Daily reports need to be run DAILY!

Uh oh! A patron is in the middle of purchasing a ticket online. The credit card transaction is completed in Authorize.net, but the Webtix shopping cart times out before the sale is recorded. 

Are you going to have an unhappy patron? Not if you run a daily sales report!

You need to need to catch any problems the day of the sale - especially  when you are dealing with a hot show. What happens if you sell out - but actually oversell because one of the transactions was never transmitted into Wintix?  The system is automated, but you still have to reconcile! 

We have a lot of information on the Help Desk to aid you:
You don't even need to be in the box office to run a daily sales report. You could even be sitting on a tropical beach somewhere reading your daily sales report. Of course, you probably wouldn't want to, but the point is that SOMEONE needs to run and review them. 


This cannot be ignored just because a vital person is on vacation or out sick.  Accounting has to be done on a daily basis when there are point of sale transactions, whether that person is there or not. More than one person in the box office should know how to work with daily sales reports because Wintix is a crucial accounting system.

Here's more helpful information about running daily sales reports remotely and send the reports automatically by email.

Collect donations in Webtix instead of PayPal

Donations are a great way to raise money and cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship with your patrons.

Did you know you can handle donations directly through Wintix and Webtix? This means donors and their donations are automatically integrated into your software so there is no additional time spent transferring data.

You can even get a dedicated Donations Button for your Webtix donation program.

We found that some Wintix/Webtix users have been using PayPal to handle donations. This has several disadvantages.
  • You have to pay a percentage of the donation to PayPal.
  • The PayPal Donate Button takes patrons away from your website and into an interface that is awkward and time-consuming.
  • Donations in PayPal don't directly integrate into Wintix. In order to run complete donation reports in Wintix, you will need to manually input donations received through PayPal into Wintix.
Did you know your organization is funding rewards programs
for major credit card campanies? 

Join our client Natalie Smigel of Stage 212 and campaign against it! 

Read the text of Natalie's opinion piece here! 

When Natalie Smigel of Stage 212 learned that her company was paying fees to help fund credit card rewards programs, she did more than get mad. She took action.

Look at your credit card statement and you'll find something called an "interchange" fee. When people buy tickets to your events using a rewards card, the credit card company charges your organization - and those fees help pay for their customers' rewards.

Be like Natalie. Lodge a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ( https://www.consumerfinance.gov/complaint/ ) or contact your Representative.
Yes, you may! No, you may not!

When is the last time you've reviewed your clerks' permissions?

Can volunteers edit shows or change price categories? Those are tasks that should be reserved for senior staff. Who can sell house seats or give comps? Who has permission to exchange or refund tickets?

The correct permissions can allow a box office to run smoothly and effectively. The wrong permissions can create mayhem! 

In Wintix, clerks are - or are not - given permission to:
  • Change price codes
  • Edit shows
  • Exchange tickets
  • Release house seats
  • Allow promoters access to their shows
  • Dozens of other important functions

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