Solace”, from Fragments of Your Ancient Name, Sorin Books, Publisher. by Joyce Rupp, Permission granted for reprint.

Today may I be SOLACE for a dear neighbor.

-Sister Frances Baker, CSJ
Death Notices
Sister Barbara Mary Sanborn CSJ
May 19, 1928 - June 13, 2021
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