In tracing the journey of the photon from spark to spectra, we demonstrate the guiding role of each spectrometer system component along the way. The stops on our itinerary include the entrance slit through which a stream of photons flows on its way to the detector.

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In this application note, we use a modular spectroscopy system to measure the UV-Vis absorbance of sports drinks. Sports drinks are a multibillion USD business annually, with brands touting their products' ability to help people rehydrate during and after exercise.

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In this video, University of Cambridge volcanologist Nial Peters describes using spectroscopy to measure volcanic emissions along the Andes. The "Trail by Fire" team used an Ocean Optics Flame spectrometer aboard a UAV to make measurements in this extreme environment.

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Visible reflectance spectroscopy can be effective in monitoring the redness of skin, a condition often affecting the feet of athletes, diabetics and others. As one researcher discovered, socks embedded with copper may help to alleviate the worst symptoms of redness.

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As the Summer Olympics kick off in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, our thoughts turn to the health and safety of competitors and fans. In this roundup of recent application notes, we investigate some of the ways spectroscopy can be used to help keep people safe and sound.

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In the second of a two-part series, we demonstrate how minimizing noise and maximizing signal can result in remarkably low limits of detection in spectrometer systems. Among the topics covered are the use of signal averaging and how to account for drift in setups.

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