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Jump Start, Kindergarten, and First Grade Newsletter
April 2018
Important Dates in APRIL:
  • Re-enrollment forms for MAP for the 2018-2019 school year are on the MAP website now!

  • Registration is also going on now for incoming or re-enrolling Jump Starters or Kindergarteners for 2018-2019.

  • The registration deadline for re-enrolling as well as new registrations is 4/13/18 – DON’T WAIT!!!

Friday 4/6 – Annual MAP PJ Party & Parents’ Night Out Fundraiser!!! 6:00-9:30 We are sure to have so much fun with all of the MAPsters who have signed up for this special night!

Tuesday 4/10 – Non-School Day – Special Sign Up Day.  MAP will be open 8:00 am-6:00 pm. For families that previously signed up. 

Friday 4/13 - MAP Registration, Re-Registration & April Vacation Permission Slips due.

Monday 4/16 – No School – MAP Closed

APRIL VACATION : MAP will be open 8:00 am-6:00 pm on Tuesday 4/17, Wednesday 4/18, Thursday 4/19, and Friday 4/20. We are planning a great week and a detailed itinerary & permission slip will be in your MAP mailbox on 4/2/18. Permission Slips will be due back on FRIDAY, APRIL 13th !
Looking Ahead to MAY:
Friday, 5/11 – Teacher Professional Day – Early Release Day - Children enrolled on Fridays are expected to attend. There is NO JUMP START MAP.  Children in AM Kindergarten have NO SCHOOL – Children in PM MAP can be dropped off at 8:30 am and may stay until 2:30 or their usual pick up time. Children in PM Kindergarten will attend the morning session of Kindergarten and be released to MAP at 11:40 and may stay at MAP until 2:30 or their usual pick up time. Children in First Grade & Full Day Kindergarten have a half day and will come to MAP at 11:40. 
All children will need to come to MAP with a lunch.  Please remember to call MAP at (508) 359-2165 if your child will not be attending!
Monday, 5/28 – No School – MAP Closed
...and the end of the school year!
IMPORTANT: *** Due to the 3 Snow Days, the NEW Last day of school will be MONDAY 6/18.  It will be an Early Release Day.  Tuition will be due for the additional days added to the school year.  

The Very Hungry MAP Children & Afternoon Snacks:
We have found that even after having afternoon snack, the children are coming to us later in the day and letting us know that they are HUNGRY.  So we have been allowing them to go into their backpacks & lunchboxes for leftovers. If this sounds like your child, please pack them a healthy little something extra to have as a late afternoon snack at MAP. Thank you!
Jump Start & Half-Day K at MAP
We have tapped into our inner artists all month long as we explored a variety of artists, techniques, and mediums. At the beginning of the month, we focused on what art is, including colors, shapes and lines. We used the book My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss and talked about how color is connected to emotion. We also learned about Vincent Van Gogh, and we painted starry night and sunflower pictures. Our exploration into the world of Jackson Pollock brought some fun, but messy drip paintings.
The next kind of art we explored was children’s book illustrations. We had fun with Mo Willems and the Pigeon, Eric Carle and his unique technique, Oliver Jeffers, and a variety of Caldecott Award winners. We also took some time to discover wordless picture books, and we took turns showing the illustrations and telling the story.
Our week of 3D Art was very interactive and hands-on! We made pop-up cards and recycled art sculptures. We sculpted using a variety of materials in the MAP room, including clay, blocks, Legos, and Playstix. We even had a 3D Workshop where we got to try our hands at different stations with more dimensional materials!
The final week was an art Free For All, where we covered anything we felt we had missed earlier in the month. We did some old school color mixing, used digital cameras for photography, and learned about Pop Art. We also read Beautiful Oops and focused on the idea that art is about the process, not the product.
Session 4 Clubs
Paper Airplane Club with Kim - Paper airplane club is sooo much fun!! We have made a traditional airplane from regular paper and also from giant construction paper. The kids made a cool plane that flew really well from apparently and straws. They also made helicopters from paper and paper clips. There are some really cool airplanes I have in store for the rest of club that I hope the kids will enjoy!

I Love Bugs Club with Jodi - Bugs club is creeping along! While I was hoping Spring would arrive and we could go hunting for some bugs outside, the weather has not cooperated well. We were lucky enough to find a little ladybug to keep as a mascot and she is loving her little ladybug home on top of the microwave in the cubby room! Feel free to peek at her but be careful as the lid pops off easily! So far we have explored Lady bugs, butterflies, painted bugs (plaster ones) and have been having fun learning about our little 6 legged friends!

Cards Club with Scott - Cards Club started with some simple well known games such as Go Fish, Garbage, Old Maid, and Crazy 8's. I am totally excited to start challenging the kids with some family type games such as golf, scat, and many more. It has been great teaching and learning alongside all of the new card sharks during this session. I will gladly provide rules, instructions, and tips for any card game that we have played at MAP so that you can teach your family how to play some new card games.

Favorite Family Recipes Club with Meghan – How fun to have families join us and cook some of their favorite foods! So far we’ve enjoyed Lemon Pound Cake, Choco-Oatmeal Raisin Chip Cookies, Pizza, and M&M Pretzel Treats. Can’t wait to enjoy more yummy treats during the rest of club!

Things That Begin With…. – with Terri - Club has picked these letters from our Italian designer Straw hat -B for butterfly, S for star, L for lollipops, lemonade and laughs, K for Kingdom and Z for zebra! Next up M mazes and R for rabbits, did you bring a rabbit home in March? We have lots of Kindergarten girl fun!

Explorers Club with Mike - Our intrepid explorers have already blasted off into space and gone scuba diving with Jacques Cousteau! More adventure awaits!

2018 Cafeteria Games Club with Joey - So far in this Olympic season we have learned about the history of the Olympics, discussed why teamwork is so important, and talked about the qualities that make great leaders. Oh, and we have competed in some intense cafeteria games like gyroball and steal the bacon too! Our athletes are really shaping into some gold medal winning Olympians!

Let’s Make It Club with Trish - Let’s Make it Club- has had such a great start! We made our very own books and learned how to make English Muffin Pizzas! In our third club we made fantastic pop-up cards! The children have been so excited to “make” something each week!!! Thanks Let’s Make It Club!!!
Shamrockin' Relay
Mad Science
Everyone's Birthday Party!
The longer days and first day of spring made us all realize the end of winter was in sight. Then came the snow (and lots of it). The children loved playing in it but let’s say we are all happy to see it melting away.
March is a long month filled with many wonderful celebrations. The children have lots of energy and continue to enjoy outdoor play, time in the gym (the new favorite game is Dragon’s Jewels!) and taking part in clubs. St. Patrick’s day brought lots of green, leprechauns, leprechaun traps, pots o’ gold, a Shamrockin’ Relay, and rainbows. It was fun celebrating on the half day of school. After that came spring and the beautiful art that goes along with it, as well as a MAP Art Show!
Looking ahead to April, we wish for lots of sunshine and play time outdoors!
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