Social Issues | July 2019   
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Community Events

Saturday, August 17
12:00 - 2:00 pm
Women's Centre of Calgary
39 4 St NE
Come learn about herstories in our community! All ages and genders welcome. Children are welcome on the walk, but we don't offer childminding as guardians have to be onsite.

Wednesday, August 21
6:00 - 8:00 pm
Women's Centre of Calgary
39 4 St NE

Join us for a discussion on grieving the loss or change of a cherished natural space. 

Free child minding is available.

Ways to Connect 

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Indigenous Issues

A Mi'kmaw lawyer, professor and activist has started a national book club she hopes will foster valuable dialogue about reconciliation.

Here are five of the top podcasts hosted by Indigenous women that put their voices and minds to work.
Incarceration rates of Indigenous women are the fastest growing among any demographic in Canada.  
Indigenous women are changing lives all around the globe. This article highlights ten. 
Menstrual cups provide a safe, affordable and environmentally sustainable alternative.   
Cleaning up the planet shouldn't be 'women's work'
Research shows that women play a pivotal role in cleaning up the planet.
Children and Youth

A recent study has found that the poverty experienced by Indigenous children has changed little in over a decade. 
A simplified application form will be rolled out this month in order to reach more families.

Researchers analyzed reading and maths performance of high-school students from around the world.
Equality and Representation
Despite being the majority of the US workforce, women with degrees still make much less money than men and remain underrepresented in higher earning fields.   

Affordable housing is closely linked to how communities are designed.  

For mothers to run, the political workplace has to evolve
Political life in Canada presents many barriers for women who want to run for office.

Less than 4% of people employed in the trades are women, despite high demand for workers.
We would like to acknowledge that the Women's Centre is situated on the traditional
territories of the Treaty 7 First Nations people and is also home to M├ętis Nation of Alberta, Region III.