A look ahead...
Whew, around the country is record breaking heat. In my opinion nothing puts you in the hot seat more than creating a strategic plan for you business and personal goals. We've had the opportunity to clarify our vision, build relationships and our community. We feel like the work has just begun. We are very excited about the prospects that we have acquired and invite you to watch our growth, by liking our Facebook Page. If you should need our services, please feel free to schedule a call with us. Stay safe and Happy Fourth of July.

Yours Truly,
Tiffany + Team

Month In Review:
Juneteenth Celebrations Recap
We had the pleasure to attend the Black Business Pensacola - 1st Annual Black Business Gala. We love being immersed into our Entrepreneur Community and expanding our horizon. We were able to make some new acquaintances in the neighboring state of Florida, and this will not be our last time visiting the Sunshine State!
A Black Business
Focus Group Conversation
by Jessica Norwood Founder and CEO of Runway
This platform was created to find out more about the Black Businesses' pain points to report back to the city's administration, they are very invested in providing resources to support Minority Businesses in the City and County of Mobile. Just by sharing our prescriptive we were able to book a prospective client. We strongly suggest participating in your community it is a win-win situation.
City of Mobile
Community Day
Community Days is an initiative that was taken from Operation Echo Stop in conjunction with other nonprofit, community organizations and the City and County Leadership. As a resident of #OneMobile it is important to support efforts like Community Days to show support and solidarity to make Mobile one of the best cities to live in yet.
Tiffany Harris- James a recent grad of Citizen's 251 Academy is pictured with the Mobile's Citizen's Police Alumni Association. Photo credit to President, Bradford Cooper.
Mobile Chamber of Commerce
Point of View (POV): Membership Benefits
Thank you to the Mobile Chamber of Commerce (Danette Richards) in partnership with Google: E-Commerce Webinar. Our presenter was Demming and we learned some new strategies to add to our strategic planning and for our clients too. One of our Core Values is having a Keen ability to learn. If you are looking for the same thing. Please look into becoming a member and tell them you were referred by Working With Tiffany, Virtual Assistance & More.
July's Celebratory Theme:
America's Independence Day
To understand the significance of America's Independence Day, it's helpful to think about what makes this country so special. What makes it truly unique is that it's a place where people from all over the world can come together and live. America is also a land of opportunity: no matter who you are or where you're from, if you work hard enough and believe in yourself, there will be nothing stopping you from achieving your dreams. The United States has been built on countless generations of immigrants who sought freedom—and that tradition continues today as new people arrive seeking safety or better opportunities than they could find elsewhere in the world.

American culture reflects this history; we are not simply "American," we are citizens of a diverse nation, working together towards equality for all people regardless of race/ethnicity/gender identity/sexual orientation/disability status/socio-economic status. Happy Fourth of July, let the fireworks begin.
Monthly Workshop
We host a monthly workshop to assist our community in developing a clear vision to work with a Virtual Assistant.

This month we are focusing on Goal Setting. This workshop is perfect for new or seasoned business owners.

Join us on Online, Saturday,
July 9, 2022, at 10 am. Register at bit.ly/3xz5W8Q.