July 2019
In this month's issue, we take flight with an incredible production that celebrates history in the making with Wing Spirit. As we celebrate the 35th anniversary of our company, we also take a nostalgic look back at our humble roots. Our celebration and our success belong to many and we are so thankful for our Clients, Partners and Team.

Philip Richardson | Founder & CEO
Tiffany Richardson | President & Partner
Now Boarding!
The sky is the limit for Wing Spirit
Aviatio n has always held a special place in our imaginations and Wing Spirit’s arrival had us soaring. As the company prepares for its service in Hawaii that includes air ambulance and private charter services, our goal was to create an exuberant brand experience – a cocktail reception that expressed the airline’s enthusiasm as part of our island community.

It was a sweltering day in June on Lagoon Drive as nearly 200 Guests entered through a black curtain entrance. One of our greatest challenges for this event was to beat the heat.
Founder Philip Richardson reflects on 35 years of Current Affairs
This year Current Affairs celebrates its 35th anniversary. What an honor it is to lead and be a part of this great company that has touched and impacted so many.

Having grown up in Britain, I worked my way across the world from England to France to Canada. I became enchanted with Hawaii, where I met and married Violet and raised our two darling children. I moved from my island home in England to another island some 7,000 miles away. Looking back, I can see how these patterns of our lives repeat themselves.

My father and grandfather were entrepreneurs so it’s no surprise that I would follow in their footsteps.


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