Dive in and make waves with us this summer during  SHIPWRECKED Rescued By Jesus where kids (3yrs-5th gr.) will sail away on an island adventure.   Registration forms are at the Heartline desk. Register by July 6.   

as a crew leader, craft leader, music leader, game leader, snack leader, or a bible story leader. Sign-up opportunities are at the Heartline desk.                              

Canned and non perishable food donations in June will be donated to Faith Mission. Please help by bringing your canned and non-perishable food items to the food table located in the narthex.

SCHOOL JUST LET OUT  and yet it's almost time for school supplies to go on sale, so keep watching and gather those supplies for the school backpacks we hope to fill for Lutheran World Relief. We'll have lists of the needed supplies on the Heartline by the end of June.

Our quilters have been busy sewing and making quilts. They are in need of fabric to make additional quilts. They also need folks who will sew quilt tops. If you have fabric you are welcome to bring it to the church office. If you can help with sewing quilt tops please contact Jeanette Fair at 979-277-8035 .


SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 9 - God's Work, Our Hands Sunday!

Save Sunday afternoon, September 9th, on your calendar to come to Christ and help package and box more than 10,000 meals for our ministry partner Rise Against Hunger.

Christ Lutheran folks will again be feeding hungry kids this summer at the Brenham Housing Authority's community center on Blue Bell Road. Beginning June 7th we'll be serving hot meals from the BISD kitchens every Thursday, along with sandwiches that we provide for the parents who attend. Training is complete for the volunteers who will serve the children's meals but we can always use more folks to serve adults, set-up and clean-up the site and interact with the families that come. Sign Up on the calendar sheets on the Heartline if you would like to help....volunteers are needed between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. every Thursday until school starts again.



We've surprised many folks and other congregations with our outpouring of support for digging wells and building water protection projects in Ethiopia....and we're joining with Water To Thrive to celebrate that ministry's tenth year by digging even more wells. Among our fundraising efforts are "coin" boxes that are available to friends and members to set aside money between now and July 4th...please take a box, fill it with cash and return it in the first week of July. Our Foundation funded four wells back in 2010 and 2011 and then, when Pastor Mark was called, we began as a congregation to raise funds for eight more wells.....we've already made progress on the funding of Well No. 13....so help us give clean, healthy water to the folks in Ethiopia who have been suffering drought for several years. Giving water to those who thirst is part of Christ's calling for us.
Wednesdays        6:30 pm    Wiggle & Worship
Sundays               9:15 am    Wiggle & Worship  
Sundays             10:30 am    Fresh Coffee Adult Conversation - Fellowship Hall
1st Saturday        8:00 am     Men In Mission - Resumes in Spetember 
2nd Tuesday       12:00 pm   Women's Bible Study - Conf. Rm.

Men in Mission will not meet during the summer months.  Men in Mission will begin Saturday, September 1.

Join in this hour long monthly study. This month we will explore and study Rebekah - Maiden, Wife, Mother.   A copy of the study is at the Heartline Desk. Come join us!
Your call to serve is always welcomed,encouraged and needed.
June 27, 9:00 am Conference Rm

Grounds Committee #5 (Terry Logan, Leader, Glenwood Hertel, Dale Stoughton, Butch Bugaj, Stephen Johnson) will be maintaining the routine tasks of the church during June. If you see something that needs attention at the church please call the church office or contact a member of the committee
Thank you to Ron Kuecker for volunteering to take the recycling at the Church and Day School during the month June. Need a volunteer(s) for the Day School. Sign up at the Heartline to volunteer.
The 2018 TX-LA Gulf Coast Synod Assembly was held May 17-19 at the Hilton Houston North. This year's theme was FAITH5 (Faith Acts In The Home) which was presented to the assembly by Dr. Rich Melheim. FAITH5 is a way to connect church to home through family and cross-generational faith huddles every night in the home and every week in the church. The basics of FAITH5 include sharing, reading, talking, praying and blessing one another. Our hope is to incorporate FAITH5 in the life of Christ Lutheran Church & Day School.
In other business of the assembly, 3 members were elected to the Synod Council and 8 positions filled for voting members from our synod to the Churchwide Assembly. The 2019 Budget and Compensation Guidelines for our synod were also approved.
  • Gluten free host and grape juice are available for Holy Commuion
  • Portals of Prayer for July - September are available at the Heartline Desk.
We welcome Joan Tumlinson to Christ Lutheran Church. Joan received the Sacrament of Holy Baptism during worship on May 20.   Joan's sponsors were her son and daughter-in-law, Stephen and Misty Johnson. Joan is the grandmother of Kamryn and   Daven. We welcome Joan into the body of Christ and into the mission we share.
IN OUR PRAYERS                                    

Our Christ Family:
Richard & Marjorie Baker, Carl Bridges, Terry Brieden, Patt Crabtree, Sterling Crabtree, Bonnie Demuth, Verna Mae Druckhammer, Conrad Goeth, Shannon Heller, Laverna Jacob, Nathalie Luedke, Laura Metheny, Betty Schramm, Nicole Schulz Carr, Allen & Jeanie Stepan  
Our Personal Concerns:           
Ms. Amanda, Donnie Appling, Christina Ashorn, Marilyn Barrera, Bernice Boriack, Betty Bryant, Hadrian Brown, Dane Bybee, Lyrik Campbell, Jessica Chatham, LeAnna Cook, Betty Crain, Ms. Curry, Gary Devlin, Andrew Dietz, John Dietz, Brandy Dillard, Don Dolson, Scooter Dillard, Wanda DuBose, Karen Dunn, Allen Gene Eckermann, Isabella Edmondson, John Exter, Jr., Angela Gentry, Gary Grantham, Robert Grunder, Teresa Gutierrez, Don Heller, Beatrice Helwig, Michael Hendricks, Cris Hernandez, Jamie Hobson, Lee Horak, JoAnn Hundemer, Bubba Jurries, Lori Johnson, Donna and Jeff Kaltwasser, Amber Kirschke, Harry Kluttz, J. Frank Lamp III, Tom Lanningham's wife, Baily Lantz, McKenzie LaSagna, David Lawrence, Tara Limmer, Dennie Marek, Tim Massa, Allene Machet, John Meadows, Frances Merkel, Marilyn Miertschin, Bernie Miertschin, Terry Mitchell, Shirley Mueller ( Renee's mother), Naomi Naper, Megan Neiseg, Roy Norsworthy, Michael Parker, Ralph Parker, Charlie Pyle, Lucas Paul, Rita Perkins, Donna & Marshall Paulk, Ralph Parker, Spencer Ramirez, Romeo & Janet Robles, Matthew Rotter, Bobby Schlabach, Amanda Sebastian, Kyree Koehne Shaver, Jeff Smith, Theresa Smith, Erin Stavros, Noelle Stokes, Wade Thoron, Renee Turner, Ginger Vaudrey, James Vaughn, Lisa Wise, Brian White, Dave Zaharis, the city, schools and families of Santa Fe TX

Those in Military Service: 
Kyle Babbitt, David Crabtree, Spenser Ganske, Danny Hart, Johnathon LeBoeuf, Colton Logan, Elijah Nemeir.
If you see one that is missing, please let us know.

June Birthdays
Janie Branham
Camdyn Copenhaver
Cody Hightower
Verna M. Druckhammer                      
Melissa McCune
Willie Ludwig
Dale Stoughton
Thomas Morgan
Jean Warmke
Fred Schultz
Karen Roeske
Avery Feist
Hannah Emshoff
Leslie Weiss
Cole Klussmann
Shane Boeker
Kathy Miller
Amber Perry
Savannah Gutierrez
Diane Winters
Darrell Winkelmann
Shun-Dale Federwisch
Gentri Gutierrez
Allen Stepan
Debra Kovar
John Winkelmann
Jillian Wellmann
Joe Norsworthy
Pappy Abel
Kenneth Renner
Paul Hightower
Beatrice Krimm
Stephanie Atkins
Cameron Schultz

June Anniversaries 
June 2
Eric & Jessica Klihne
June 3
Mike & Janice Grunder
June 5
Arnold & Magdalene Knuppel
June 6
Marshall & Skylar Mohr
June 7
Charlie & Pat Heller
June 8
Albert & Caroline Linke
June 9
Pastor Mark & Debbie Groves
June 9
Craig & Angie Stickley
June 11
Glenn & Debra Kovar
June 13
Willie & Wallene Ludwig
June 13
Randy & Diana Markwardt
June 14
Clarence & Carol Eben
June 14
Tyler & Laura Hertel
June 15
Vic & Jeanette Fair
June 20
Clifford & Kathy Miller
June 21
Jeramie & Amber Zelenka
June 22
Coy & Kellie Fontenot
June 23
Allen & Mary Stolz
June 24
Robert & Tammy Hajek
June 25
Bob & Shirley Mueller
June 27
Daryl & Shelly Ganske
June 27
Billy & Cheryl Howk

May 15, 2018
  • Approved April minutes.
  • Pastor Walt addressed council to discuss his roll in the congregation as the Sick and Homebound Visitation Pastor and his concern for this program when he retires in Dec., 2018. Pastor Walt has organized a group of visiting lay ministers called Companions in Christ who serve homebound         members. Pastor Walt expressed to council the need to continue this program and hopes that council will begin looking at ways to fill his position.
  • Financial Report: Financials are positive.
  • Reports: Youth & Family Ministry - Kandi will be attending her Grandmother's memorial service later in June. ELCA Youth Gathering       June 27-July 1; VBS - July 16-20; Elem. Camp July 22-27;                              Confirmation Beach Camp July 29-Aug. 3.
  • Christ Lutheran Day School - Fall classes are almost full at the Day School and After School Program. Valve/coupling on water main broke Wed., May 2 causing some flooding. Wittner Plumbing immediately responded and cut off the water. Blackstone Recovery contacted to dry carpet. Baseboards removed from affected areas. Insurance carrier contacted.
  • Mission Board: Pentecost Sunday begins campaign for more water wells. Summer feeding program in partnership with Brenham ISD June 4- August 10.  
  • Stewardship Team - Proposed looking at setting up designated Maintenance Fund for future needs of the church (roofs, HVAC).
  • Hospitality Team- Discussion held to find someone to take pictures of new members for posting in Narthex; Discussion to have a new member function; three Funeral Teams organized (Leaders: Wallene Ludwig, Shirley Mueller, Doris Koehne)
  • Pastor's Report - Need more help with Worship Technology and Marketing; Boy Scouts to become BSA on August 1. Scouts accepting girls in               segregated Cub Dens/integrated packs. Troops to accept girls in February, 2019;Pastor Mark attending Festival of Homiletics in Washington DC May 21-28.
  • Safety Team - Investigating security cameras in church and push button lock for church.
  • Work continues on updating Constitution.
  • New Business- Investigate eliminating Conference Library and disposing of old church trophies.

2018 Christ Lutheran Foundation Grant Applications are due in the church office by June 15, 2018
day schoo letterhead

Lately I have been reviewing the school year, and I want to highlight a few dedicated volunteers that stand out in my mind. They spend their time each week making our program better by sharing their talents directly with our children and staff.

Anne Schindehette has been a champion for the Day School for so many years now, that I have lost count! She comes by weekly to review each teacher's lesson plans to make sure goals are being met and children are being offered enriching activities that prepare them for school. She keeps track of new staff members and sets them on the path to fulfill our Accreditation standards. It has been her goal to raise us up and we appreciate her dedication to excellence!
                                                            Diane Vaughn is our Bible Buddies leader.  Diane v isits each o f our infant through two-year old's classrooms each week to read a Bible story. Even the youngest children are excited when Diane walks in their door. They know she is there just to visit them and that she will share a story about Jesus! We love it that our kids get that "Granny D" connection during the school day! Diane quietly and faithfully goes about her business of faith formation in our children, and for that we are thankful!

Last but not least is Rob Parker, our resident artist. For the last six years, he has taught art classes to our Pre-K children. They do a lot of expressive art and some crafts in their classrooms, but with Rob they are getting an actual lesson that broadens their knowledge base and encourages them to unleash their inner artists! He uses a wide variety of media from crayons to pastels to paints and various tools and equipment to form and understanding of the Elements and Principles of Design. Rob's class culminates in May when he hauls in his printing press to do print-making with his students. We appreciate the time and effort he puts in to helping us create well-rounded children!

Blessings, Ginny Gaskamp

Children's Ministry
Wiggle and Worship:  Sundays 9:15 am; Wednesdays 6:30 pm

Wiggle and worship is in for a slimy summer: This summer, through the life of Jacob, kids will learn that when we stick to God, He can make something beautiful out of any slimy situation. 

Vacation Bible School: SHIPWRECKED - July 16-20

Elementary Camp: Lutherhill - July 22-27
Confirmation Beach Camp: July 29- August 3

High School Youth:
ELCA Youth Gathering: June 27-July 1

Drive Thru Dinner:
June 21st or 22nd, 10am-10pm - Bush's Chicken
Chicken Strips, mashed potatoes, green beans, roll, gravy and medium (sweet/unsweet) tea- $10

Stock Sales:
Wednesday and Sundays.
Take stock in our youth. Buy stock in our ministry and see how it changes lives. Sales Wednesday and Sundays.

Wiggle and worship is in for a slimy summer: We've been SLIMED! Sometimes in life it feels like we've been slimed! Sometimes it's because of decisions we make, sometimes it's from decisions others make that hurt us. This summer through the life of Jacob, kids will learn that when we stick to God, He can make something beautiful out of any slimy situation. 

Take stock in our youth. Buy stock in our ministry and see how it changes lives. Sales Wednesday and Sundays.

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL                     
July 16-20, 2018 
Dive in and make waves with us this summer during  SHIPWRECKED Rescued By Jesus  where kids  (3yrs-5th gr.) will sail away on an island adventure. 
Registration forms are at the Heartline desk. 
Register by July 6.
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