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Summer Relaxation

          June, 2017

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"Everyone who remembers his own education remembers teachers, not methods and techniques. 
The teacher is 
the heart of the educational system." 

by Sidney Hook, American philosopher

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Masters Degree - Applied Psychology from Seton Hall University


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During the summer, some schedules may change a little.  You may have kids that are out of school and their schedule changes or you may have a job where things are more casual during the summer.  You may be retired and feel that the change in season does not reflect any substantial changes for you and your everyday.  Whatever your phase of life, a change of season, especially from Spring to Summer, can give the impression of being more relaxed.  Summer is an excellent time to put some relaxation into the schedule.  Did that sound like a contradiction?  It sure did.  With the hectic lives that we all lead today, please remember to schedule some relaxation if it doesn't fit naturally into your day.  Read below for some suggestions.

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From The Positive Perspective......

Read a good book.   While I read mostly psychology books and books related to issues that I am working on with my clients, I take the time each summer to read something fun.  Sometimes I just want to be entertained by a book.  Pick a genre that is different than what you read during the rest of the year, or just pick a book because it's a new activity that you don't do other times in the year.  I have a great selection of books on my website.  Granted, they are not "fun" books per se, but books where you can be inspired to make some changes.  Another way to get suggestions on what to read is to put a note on Facebook, "Looking for suggestions for summer reading on the topic of _________________"   Make a goal to read at least one book by the end of the summer.
Add 1 fun thing to your weekly schedule Some great examples could be taking a nightly walk through the neighborhood; swim in the pool in your backyard (or in your neighborhood) at least once a week; take a Saturday or Sunday afternoon nap; find a local park and plan a bike ride and picnic one afternoon.  Be creative and ask your kids for ideas too of what they would like to do. Create a box of fun things to do that all family members contribute to.  When you have the time (or make the time), take turns drawing an idea from the box.  Each family member can be a part of making the memory with that activity.
Unplug temporarily. I recently had the privilege of observing elementary school children on their Field Day and just smiled at the fact that with simple things, like jump ropes, frisbees, bubbles, chalk, a walking path and some large moving boxes, they had a ball.  No electronics, no social media and just being in the moment, was a true gift.  We have forgotten how to live in the moment and store the memories in our brains.  We don't have to put everything on Facebook.  Keep some wonderful memories just between you and the family you are with.
Choose a theme for the summer. One summer when my daughters were in elementary school, we turned the garage into an art studio.  They each chose an artist whose artwork they liked.  We took the summer to learn about the artists and they each created a replica of one of the art pieces of the artist they picked.  Took all summer.... but it sure made for some different summer memories.  Even got the dog involved in creating one the pieces of artwork. 
I hope I have given you some ideas on making this summer just a little different....in a good way.  Think of the memories you want to create for yourself and your family....and do it!!!

Until next time.....look at life and your inspirations From The Positive Perspective.

Stay well.
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I wish you well...