Giant panda gives birth to rare twin cubs at Japan's oldest zoo
Japan just became home to two tiny and adorable panda cubs.
Early Wednesday, the Ueno Zoo reported that the rare giant panda Shin Shin gave birth to twins. 

"Baby giant pandas are very small when they're born, so the staff will be watching over them around the clock for a while to make sure they will be growing healthily," zoo director Yutaka Fukuda said in a news conference. 

Shin Shin, 15, arrived at Japan's oldest zoo in 2011 and last gave birth to a cub, Xiang Xiang, in 2017. The sex and weight of the twin cubs remains unknown. 

Because giant panda twins are rare, the zoo has kept one of the newborns in an incubator while the other finishes feeding, according to CBS News.

"It is said that in most cases, when twins are born, only one will grow up. In order to raise both of them, we need to have one panda always be held by Shin Shin. We will have them take turns to nurse while the other one will be in an incubator," said the zoo's spokesperson, Naoya Ohashi. 

Sichuan Wolong National Nature Reserve extracts DNA from panda droppings
The number of wild giant pandas in Wolong National Nature Reserve in southwest China's Sichuan Province has increased from 104 to 149, due to the use of traceability technology for DNA information. By collecting panda droppings, the researchers there can extract DNA from cells of the animal's guts. From the information of the DNA molecule, researchers can know more about the giant panda, such as distribution, gender and genetic connection. 

"We know that when the droppings are discharged from the giant panda's body, it's coated with cells that have been shed from the surface of the guts. Therefore, we can extract the panda's DNA from those cells. By analyzing the molecular biology, we can accurately identify the individual," said Li Sheng, researcher of the School of Life Sciences under Peking University.

Documenting pandas' DNA helps registering and restoring all pandas' information. 
"With the DNA archive, we can learn about the distribution areas of different giant pandas. On the other hand, we can evaluate panda's future population in the reserve," said Shi Xiaogang, director of the Mujiangping protection station under Wolong National Nature Reserve.

Wolong National Nature Reserve is the core area of China's Giant Panda National Park. The park covers 27,000 square kilometers and is home to 1,631 wild pandas.

Attention: The Zoo’s Panda Cub Is Learning New Tricks and Is a Very, Very Good Boy
We have some excellent news for you this Monday morning: The National Zoo’s baby panda cub is killing his husbandry training. Oh, and he’s still the very best good boy.

Ten-month-old Xiao Qi Ji can now stand up on his hind legs when directed by a zookeeper. And because he is perfect, he mastered this new skill on the second try. Yes, we are very proud of our favorite fluffy boy, but learning this behavior is also important for Xiao Qi Ji’s future healthcare: Standing on his hind legs allows zookeepers to inspect the panda’s belly and legs for any abnormalities or issues that may need medical attention.

This is all part of Xiao Qi Ji’s husbandry training, and the zoo has already been working with the panda to teach him to follow a target, aka a ball on the end of a stick. When he follows the stick and bumps his nose against the ball on the end, he gets a bite of a sweet potato, pear, or apple as a reward because, like us, he is food motivated.

When he’s not busy being the very best and smartest and fluffiest boy of all time, Xiao Qi Ji has been living his best life and eating frozen fruitsicles. All hail our perfect fuzzy king!
Our mission is to contribute to animal and environmental conservation in our own unique way, by educating and spreading awareness through our art. We believe the more children know about the world’s creatures, plants and ecosystems, the more they will protect them for future generations.

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Brodie Helps the Pandas
My name is Brodie and I am 9 years old. I learned about pandas and the dangers they are in by watching YouTube videos about them. I wanted to do something to help them.

Last year, I started two jars for pennies 4 pandas. I collected change for a year. My goal was $50. I collected $120! I was very excited knowing I saved a lot to help the pandas.

Thank you Brodie for helping the giant pandas.
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