At the beginning of World War 1 President Woodrow Wilson spoke of our nation's responsibility:  "Only free peoples can hold their purposes and their honor steady to a common end, and prefer the interests of mankind to any narrow interest of their own."  We have not always as a nation lived up to that noble ideal, but I am firmly convinced that the principle President Wilson expressed at the beginning of the 20th century is one for which we have strived and continue to strive.  We have been able to do that because of the common decency and sacrifice of millions of citizen soldiers who were willing to risk their todays for our tomorrows.
Over a half century ago President Dwight Eisenhower offered this prayer on behalf of the nation:
"Before all else we seek, upon our common labor as a nation, the favor of Almighty God.  And the hopes in our hearts fashion the deepest prayers of our people....May we, in our dealings with all people of the earth, ever speak the truth and serve justice.  May the turbulence of our age yield to a true time of peace, when people and nations shall share a life that honors the dignity of God's earth and the brotherhood of all."
They were timely words then and they are timely words now.  With that hope in our hearts we again say thank you to all who have served our country in the cause of peace and freedom.
God Bless You!  See you Sunday!   Peace, Greg
Scripture of the Month  
 Matthew 7: 12
So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets. 
God's  Blessings
John Prewett, FCC Board Chair
 I am at our church building often for spiritual reasons and conducting church business.  Most of the time it is very quiet inside, but recently I hear the clamor of little feet and voices of children up stairs.   It is a pleasant and joyful experience!  
     Our partnership with LUM has allowed children to come to our church for after-school tutoring and game time prior to parents picking them up.  This summer we are hosting an all day LUM program for children that need a safe place to be while receiving remedial education and cultural excursions in the downtown area.  While this program has its costs associated with having the children, the benefits FAR outweigh the costs.  The children, parents, and volunteers walk though our doors and become "comfortable" walking into our house of God.  The children get improved education and structured time.  Most of all, WE have the opportunity to help those around us.  Jesus himself told Peter to watch after His sheep.  I believe Jesus was not just talking to Peter, but to our Body of Christ, here in Lafayette as well.
Prayer:  Our Holy God, we give you thanks for over 175 years to serve you in our community and beyond.  We ask that our hearts lead us in a servitude direction that would be pleasing in your eyes for the days and years ahead.  AMEN
REHAB:    Marilyn Galloway:  Creasy Springs  # 310
NURSING HOME/HOMEBOUND:  St Anthony's: Lynn Mann, Martha Oliver   Cumberland Pointe: Harriett McDowell Elmcroft # 124:  Suzie Mounts Westminster: Lucille Maris # 1112 Rosewalk Commons: Vernetta Lynn; Verne & Rosemary Comer Friendship House: Flo Peters # 320 M. Charlene Bowman  502 W. Jackson St.  Mulberry 46058;     
At Home : Jeanne Dible, Ruby Ward at home of son, Marcus Haley 8415 Turner Rd. West Point, IN 47992  Becky Britt - 2106 S. 7thSt.  Lafayette 47905 Wanda Sharp - home  5/25  Sue England surgery @ St. Vincent Indpls left leg when returns will be at Rosewalk Village # 216.          
CONGREGATIONAL PRAYER REQUESTS:                     Ann Prather, Ralph Ward, Rosemary Ward, Connie Zarzour Fowler Apts. # 414 for recovery & rehab from severe stroke.  Clara Goldberg home - fractured shoulder - immobilized arm for 5-6 weeks, Don Weedon - severe nose bleeds, Edna Leslie - cancer spot removed from nose, Janna Farrell -Linda Edwards's sister 
  Donations Needed For Art Ministry
Kathy Stirlen, one of FCC's pastoral caregivers, has offered free art classes that bring in several folks who are learning and benefiting from Kathy's expertise. The hope is to present their art at FCC in September, and Kathy is asking for donations to help with material costs. If you are willing to donate, please send a check written to FCC, and in the memo, write "Art Ministry". This is a great ministry that Kathy is offering to our community, and they all appreciate having materials provided to them!   More info on the art show will be coming!
Mary Lou & Ken Curtis are celebrating their 70th Wedding Anniversary in June and are having an Open House from 2-4pm, Sunday June 25th in Fellowship Hall at First Christian Church Lafayette.  Everyone is welcome!  No gifts please.
June Diaconates
June 4th
Team Leader: Howell
Serving: Howell
Serving: Cindy McDonald
Serving: Denise Jones
Serving: Howard Jones
Set Up & Clean Up: Howell & Cindy McDonald
Team Leader: Donna Adams
Serving: Carolyn Weedon
Serving: Kathy Kremer
Serving: Gery Kremer
Serving: Juanita Hobaugh
Set Up & Clean Up: Kathy & Gery Kremer
June 11th
Team Leader: Howell
Serving: Howell
Serving: Cindy McDonald
Serving: Denise Jones
Serving: Howard Jones
Set Up & Clean Up: Denise & Howard Jones
Team Leader: Dave Schluttenhofer
Serving: Missi Findley
Serving: Shawn Findley
Serving: Susie Nelson
Serving: Michael Nelson
Set Up & Clean Up: Susie & Michael Nelson
June 18th
June 25th
Team Leader: Howell
Serving: Howell
Serving: Cindy McDonald
Serving: Denise Jones
Serving: Howard Jones
Set Up & Clean Up: Denise & Howard Jones
Team Leader: Letcher Floyd
Serving: Paula Floyd
Serving: Linda Brammell
Serving: Richard Brammell
Serving: Carolyn Kanehe
Set Up & Clean Up: Linda & Richard Brammell
Technical Arts News
The Tech Arts team needs your help. We need a few volunteers to help on the soundboard on Sunday mornings, especially at the 8:00 service. If you are able to help us, please contact me or just come up to the balcony any Sunday morning to see what we do and what it takes to serve this ministry.  This important ministry needs your help! 
And you can enjoy these beautiful balcony views !  
Did you know that if you miss a Sunday, the sermons are posted on our web site?  Check out: http://www.fcclaf.org/#/media-center/sermon-archive.  We need someone to help me posting these weekly sermons. It's an easy task that takes only a few minutes each week and together we can split it up and keep making these sermons available on line.   Jim Rybka, Tech Arts Chair
Thank You
Thank you for all your cards, letters and prayers following the death of my mother  Mary Audrey Shaw.    Love, Richard & Katy Shaw

A Special Thank You from Deb Prewett.
I would like to thank my FCC family for your prayers, cards, phone calls and other acts of kindness.  A special thanks to those folks whom have had knee replacement for the encouragement and advice given.  I have been blessed by everyone at FCC as I am now recuperating and well on the road to recovery.
Thank you to Rachel Circle for hosting the Fashion Show, and thanks to the ladies who modeled the cute outfits from Cato and Christopher and Banks. We also appreciate all who attended which made this a fun and successful evening!

Jubilee Christmas will be here in a little over 6 months  and I would like to have the teen fleece blankets finished  before the hustle begins.    If you haven't donated fleece  for the blankets or would like to donate more, now is the time.    2 yards of plain and 2 yards of print is needed to make   a blanket.    It's not to early to start shopping for toys and pajamas.   If you have any questions, please contact me.   Thanks for all your help and support so some underprivileged   children will have a Merry Christmas in 2017.   Sandie Hauser (427-2672)
                                 CYF (JR. & SR. HIGH)
June 4th     Youth Mtg in Fellowship Hall 5-6:30pm
June 11th  "Serving Our Neighbors Near & Far" service project 3-5pm 
                   Dinner from 5-6pm
June 18th   Graduation & Youth Sunday ONE SERVICE @10:15am
June 24th   Kings Island Trip (OVERNIGHT)
June 25th   NO YOUTH MTG
July 2nd     NO YOUTH MTG
                       July 9th      Swim at Tropicanoe Cove @Noon
                       July 16th    NO YOUTH MTG
                       July 23rd    Picnic in the Park 5-6:30pm (Columbian Park) 
                       July 30th    Youth lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings @Noon (Levee)

Kids Club (K-5th grade)

June 4th     Kids Club in Fellowship Hall 5-6:30pm
June 11th  "Serving Our Neighbors Near & Far" service project 3-5pm 
                   Dinner from 5-6pm
June 18th   Graduation & Youth Sunday ONE SERVICE @10:15am
July  9th     Swim at Tropicanoe Cove @Noon
                                     July  23rd   Picnic in the Park 5-6:30pm (Columbian Park) 
One of our mission projects this summer for our "Mission Day" on June 11th with Trinity U.M. church will be to stuff boxes for "Operation Christmas Child."  We are in need of shoeboxes or plastic boxes the same size as a shoebox.  They have to have a lid.  We also need small toys, toothpaste/brushes and small stuffed animals.  Please have your donation to the church by June 4th.  Thank you!!
Click on this link to see the calendar.   http://www.fcclaf.org/#/calendar
First Christian Church | office@fcclaf.org | http://www.fcclaf.org
329 North 6th Street
Lafayette, IN 47901