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VOS 2016 Conference participants attend a lab at Big Sky Resort in Montana.


Last month I described the VOS Educational Foundation's history and how the foundation is an accounting mechanism under VOS' umbrella 501(c)(3) status. In this letter, I'll outline how the foundation funds its educational mission. Note that the dollar figures here are approximate, vary from year to year, and are meant only to give a rough idea of the financial ebb and flow of the foundation's finances.
The foundation spends money in two ways: promoting itself to obtain funding, and fulfilling its educational mission. Its primary promotional mechanism is Foundation Night, which raises awareness about the foundation and includes food, a comedy show, a fundraising activity (e.g., silent auction, poker) and the poster session and competition. That evening costs between $10,000 and $15,000.
VOS usually gets Foundation Night meeting space for free because enough conference attendees book their accommodations through Penny, our travel agent. The guest rooms that Penny books go toward our quota that we need to fill in order to use the meeting rooms for free. If the guest rooms (booked through Penny only) go unsold, then VOS is charged exorbitantly for the meeting rooms.
Foundation Night expenses are often covered by sponsors, and the night usually breaks even financially. On top of that, Foundation Night fundraising activities raise between $5,000 and $15,000. Other fundraising (race to the base, the ski race) can raise another few thousand dollars for the foundation. Those amounts are OK because VOS membership size is relatively small (about 700 members), so the aim is to minimize the financial burden on members - to avoid begging burnout. VOS' sponsor and exhibit chairs, and the foundation directors, do an excellent job funding the foundation through sponsors.
The foundation's big expenditures are the Hohn-Johnson grant ($40,000), the Brinker Resident grant ($12,000), and the Bloomberg awards ($10,000). The Bloomberg awards are fully endowed so the foundation expenses (assuming Foundation Night is fully sponsored) are about $52,000.
As was mentioned, members contribute about $10,000 (e.g., from the silent auction and other fundraising) and investments provide another $12,000, depending on the stock market. By the math in this letter, the foundation spends about $30,000 more than it raises. (VOS Treasurer Raviv Balfour, using more accurate accounting, puts that figure closer to $40,000.)
Rich EvansBut that is the beauty of our financial structure. VOS, as the 501(c)(3) entity, can simply transfer funds (that come from memberships and conference fees) to cover deficiencies so the foundation is always in the black. A long-term goal is to make the foundation financially self-supporting by endowing the Hohn-Johnson and Brinker grants. That's a multimillion dollar project, and it will take time.
In the meantime, we can support the educational mission of the foundation by (a) supporting Foundation Night fundraising (e.g., donating items for auction, bidding on items), (b) booking conference accommodations through Penny, and (c) attending the VOS conference.
Rich Evans, PhD
VOS President
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savethedateSAVE THE
VOS 2017!
Save the date for the 2017 VOS Conference in Snowbird, Utah, and be sure to join us next year!

2017 VOS Conference 
March 11-18, 2017  
Snowbird, Utah    

Registration will open in the fall, and we will also provide links to make lodging and travel reservations.

For questions or travel reservations, contact Penny Smith of Rocky Mountain Tours, a division of, at or 800-525-7547, ext. 3420. 


Snowbird skiing
Photos courtesy of Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort.

Rich Evans
Steve Petersen
Past President
Alan Cross
President Elect
Raviv Balfour
R. Mark Daye
Treasurer (Consultant)
Katja Lin 
Janet Van Dyke
Advertising / Publicity Sponsor Chair
Reunan Guillou
Scientific Program
José M. Garcia-Lopez
Scientific Program, Assistant Chair
Jonathan Suber
Matt Stewart
Cheryl Tano
Exhibit Chair Advertising/Publicity
John Chandler
Director, Education Foundation
Richard "Dick" Lau
Assistant Director, Education Foundation 
Maralyn R. Probst
Executive Secretary


The VOS office moved last year. Please update correspondence accordingly.



Veterinary Orthopedic Society

P.O. Box 665

Parker CO 80134

Telephone: 720-335-6051   


Our website and email address remain the same:






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2017 44th Annual VOS Conference

March 11-18, 2017
Snowbird, Utah

2018 45th Annual VOS Conference
March 10-17, 2018
Snowmass, Colorado

2019 46th Annual VOS Conference 
Breckenridge, Colorado
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Online survey on tablet VOS members: You will be receiving an emai l later today asking you to take part in a 5-10 minute survey about your preferred techniques to stabilize the cranial cruciate ligament deficient stifle (CCLDS).

This survey is approved and supported by the VOS board. The results will help to provide guidance to other surgeons and pet owners. When you receive the email with the survey link, please take a few minutes to share your expertise. Survey responses are due by July 31st. Your time and support is greatly appreciated!
44th Annual Veterinary Orthopedic Society Conference 
March 11-18, 2017 at Snowbird, Utah
by Reunan Guillou and José Garcia-Lopez
VOS Scientific Program Chair and Assistant Scientific Program Chair

We invite practitioners, academicians, and researchers interested in large animal, small animal, and exotic species to submit abstracts of novel studies in practical and scientific topics related to veterinary orthopedics and traumatology. Preference will be given to abstracts that have clinical relevance. Papers addressing results of controlled retrospective and prospective clinical studies are strongly encouraged. Clinician investigators should also consider submitting innovative surgical techniques, or case reports describing unusual or difficult cases as these will be reviewed separate from the scientific abstracts. Presentations will be limited to 10 minutes and followed by 5 minutes of discussion. Posters must fit within the 4' (height) x 4' (width) area provided.

Call for papers will open on August 15th, 2016 and close on November 1st, 2016 for both podium presentations and posters.

Submission categories will be:
  • Clinical/Scientific Studies

  • Case reports: a maximum of three novel or interesting cases
The Mark S. Bloomberg Memorial Resident Research Award was established to recognize outstanding resident abstract submissions to the scientific program. At least one recipient per year will be awarded up to $1,500.00 towards expenses to attend and present their abstract at our annual meeting. Only individuals currently in a residency training program or within 2 years of completion of a formal residency program are eligible. The abstract submission may only be of studies conducted during the residency program. All abstracts being submitted for consideration of this award must indicate so on online submission form.
For more information, please contact:
Reunan Guillou, VOS Scientific Program Chair
Email address:
Jose Garcia-Lopez, VOS Assistant Scientific Program Chair
Email address:
Above: Past VOS board member Rob Gilley enjoys the banquet with family and friends in Big Sky, Montana.
Below: VOS members Nicole Ehrhart, Seth Bleakley, Andy Bathe, and Rachel Read socialize at the banquet at Big Sky.
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Job interview We are looking for advice to pass on to those who are interviewing for their first jobs as surgeons. If you have any advice as someone that has recently interviewed for their first job or has had to interview people for their first job, please email Katja Lin, Communication Chair, at We will share responses in an upcoming newsletter article.
VOS 2016 conference certificate The VOS office has emailed continuing education certificates to all VOS 2016 Conference attendees.

If you have not received your certificate, please email Maralyn Probst, VOS executive secretary.
Future orthopedists prepare for a day on the slopes in Big Sky.
In this issue, we are featuring two key sponsors of the Veterinary Orthopedic Society. We will have more sponsor profiles in upcoming issues. To submit your company's information for a Spotlight profile, please contact VOS Sponsor Chair Dr. Janet Van Dyke at
spotlight SPOTLIGHT ON ...
Respond Systems logo Location: Branford, CT USA
What year was the company started? 1983
What products / services does your company offer? 
RSI offers both pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy and cold laser therapy systems. Both types of therapies are FDA approved and are effective in reducing pain and inflammation while also energizing the cells to participate in the healing process. There are hundreds of studies and research papers published since the 1960's speaking directly to the mechanisms through which these therapies work and to their effectiveness at the cellular and systemic level.
What should Veterinary Orthopedic Society members know about your company
RSI was one of the pioneers in the fields of laser and PEMF therapy. Back in the early 1980's, we launched our product lines in the equine world where therapists, trainers and vets used the systems to help treat soft-tissue injuries and wounds, assist in warm up and cool down procedures and reduce inflammation in both chronic and acute conditions.

Respond Systems photo Since then, RSI has continued to innovate and now manufactures, in the USA, both Class 3b and Class 4 lasers in addition to a full line of PEMF products for both large and small animals. We continue to work with our partners to provide the highest level of customer service and quality in the industry.  

RSI is a founding member of the Partners in Veterinary Therapeutics consortium. Through the group affiliation, the message of therapy and rehabilitation resonates stronger and louder to help provide education and answers to what types of therapy options are available today.
Can you explain a challenging situation that your company was able to solve?
This testimonial says it all!
"Baxter's hips were in such bad shape at 9 years old that three different vets told me that if he didn't have hip replacement or stem cell surgery he would not be walking within six months. Hip replacement surgery wasn't an option because his front elbow was also deteriorated so he could withstand the weight of having his hips done. I was determined to find a solution to keep him walking (we spent at least 2 hours a day walking and playing together) and that is when we found a vet who recommended laser therapy. I was willing to try anything (non-invasive) ... after 14 days and six laser treatment I HAD A NEW DOG!!! He was running and jumping like a puppy again! Seriously, it was nothing short of miraculous!! In addition, he LOVED his laser treatments.  We jokingly called them his 'massage sessions.' We continued to get laser therapy for the remaining two and a half years of his (pain free) life."
Can you tell us about any new products or services your company is developing?
RSI is currently in development for two new products. The first is an upgrade to our equine Sentry PEMF blanket which will provide lighter weight, more efficient coils and coil placement, a refined UI and finally the option to use the blanket at the therapy power level it currently has or to increase power for deeper penetration. The second is an upgrade to our Class 4 laser system to again enhance the UI, a more compact size and efficient placement of probes, an in-depth patient data and protocol interface and an overall experience that not only provides exceptional results at the most efficient power but also a pleasing and easy-to-use interface.   
Visit the Respond Systems website to learn more.

spotlight SPOTLIGHT ON ...
DePuy Synthes Vet logo Location: West Chester, PA, USA
What year was the company started?
DePuy Synthes Vet has been serving veterinary surgeons across the world since 1969.
What products / services does your company offer? 
The DePuy Synthes Companies are part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies. The company, through its nine product groups (Vet, Trauma, Spine, Sports Medicine, Joint Reconstruction, Craniomaxillofacial, Neuro, Biomaterials, and Power Tools) develops, produces and markets instruments, implants, powertools and biomaterials for the surgical fixation, correction and regeneration of both the animal and human skeleton and its soft tissues.  
The goal of DePuy Synthes Vet is to provide the safest and most advanced implants, instruments and technologies that ensure reliable operating procedures, rapid recovery and a pain-free life after surgery. We guarantee high quality, constant innovation and total concentration on the needs of our customers.  Our products are medically approved by the clinically independent "Technical Commission" of the AO Foundation. Because of this careful scrutiny of all new instruments and implants, surgeons throughout the world have great confidence in our products, knowing that such devices have been thoroughly tested and evaluated.
What should Veterinary Orthopedic Society members know about your company
Simply put, the mission of DePuy Synthes Vet is to improve patient care. As such, DePuy Synthes Vet believes in investing in the future of veterinary surgery. Over the last 36 years, we have heavily invested in development, along with testing, manufacturing and quality systems which mirror those of our human counterparts. We closely collaborate with surgeons to ensure we can provide value and innovation to veterinary medicine in the form of well-designed implant systems which address key clinical needs. We also heavily invest in education, research, charitable donations, as well as other services, to continuously add value to veterinary surgeons and to the industry at large. We keep our sights set on the current and future of our industry and will not compromise in offering the very best solutions to our customers.
Can you explain a challenging situation that your company was able to solve?
Something we are most proud of is our introduction of and continued commitment to Equine plating. With the incorporation of our locking technology, we have been able to provide plating solutions for our Large Animal surgeons for cases which were otherwise untreatable. We stand by this commitment and continue to invest in development of new plates and instrumentation for all of our patients.
Can you tell us about any new products or services your company is developing?
Over the last 18 months, we have introduced numerous new products to the Veterinary market. We  launched plating systems for Pancarpal arthrodesis, a mini LCP locking system (1.5), a mandibular plating system, as well as a locked plating TTA system. We also introduced an innovative compression / distraction instrument device used to stabilize challenging fractures and a headless compression screw system. We are currently working on the development of several anatomically specific plates for both equine and canine use.
Visit the DePuy Synthes Vet website to learn more.

DePuy Synthes Vet
DePuy Synthes Vet Customizable Implant and Instrument Sets.


Oakland Veterinary Referral Services (OVRS): Surgeon Position in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
OVRS stats: privately owned, VECCS Level I Status ACVECC-Provisional Veterinary Trauma Center, 24/7 small animal referral practice, on-site IDEXX satellite laboratory, blood bank, 4 surgical suites, 4 Slice CT Imaging
Our specialists: 3 Surgeons, 1 Behaviorist, 8 Emergency Doctors, 2 Criticalists, 3 Internists, 3 Dermatologists, 3 Oncologists, 2 Cardiologists, Alternative/Integrative Medicine
Benefits Include: Fully Paid Medical, Dental and Long-Term Disability Insurance, 401k Retirement Plan, Discounted Pet Care, Continuing Education Allowance, Reimbursement of Liability, Licenses, Specialty Dues, Generous Relocation Bonus
Contact Dr. Lucy Henney:  248-334-6877 or   |  


The VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital is seeking applications for a small animal surgeon. Applicants should have a DVM or equivalent degree and be board certified or have recently completed a residency in surgery. We are referral center, primary care facility and teaching hospital with 24-hour emergency service. We have a staff of 49 veterinarians with specialists in 9 specialties.

Preference will be given to individuals with a strong interest and demonstrated competency in orthopedic surgery including joint replacement and arthroscopic procedures. A current curriculum vitae, letter of intent and the names of 3 references should be sent to: Nicole Buote, DVM, DACVS, Chief of Surgery, VCA West Los Angeles at

Thank you to the following companies for supporting the Veterinary Orthopedic Society.

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