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July's Newsletters
What a wild July we've had, we've been working 6 days a week all month just to keep up with demand. From little things like changing few lightbulbs to the big fence extension you can see below, we really haven't stopped. We are looking forward to a wonderful August full of interesting jobs and busy days.  

Tip of the Month

This tip of the month is all about your fuse/breaker box. Now we know many people find electrical a little frightening but we a sure you this task will make you feel a lot more comfortable and make your house a lot easier for you and trades people to work on. 

Up-Cycling 101: The Window Pane Project

As many of you know, I (Erik) have purchased a pre built condo and has slowly been accumulating stuff to fill it over the past year. One thing I purchased was a set of 4 old victorian windows, some of the pains were broken and some were missing all together but nothing I can't fix. My dad was so confused, "why did you buy those?" he asked. while unfortunately we've been so busy I haven't been able to start the project, but luckily the people of pinterest and my inspiration have many examples of this months Up-Cycling 101 Project... The Window Pane Picture Frame.

It's very simple all you need is some tape (double or single sided depending on if you'd like to fill the glass with backing or not), Some D ring picture hangers and there you have it. 

Simply wash the old window, and tape the pictures into the individual panes, screw the D ring picture hangers into the back of the frame and your done,... besides hanging it... these frames can be pretty heavy, however so be sure to use sufficient anchors for the weight or give us a call.

Example From Pinterest
D Ring Picture Hangers
Rat Race

It's more than just a goofy movie staring Rowan Atkinson (Mr.Been). The rat population is growing faster than ever in Toronto. in fact a little while ago a neighbour of ours call us and needed our help, we rushed over and found a rat in the green bin of her kitchen. and just a few weeks ago Erik saw one while walking the dog, luckily the good old 87 bus took care of it before the dog noticed. Anyway you slice it the combination of sloppy garbage pick up and sewer construction are causing rats to scurry above ground and into our homes. Below is an article focusing on the rat problems facing the city and what the pest control experts have to say about it. Hint hint this might be a pre curser to next month tip.