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New Licensing Partners
 We welcome Rawmance Oy, our first licensee in Finland. Based in Jyväskylä, Rawmance Oy is passionate about offering high quality food and knowing where it comes from. They search the globe looking for farmers producing highly nutritious products in an environmentally friendly way. They offer their organic and Fair Trade products under their brand name Foodin.
We also welcome I. Schroeder KG., based in Hamburg, Germany. Established in 1953, I. Schroeder is a global importer and exporter of quality preserved and frozen foods. Through their numerous purchasing offices and quality controllers on site, they maintain a high level of quality in their products and provide excellent service to their numerous private label customers.
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JUNE 2016

Fair Trade Sustainability Alliance
  collaborative excellence and accountability
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Summer has arrived early in upstate New York with high temperatures and heavy downpours, as we are preparing to attend the Fancy Food Show in New York City with most of our team. We will be there on June 27 & 28th, and using this event as fun team-building experience in the Big Apple. If you or a company representative will be attending the Fancy Food Show do not hesitate to contact us! We would be happy to meet, talk, and discover new opportunities and projects together.

On other news we have just launched a database to search for FairTSA certified producers by product and country. 

Go to and type a product in the respective field, and a list with certified producers and their contact information will pop up. We will refine and improve the database on an ongoing basis. If you don't find a producer for a specific product in the database you can still contact us directly and we will try our best to help you.

I would also like to urge you to have a look at our two new producers described below - both extraordinary companies that deserve your consideration when searching for products in their category.

We wish you all a wonderful summer.

For the FairTSA team
Winfried Fuchshofen

lunnLunn Salt
Summer Harvest
Global Brand Resources (GBR) of Mumbai, India has launched it's Lunn Salt brand, the first Fair Trade certified desert salt. Lunn means 'salt' in the local Rajasthani dialect of India, where they harvest both a winter and summer crop. To harvest desert salt, saline ground water is pumped from pristine wells and collected in pans for evaporation.The winter harvest is a result of slow evaporation under clear skies which give the crystals a white glow and a distinctive taste. The summer harvest salt has an earthy off-white colour as a result of sand storms during the hot season.

The evaporation process results in the formation of fine salt crystals which are relatively low in sodium but rich in calcium, magnesium, sulphates, and other natural elements, for which Lunn salt is renowned. Through eco-friendly sustainable harvesting, the salt farming constitutes a highly sustainable and natural process. 

Winter Harvest
For Lunn salt to become Fair Trade certified, FairTSA created an addition to the existing Fair Trade standard, especially with a view to protect and appropriately remunerate the workers that produce the salt. Among other things, workers have to be paid at least triple the legal minimum wage and have access to preventive and regular medical care. 
Furthermore, GBR has committed to providing all workers protective gear at no cost to the workers.

The two variants, Summer Harvest & Winter Harvest are both sold in bulk or with a ceramic grinder, which is durable and can be refilled many times without waste.
                      africorp AFRICORP
FairTSA is happy to announce a new partnership with Africorp International. Founded in 2002, this Sudanese company supplies a variety of agricultural products such as sesame seeds, hibiscus flowers, and karaya gum. Africorp focuses its operation around the villages of Shukaila, Maya'a, Om Eish, Mekahaya, Um Rwaba and Kordofan. The founders of Africorp (ACI) are from this western region of Sudan, the country's agricultural farm belt. Through their connection with the area, ACI began with a strong sense of social responsibility and that has only developed as they've grown. ACI has always prided themselves on working closely with the agricultural producers toward an improved social and agricultural economy in Sudan. To this end, ACI has been working with ACRE- Access to Capital for Rural Enterprises, a UK-based NGO. ACRE connects socially responsible investors with small and medium-sized enterprises in countries where charities already have longstanding relationships. The five charities behind ACRE are Christian Aid, Traidcraft, Practical Action, Twin and Challenges Worldwide.
Karaya Gum Harvesting

Together with the NGO Practical Action, Africorp International started the Karaya Project in 2013. Karaya gum is a food additive and stabilizer that comes from native trees, growing as white pearly crystals inside the tree trunks. Historically the extraction process of karaya gum resulted in the death of these trees. The Karaya project is committed to teaching sustainable harvesting practices as well as building and providing infrastructure for the communities involved. With the Karaya Project, Africorp's contributions to the local villages have spanned from medical care, to education, to even the formation of the local sports club.

Worker receiving healthcare
Alongside the Karaya Project, Africorp began providing food subsidies for the poor and built a water cistern in one of the villages. Routine healthcare is also provided for both seasonal and permanent workers.  School systems for youth have been supported, and improved farming machinery such as hibiscus extracting machines have been provided. Now further bolstered by FairTSA's Fair Trade, we can't wait to see what is made possible in the coming seasons.

 Fair Trade Sustainability Alliance

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