July is National Log Home Month!
Which Performs Better - Advance Gloss or Satin?
Occasionally we get asked which performs better,  Advance Gloss or  Advance Satin ? When it comes to performance and longevity there is no doubt about it, a gloss topcoat will outperform a satin topcoat. Why? The most important factor is reflectivity. A smooth glossy surface reflects more ultraviolet (UV) light than a less reflective or dull one. This is why automotive finishes don't come in satin versions, and why a shiny coat of wax helps retain a vehicle's color.

Applying Lifeline Finishes over Existing Stains
A common question we get, especially this time of year, is whether Perma-Chink's LIFELINE™ wood stains and finishes can be applied over an existing stain. Since the answer to this question is somewhat complex, we'll look at the various types of wood stains individually.

Carpenter Ants Infestation
Ants are now the number one household pest in the United States, leaving cockroaches well behind. Although there are more than 20 species of ants that are regular pests in buildings, only a few of them establish colonies indoors.

Carpenter Ants
Wood Decay
More wood is replaced each year because of decay damage than all other factors combined! Commonly called rot, wood destroying fungi need three things to survive, air, water, and food.

Do It Yourself Project
Congratulations to all our Log Home Manufacturers, Builders, Contractors and Homeowners!
July is National Log Home Month. During the month of July, log home manufacturers will honor America’s log home heritage by hosting home tours, log raising demonstrations, log home building seminars and more. There are many different sizes and styles of log home construction to suit any homeowner's vision.

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