Find Your Foundation is a new yoga class on Thursday nights. This class is, as the name suggests, focused on enabling students to find their foundation in yoga- both in terms of balance and strength, as well as knowledge of yoga in general.

This class has an Iyengar element to it, making it great for beginners, those that need to increase flexibility, and yoga students of all sizes and levels of experience. The practice of Iyengar Yoga can be a transformative experience. This type of yoga is known for its detail and precision. Anatomical alignment is important and poses are held for longer. A core belief of Iyengar yoga is that yoga is for everyone and all different types of bodies are welcome. Props are used and modifications given so that every person can find the energetic balance of each pose. This is an alignment-based class with thoughtful sequencing and individual attention given to each student.

Please join our instructor Emily for class on Thursday evenings at 5:30PM!