stfHow to create a Special Ticket Format (STF)
It's not just another night at the theatre. There's something different about this performance and you want that reflected in your ticket layout. Maybe you want to use a different font or graphic than normal. Or there's special information that pertains to just this one performance. 
That's when it's time to use a Special Ticket Format or STF. You can learn how to create one here. 
browserIs a patron having trouble buying tickets online? They may be using an old browser.

Webtix will work on all current, up to date, browsers.

If a patron has an old version of Internet Explorer (older than version 9), they may have issues when purchasing a ticket online.  This is an issue with, not Webtix. A determined that old versions of Internet Explorer have security risks and will refuse any transaction on an out dated version of Internet Explorer. Just a reminder: Webtix is compatible with three payment gateways (, PayPal and NMI).
Below are links to our Help Desk posts that have more information on this topic: 
clerkHow to change the clerk after a sale has been done

"Mr. Shepard wants to add two tickets to the four he's already purchased for 'The Hound of the Baskervilles.' 

"Spot sold him those tickets but I need to change his name to mine in the sales record because I am making the changes. How do I do that?

"What? You gave me permission? 

"Does that mean ... I'm special? Who's the good boy? Me! I'm the good boy!"

printPrint tickets for all shows in a 
season package

Congratulations! People have been buying season packages like mad. Now you need to print tickets for all the shows included in the package. 

You can bring up each sales record and print them that way, but there are a couple of much more efficient ways of printing them. 

If we are hosting your data, we are backing it up every day. We only save backups for one week, however. That is why it is crucial that you also back up every day and save your backups on a local host server. Each backup has a date on it and if you need to restore Wintix to a previous date that is farther back than one week, you will be able to.

Here are a couple of helpful Help Desk posts about backing up.

How to automatically backup Wintix

Where is my Wintix backup?  
Please update your Wintix on a monthly basis! update update2   

It is crucial that you update Wintix on all workstations on a monthly basis.

Make updating a recurring event on your calendar. 

  • To update Wintix, go to Help | About Wintix and click the "Download update" button.
  • Your Wintix build date should be 7/8/16 or later.
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