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Jump Start, Kindergarten, and First Grade Newsletter
April 2019
Important Dates in APRIL:
Tuesday 4/4 – Non-School Day – Special Sign Up Day.  MAP will be open 8:00 am-6:00 pm for families that previously signed up. 

Monday 4/15 – No School – MAP Closed

APRIL VACATION : MAP will be open 8:00 am-6:00 pm Tuesday 4/16 through Friday 4/19. We are planning a great week and a detailed itinerary & permission slip will be in your MAP mailbox on Monday, April 1st. Permission Slips will be
due back on Tuesday, APRIL 9th !
Ahead to
Friday, 5/10 – Teacher Professional Day – Early Release Day -
*Children enrolled on Fridays are expected to attend.
* Children in AM Kindergarten have NO SCHOOL – Children in AM K/PM MAP can be dropped off at 8:30 am and may stay until 2:30 or their usual pick up time.
*Children in PM Kindergarten will attend the morning session of Kindergarten, be released to MAP at 11:40 and may stay at MAP until 2:30 or their usual pick up time.
*Children in First Grade & Full Day Kindergarten have a half day and will come to MAP at 11:40. 
All children will need to come to MAP with a lunch.  
Please remember to call MAP at (508) 359-2165 or email Meghan
if your child will not be attending!
Monday, 5/27 – No School – MAP Closed
...and the end of the school year!
IMPORTANT: *** Due to the 1 Snow Day, the NEW Last day of school will be FRIDAY 6/14.  It will be an Early Release Day and there will be no PM K.  Tuition will be due for the additional days added to the school year.  
It's Secret Mission Time!
One of the flowers on the left has a secret prize! Email your child's guess to Meghan , and if they choose the lucky flower before Monday, April 8th they win! One guess per MAPster, please!
The Very Hungry MAP Children & Afternoon Snacks:
We have found that even after having afternoon snack, the children are HUNGRY later in the day.  We have been allowing them to go into their backpacks & lunchboxes for leftovers. If this sounds like your child, please pack them a healthy little something extra to have as a late afternoon snack at MAP. Thank you!
Jump Start & Half-Day K at MAP
March has come and gone. It has seemingly taken winter by the hand and showed him the door 🤞🏻. Spring is here and the long awaited outdoor adventures will soon begin. March was an inspiring artistic adventure. We learned about our primary and secondary colors and that even a bunch of wavy lines can be art if just given some color. We did some 3 dimensional mosaics in attempt to show art with objects and 3D flowers. mARTch gave us time to explore illustrators like Eric Carle , Oliver Jeffers, Mo Willems, and NC Wyatt. The children became art critics and gave some insightful opinions on how the art made them feel. They love color!! Ending the month with viewing some famous pieces of art of various modes to show that paint and clay aren’t the only ways to do art. We're looking forward to having a touch of dramatic and improv art to expand their ideas - it will be a fantastic way to move into a welcomed spring.
Session 4 Clubs
Coloring Club with Jeanne- A giant jungle themed wall poster, endless rolls of race car pages, and creating coloring pages of their own, have kept the artists busy in COLORING CLUB. After a long day of school work, it’s always nice to enjoy time with friends while coloring. Conversations are endless and the children often comment, “I love coloring club!”. Well, I love coloring club too, and spending time with your children!

Pet Club with Kathy-
Pet Club is in full swing! The first week we made Leprechaun Traps! The kids had such a great time! The leprechauns visited MAP, took the gold, but we didn't catch any this year!! Better luck next year!! The second week we made pet seashells and seashell homes! Last week we made pet fish and fish bowls out of paper plates!! Can't wait to see what comes next!!  

Kitchen Science with Kim - Kitchen Science club has been so fun and yummy! The kids have enjoyed making Peep playdough, watching what happens when you add warm water to skittles and what happens when you soak popcorn kernals in water. We are excited to see what the rest of the club brings!!

Imagination Club with Trish - Imagination Club has been fantastic!!! The first club we used our imaginations to create out of Legos. During the second club we had a paper with a dot or a wave drawn on it and they had to imagine what it could be turned into. Our favorite was reading “not a stick” & “not a box” by Antoinette Portis and the kids used a stick or a box to act out what it was. The stick was a magic wand or microphone and the box was a doghouse or a boat to name a few!! Great job Imagination Club!!!

Minute It To Win It Club with Scott – Minute to Win It! 59 seconds, everyone back away, give space, cheer on your friends, everyone is watching, 45 seconds, blowing that cup off the table, still nine more to go, eating that donut without any hands, sorting and stacking, never give up, 30 seconds, watching and learning, how can I beat the challenge?, how can Scott DO all those challenges?, 15 seconds, keep focus, work until the beeper sounds, every second counts, 5 seconds......... that last one always counts! Congratulations!!

That is the mindset of the Cubby Room on Wednesdays from 4-4:45pm. Come by to watch our weekly double dare challenges.

That was about 100 words. The average person can read 200-300 words in one minute, how did you do on this challenge?

Passport Club with Terri and Carol - The
The Passport Club has traveled through the MAGIC HAT to the countries of Japan and Australia. While in Japan, the Mapsters learned their names in Japanese and created cherry blossom art. Beautiful! In
Australia, we made Kaola puppets/masks and learned fun facts like how there are more kangaroos in Australia than people! We will be visiting more fascinating places in the coming weeks! G’day!

Super Structures with Megan and Joanne Super Structures has been keeping busy making boats, building bridges and marshmallow and cup structures! We have a few more fun challenges to come. So get ready for some more fun! 

Circus Fun with Nancy - Circus Club is having a blast together. We made a popcorn craft (and ate some real popcorn too)! Our group also spent two weeks building a colorful, animal-filled circus train mural for the MAP classroom - come check it out at your next pickup! We also made circus animal costumes. In the coming weeks we will be creating our own carnival games, which we will use to have a fun carnival at the end of club ! 

Surprise Club with Jodi - Surprise Club is full of fun and exciting surprises! The kids did a great job showing each other their special items from home. Then we went on a school scavenger hunt all over the school and MAP room. I can’t tell you what the next week will be... it’s a surprise. (But it will be fun!)

The afternoons at MAP have been jam packed with fun! The kids have been busy with their clubs, crafts, gym games, and extra outside time with the nicer weather here. In the gym we played “ Revenge of the Foxes”, yes the hunters were paid back in this turnaround of a gym favorite “Foxes and Hunters”! The hunters were on the run from the Foxes!! We have also done favorites such as Cracker Dodge, Battleship, and Kick the Can. Our creative kids have also made pony bead emojis, pinch pots out of clay, friendship bracelets, and even became sports announcers!

We had three fun half days this month. We had an art show where the kids created art like 3D, coffee stain pictures, lucky shamrocks, and fingerprint art. Incredible kid day came next. We read to the kids all of the wonderful things family had to say about them. The teachers learned some new facts about the kids that day! Our Incredible kids also got treated with an incredible snack, Hoodsies!! March ended with Kids' Choice Day. The kids chose what activities we were going to do. They chose a Scavenger Hunt with Terri, a gym game with Mike, a science experiment with Kim, a dance party with Kathy, and a craft with lots of sparkles with Megan!

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