July is Leadership Reset and Restart Month - Get Moving!

Dear Valued Client

This year is half done! How do you feel about your journey towards transforming your leadership abilities? We bet you have made more progress that you think, but still should keep pushing your behavioral improvements forward in all areas.

Reminder: Habit change is hard, and doesn’t happen overnight!

With that in mind, take a breath, take a moment and assess personal and professional progress. Make an appointment with yourself (and keep it.) While no one else is listening, ask yourself probing questions and be completely honest when answering them.

  • How have you grown your leadership ability since January? What set of people are you going to ask for frank feedback after you complete your self-assessment?
  • How well have you progressed on your key New Year resolutions? What real improvements have happened? Which commitments still need critical attention?
  • How should you hit the “reset” button to shape up your improvement resolutions for the second half of 2017?

On our leadership blog we explore some of the actions you can take to “get your mindsets reset” and refocus on what you need to do to keep progressing. 

We coach and mentor, too, so let us know how we can help !

Never Stop Onboarding Your Employees

All managers who aspire to be great leaders put the needs of their hard-working people first, striving to give them the time, energy and resources they need to succeed.

One path to achieving this is to keep the energy and spirit of onboarding going, well past the first 90 days. How best to achieve unending onboarding? We have a few ideas for you.

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Where to Focus Effort in Improving Employee Efficiency?

Oil rig workers, executive management teams, production line managers, all need to find ways to manage a day better, and find more time for tasks and leadership functions. Recent research done by WebTorials finds that 70% of a typical employee’s day is spent communicating with other humans. It seems like helping employees to hone interpersonal skills might reap significant rewards!

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Has Planning Started for 2018?

How may we help you accelerate your leadership journey? Could we help you improve your team chemistry, engagement, collaboration and productivity? We have a long track record of strong ROI in these areas, and we guarantee our work.

Talk to us this month about what programs might help you most as you start planning for 2018!

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