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June 29th-July 5th: Summer Break (CLOSED WED-TUES)

July 4th:
Independence Day (CLOSED)

August 22: First Day of School (OPEN)

September 5: Labor Day (CLOSED)

October 10: Indigenous Peoples/"Columbus" Day (OPEN)

October 31st: Halloween (OPEN)
Proof that we inform you of all holiday closures. :)
Monday at 8pm

Our teachers are avid performers in the San Francisco Bay Area (and across the world)! Check them out live with their bands/ensembles at these upcoming gigs.

Saturday, July 2nd: Felsen (Art) at Winters Tavern in Pacifica

Monday, July 4th: TV Mike & the Scarecrowes (Anna) at Cal Pine Resort in Lake Tahoe

Monday, July 4th: Felsen (Art) at Hit Tin Studios in Alameda

Thursday, July 7th: Professor Jones (Anna & Mike M) at Doc's Lab in San Francisco

Saturday, July 9th: Gringa (Luna) at Pier 23 in San Francisco

Saturday, July 9th: Zack Bateman & the Coal Minds (Judy) at Slim's in San Francisco

Saturday, July 9th: Timmy G at Maria, Maria in Danville

Thursday, July 14th: Professor Jones (Anna & Mike M) at Boom Boom Room in San Francisco

Friday, July 15th: Dueling Guitars (Timmy G) at  Pura Vida Cocina Latina, Livermore

Saturday, July 16th: Timmy G solo at Maria Maria in Walnut Creek

Sunday, July 17th: Timmy G at Sugar Festival in Crockett

Friday, July 22nd: Muncie (Anna & Mike) at Off the Grid, Fort Mason 

Friday, July 22nd: Timmy G at Maria Maria in Danville

Saturday, July 23rd: The UnOriginals (Timmy G) at Johnny Fol ey's in San Francisco 

Friday, July 29th: Timmy G at Maria Maria in Danville

Saturday, July 30th: Felsen (Art) at Ivy Room in Albany

Friday, August 5th: Muncie (Anna & Mike M) at Pub Republic in Petaluma

Friday, August 5th & Saturday, August 6th: The UnOriginals (Timmy G) at Iron Door Saloon in Groveland

Wednesday, August 17th: West Grand Boulevard (Anna, Craig, Adam & Mike M at Oakland City Center Concert Series) 

Every Other Tuesday: The Movement Jam with Flenobo (Swen, Tim M. & Pete) at The Legionnaire in Oakland
Every Thursday: Amethyst Bickman (Craig on keys) at Penrose in Oakland

Every Thursday: Dueling Guitars (Tim G) at Tiki Tom's in Walnut Creek

(Tim & Belinda)

(Anna, drums & Craig, keys)

(Tim, guitar/vocals)

(Luna, drums)

(Judy, violin)

(Xavier, guitar/vocals)

(Judy, violin)

(Xavier & Nick, vocals & guitar)

(Anna, drums)

(Judy, violin)

(Xavier, guitar/vocals)

(Anna, drums & Mike, bass)

(Mario, trumpet)

(Mario, trumpet)

(Anna, drums)


(Adam, bass)

(Stewart, guitar/vocals)

(Adam, bass)

(Andrew, guitar/vocals)

(Judy, violin)

(Luna, drums)

(Mario, trumpet)
(Dave Lockhart, bass)
Are you aware of our policies? We require at least 24 hours notice of absence for offering a make-up lesson (although make-ups are NEVER guaranteed, always subject to availability). We also require 30 days written notice for stopping ongoing lessons. 

Happy 4th of July & Summer Break!

(Re-opening for lessons on Wednesday, July 6th)

We hope that everyone has been able to keep from melting in the brutal heat of this week! It's certainly a great time for us all to take a little break. Due to the Independence Day holiday falling on a Monday, we decided to split up the (one week) Summer Break this year, which resulted in the unconventional schedule. Thank you for your understanding, and your support of our staff getting a little bit of summer to travel and spend time with their families over the holiday.


- Rock Band (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard & Vocals)
- Vocal Ensemble (Singers only)
- Violin Ensemble (also open to Viola & Cello)
- Classical Guitar
- Ukulele

For detailed class info & descriptions, please visit: 


All classes are held at Music Time Academy from 12-2pm

Student of the Month 
Congratulations to Kamran Dhillon
Kamran will receive (along with priceless glory and endles
s bragging rights) a $30 Gift Certificate to Music Time Academy, as well as a $20 gift card to the Cinema West Theater in Livermore, and a shiny medal - can't beat that!
Instrument: Voice
Teacher:  Tim
Age: 12
Grade: 7th
School: Pleasanton Middle School
Student Since: February 2015
Hobbies (besides practicing): Basketball, Reading

It is our joy to recognize Kamran Dhillion as Student of the Month for June.  As the older brother to twins, Kamran's maturity has grown well beyond his years. Taking great care to support his younger brothers in their musical endeavors, and clearly not forgetting to take care of himself as well, Kamran aspires to continue perfecting his art "forever."

Those of us in the West End of the Spring Concert had the good fortune of hearing Kamran's fantastic vocal performance of Lukas Graham's hit song "7 Years". Taking the stage alone, with light guitar accompaniment from his instructor, Tim Garry, Kamran displayed not only confidence, but impressive vocal control and a clear passion for making (and sharing) music. Check it out for yourself:

Well done, Kamran, both on and off of the stage. Through your hard work, and success, you are an inspiration to us all!

Do you know a current Music Time Academy student with a newsworthy musical story or accomplishment from the past month that should be featured? If so, please fill out our online nomination form by following this link:  STUDENT OF THE MONTH NOMINATION FORM
Teacher Feature - Nick Lyon-Wright
Since we have now featured every current instructor on staff at Music Time Academy in a newsletter, we thought it might be a nice change of pace to switch over to an interview format for a while. I hope you enjoy our new style! If you have any feedback, or would like to submit ideas for teacher interviews, please do not hesitate to hit that shiny little reply button on your email program and send your thoughts our way. And without further ado, let's hear from Nick. 

What age did you start playing each instrument you currently teach? 
Guitar - age 10 (more serious at age 18), Piano - age 14 (more serious at age 20), Bass - age 24, Ukulele - age 24

Why did you start playing music? 
I have thought that music was one of the coolest forms of artistic expression for as long as I can remember.  I enjoyed good melodies and singing since I was a kid, and was encouraged to sing by my father.  Music made me feel good, and helped me many times to deal with my emotions and feelings, so eventually I wanted to try and create some of my own to express myself.

What inspires you to keep playing music today?  
Life inspires me to make music to connect with everyone. I have to write music to express myself. I especially enjoy the process of writing songs and trying to capture and express a certain feeling in a sort of sound painting. Singing is still the coolest thing in the world to me. I also enjoy challenging myself to improve my skill level in playing each different instrument, and in song writing and arranging. Music is fun, and it's fun to work on.  

What are some typical goals that you have for your students to accomplish, and what do you focus on/emphasize to reach these goals?
I like to focus on the ability to perform music with feeling and expression, and I think the way to get to that is through a high level of focus, attention, listening, and repetition.  I love music theory and I want my students to be able to read music and also understand the theory (since it can help you get to the expression), but I still think the feeling, the groove, and the expression is ultimately more important. If a student can learn to enjoy the beauty of the melody as they play it and practice it, that will make them a better musician and a better at practicing.  

What are some of your favorite student accomplishments to brag about?
I'm very proud of one student who started out not knowing how to play anything as a little kid, and now after about 4 years of lessons, she can accompany herself on piano playing and singing a Beatles song and a Bruno Mars song, both of which she performed at recitals.  I'm also very proud of an adult guitar student that, although she always loved singing, was very self-conscious and shy about her voice. She came out of her shell and sang a song with me at one of the recitals!

Who are your musical influences and your favorite artists to listen to or see live?  The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Queen, Stevie Wonder, Carole King, Elliott Smith, The Zombies, The Hi-Lo's, The Free Design, Tegan and Sara, Cab Calloway, Mozart, Frankie Valli, could go on forever . . . Favorite people to see live: Tegan and Sara, The Zombies, Paul McCartney, Jamie Cullum, Tom Petty, Stevie Wonder

For more information about our many talented and interesting instructors, please CLICK HERE!
This month's Recommended Concert...

If you receive this newsletter, then you have shown some kind of interest in making your life (or the life of a loved one) more musical. One of the best ways to inspire a greater love and appreciation for music is to attend a live performance from skilled, passionate musicians. Here is our recommended local musical event for this month:

San Francisco Symphony

Stern Grove Festival (FREE)

Sunday, July 10th at 2:00pm

A summer tradition, the acclaimed San Francisco Symphony performs with conductor Edwin Outwater in a performance celebrating the centennial of the National Parks Service. Join us for an afternoon truly "in concert with nature."

Edwin Outwater will be participating in an informative pre-concert Artist Talk with Associate Director of Artistic Planning Richard Lonsdorf as moderator. The Artist Talk will take place at Stern Grove's Trocadero Clubhouse at 12:00 noon on the day of the concert.

John Williams
Overture to The Cowboys
"With Malice Toward None" from Lincoln Midway March

Ferde Grofé
Grand Canyon Suite


Antonín Dvořák
Symphony No. 9 in E minor, Opus 95, From the New World

CAN'T MAKE THE SHOW? Then consider this recommended listening.


Thank you for your continued support in music education! 


Anna Cucciardo (Director) & Monica Lind (Manager)

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