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  • Jump-Starting America – Have We Lost Our Technology Mojo?
  • HumanAI: Using AI to Optimize Your Business
  • MIT Sloan CIO Symposium preview: Why CIOs must up their game as change agents
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Moderator : Prof. Erik Brynjolfsson , PhD ‘91, Director, MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (@erikbryn)
Speakers :
This year’s Academic Keynote challenges the assumption that the US is a technology leader and that economic benefit is a natural result. In their new book, Jump-Starting America , MIT co-authors Simon Johnson and Jon Gruber point to the increasing concentration of geography-based wealth. To turn this tide, Johnson and Gruber suggest the US must embark on a plan to create the industries of the future – and the jobs that go with them – through a renewed public-private partnership. Is this possible in today’s business and economic environment?
Moderator : Prof. Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland , PhD ‘82, Professor, MIT Media Lab (@alex_pentland)
Speakers :
  • Joshua Feast, MBA '07, Chief Executive Officer, Cogito Corporation (@cogitocorp)
  • Dr. Manas Fuloria, Chief Executive Officer, Nagarro (@mfuloria)
  • Sam Kapreilian, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP
  • Kush Saxena, Chief Technology Officer, Markets and Transformation , Mastercard
Most discussions on the impact of AI focus on individual jobs, marketing, or logistics. But what about using AI to reinvent your org chart? What about using AI to help determine what is core competency and what connections you should build to other organizations? Applying the methods of AI to obtain continuous improvement in how your organization and business processes are managed is HumanAI, and it may have as much or more impact on your business as other applications of AI.
Why CIOs must up their game as change agents
The Enterprisers Project’s Carla Rudder writes about “Bracing for a future that involves AI and ever-increasing data sets, CIOs face great cultural challenges”
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