Washington State Board of Education
Weekly Update | July 14
July Board Meeting: Recap
SBE hosted a Board meeting on July 8 (from 8-3:30) and July 9 (from 8-3) virtually on Zoom. The Board discussed private school approvals, proposed rules about emergency waiver authority and private schools, COVID-19 policy responses, and the June 17 work session. Find a recap on SBE's blog .

Find the full agenda for the July 8 and 9 meeting on SBE's meeting page .
Video Contest Winner Highlight: Richland High School’s Zoe Gotthold
Aspiring research virologist Zoe prepared for her goal by exploring careers in infectious disease and taking courses like computer science, biology, and history. This fall, the Richland High School senior plans to study chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology! Learn more in her winning entry to Ready Washington's Plan Your Path video contest, which awarded $500 to five students:
Help Rising Seniors Plan for College and Earn Scholarships from Home
The following is a message from the College Board:

The disruption from school closings is hard to navigate, but like you, the College Board is committed to ensuring rising seniors don’t lose college planning momentum. The College Board Opportunity Scholarships program is open to all students from the class of 2021 and guides them through important steps in the college planning process at their own pace at home. When students take the first two steps—exploring college and practicing for the SAT®—they’ll qualify for $500 and $1,000 scholarships just by getting ready for college. And they don’t even have to get off the couch.

It’s important to encourage students to complete the first step—building a college list—by July 31 so they don’t miss out on a chance to win $40,000 for college. 

This resource contains more information about supporting students at home to complete the first two steps: Build Your College List and Practice for the SAT. Students can head to cb.org/opportunity to get started. 
The SBE Vision:
An education system where students are engaged in personalized education pathways that prepare them for civic engagement, careers, postsecondary education, and lifelong learning.