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By some estimates, 10% of the world's food supply is adulterated or counterfeited in some fashion. Using UV-Vis, NIR and Raman spectroscopy techniques, product authenticators are helping to stem the flow of substandard and potentially harmful edible foods.

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For law enforcement and medical professionals, rapid detection of illicit and harmful drugs saves time, resources and even lives. In this application note, learn how SERS has been successfully applied to noninvasive testing of trace concentrations of drugs in saliva.

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Learn how the Schematic View function of OceanView software outlines each step of your experiment. First up: a toast to beer. 

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IDRaman mini Gets a Makeover

In this application note, we investigate how spectroscopy can be used to distinguish real from artificial gemstones such as rubies and diamonds. Discover how the minerals and organic materials that comprise gems have remarkable and often intriguing optical properties.

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Counterfeit banknotes and high value documents cause billions of dollars in losses each year. The security printing industry has responded with anti-counterfeiting techniques, many of which are based on incorporation of optical features enabled by spectroscopy.

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The smallest handheld Raman system available is now more rugged and powerful, with upgraded housing and spectral libraries.

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New Raman Libraries

Raman spectra for more than 9,000 compounds are now available for use with the IDRaman mini-2 handheld Raman spectrometer.

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To deter the rise of fuel fraud, regulators use covert fuel markers to establish fuel origin and other characteristics. Spectroscopic detection enables the use of lower concentrations of markers, reducing costs and increasing the difficulty of fuel laundering.

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Spectroscopy can identify forgeries in which the materials used within a piece of artwork are inconsistent with the proposed period, style or artist. In this application note, we see what UV-Vis-NIR reflectance spectra uncovered about the painting known as "EL 1920."

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