Issue #10                                                                                                                                             July 2015

The rankings change and improve so much every month. This month is even more exceptional.  

We are a 501(c)(3) Public Charity!!!! 

This month was revolutionary for the World Masters Rankings.  We have incorporated, received approval from the US IRS as a public charity, doubled our staff (plus have an active  board), implemented many efficiency tools, created a webpage for easily submitting complete meet results and gotten a lot done.  This is really exciting! Our incredibly effective staff of 2 will be refining some of the tools and working with all of you who are interested in helping get performances in the lists so it will be really exciting to see the significant increase in the number of performances listed. We clearly have a ton of things to do but we are now set up to get so much more done than I have done previously on my own. All your contributions have made this possible and this site will really excel with your continued support. Your donations to, Inc. are tax deductible.
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MastersRankings in Lyon

I am going to the WMA Championships from August 11th through 16th to meet with you and listen to what you want from this site. Details like meeting places, contacting me, etc. are still being worked out so you can check back to the rankings site page below to find out how to meet. I should have a phone and internet so you should be able to email, text and call. 

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By the numbers

There has been so much happening that it is necessary to consolidate newsletter features to keep this brief. There have been many meets inserted this month which would normally be noteworthy but we'll focus on the national championship results that are inserted.  Complete championships from Canada, Ireland, Latvia, Romania, Scotland, UK, USA plus the World Police & Fire Games were inserted into the rankings this month.  Several others like Estonia, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Slovakia will be inserted over the next few days.

Here are the numbers this month:
  • 24,395 performances added (1,763 submitted by athletes);
  • Representing 9,068 athletes from 69 nations 
  • 3,485 newly listed athletes
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Most Improved Rankings Awards

I've requested your suggestions, comments, questions, etc. about the Best Ranked Athlete Awards and have received some nice suggestions about the awards points scoring system.  A fantastic suggestion was to have a Most Improved Rankings Award which is perfectly in line with MastersRankings' mission. We are therefore making this award our primary focus and considering whether to continue to develop the Best Ranked Athlete Award.  We will publish a leader board for North America and Oceania sometime later in August. These two continents are the most complete rankings so they will be reasonable projections of the likely winners.

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