June 25, 2020
Hello Love,

I know it's been a minute. I wanted to write, but the words escaped me. I also haven't fully digested our world yet. I hope you will understand and know I send my love.

So much has been taken and even more has been lost. And now we are all talking and hopefully all listening, too. Just remember that your word has the power to create or destroy.

“Language is the code for understanding and communication between humans. Every letter, every word in each language is an agreement. We call this a page in a book; the word page is an agreement that we understand. Once we understand the code, our attention is hooked and the energy is transferred from one person to another.”

- The Four Agreements , by Don Migel Ruiz

What power do your agreements hold over you?


don’t destroy.

Through the growing pains of (r)evolution, I have known this to be true in my heart: that I get to choose.

And you do, too.

Ruiz said it best: be impeccable with your word and mindful of the energy you transfer to others.

I encourage you to reclaim the second half of 2020 as whatever you want it to be. Please add light, love, and liberation for all.

Smile, love. It's summer outside. And you get to choose again.

with love,

p.s.-Below are some fragments of love notes that didn't make it out, but were always working within me. I believe there is still a place for them now and I hope you may find something that speaks to you. Please take it with you. Take it back, rather. It’s already yours. 
notes from quarantine:

-Good work takes time.

-The source of all wealth is non-material.

-Baby steps are still steps moving forward.

-Finding the balance between effort and ease.

-When you’re emotionally triggered, that’s just because light has found your shadow. We all have hidden shadows. They're there for a reason.
Will you allow the light in?

-Emotional Mindfulness: Recognize what's happening. Allow your emotions to be what they are. Investigate what comes up from within. Then once you're ready, Non-identification. You are not your emotion.
Let it go.

-Sometimes creative blocks are simply the result of judging yourself before you've even started.

-Tap In, then Tap Out.
Notivce how you arrive at new sesnations, ideas, opinions. Does majority of your information come through a screen/device, or through your senses?

-Go Outside. Be in Creation!

-Worrying is just prayer for the things you don’t want.

"The girl who stopped and took her time, 
realized then her life was fine;
wonderful, precious, and divine.” 

This past Saturday, June 20th at 5:43pm EDT was the SUMMER SOLSTICE on the Western Hemisphere! This means that the Earth was tilted at its maximum degree potential to receive the fullest amount of sunlight, while simultaneously, the Sun ascended to its highest position above our planet, thus making it the longest day of light in this calendar year. (Hello Summer!) On that day, we were literally covered in the fullest expression of the Sun. Can you still feel its rays?

This summer season, it's time for us to take back 2020 and reclaim our power. Let's renew and recharge together as we enter a new season of energy, manifestation, and abundance !
Summer 2020 Launch, Part 1:
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Camille Moten , MFA, is a dance and wellness artist, choreographer, educator, and writer who is passionate about the advancement of the arts as an embodied praxis for processing new information, inspiring community engagement, and transforming global consciousness.