2nd Edition: June 2021
WOW! The month of May flew right by! The month of June sees us continuing our fundraising efforts for our rescue and rehabilitation facility in Ronkonkoma, Long Island, NY., and we are beginning to hold adoption events once again! PLUS BREAKING NEWS! For more information on JUSTICE FOR CHAMP please read on!

Statistical Summary - Adoptions:
Last month we included statistics showing our growth over the last 6 years. This growth was only made possible with many hard working volunteers, supporters and donors like yourselves!

Previous stats highlighted: 1448 Marked adopted in our database in the year 2020 .
From 3/1/2015 to 4/7/2021 = 7714 rescued

NEW: From 4/7/2021 to 5/27/2021 an additional 174 Canines and Felines were added to our database bringing us to a grand total of 7888 animals rescued since inception.

NEW: Currently in the Calendar year 2021 we have adopted 452 dogs and cats into Furever homes!


CLICKING DIRECTLY ON THE PHOTO BELOW will take you to the RDR NYC GivingGrid fundraiser for our rescue facility. TRY IT!
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Help Open Our New Rescue Center

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Our 1st edition of Paws and Reflect also kicked off our capital raise for our Rescue Rehabilitation and Adoption Center facility.
(pictured above)

Update: To date, we are at 11% filled. We are still a long ways off from where we need to be but with your continued support, we know we can do this!

Every donation made has the potential to become TWICE the amount!

We DO have a donor that is willing to match up to $250K in donations, and that is HUGE! That means if you donate $50.00 it's worth $100.00 to us once it has been matched by our donor!

Yes, you read that correctly. Up to $250,000 donor match has been offered!
PLEASE consider this opportunity to make your tax deductible donation today and of course, we ask even if you do not donate, could you help by sharing the GivingGrid?

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We asked Jane S. this question:
Question: How does RDR stand out for you in a way that would make you want to foster for us?

Answer: "RDR is passionate. Love and passion is all it takes to stand apart from the rest."
We asked Nicole T. the following question: How does fostering make you and/or your family feel?

Her response: "Fostering gives me a sense of purpose: my life has meaning beyond any professional or personal accomplishments. I foster mainly puppies and each new pup gives me a chance to be a part of something bigger than myself. My entire family gets involved with each pup playing, training, feeding, walking - preparing this pup for their lives and forever family. From start to finish it can be a big challenge.. until that day (that you secretly dread comes) and their family comes to take them home. But you know, it’s never really about you - it’s all about them! I would do all of it again in a heartbeat!"
Clicking the dark grey banner above will bring you to PetMD for an informative article about dehydration and how it can affect your pet(s).

  • sidewalks, driveways, roadways, concrete pathways and decking are all materials that magnify heat and may (and will if not careful) scald or burn your pets feet, belly and booty very easily. Please be vigilant and think what you are asking of your pet! While you and they may enjoy your outings and the sunshine, also be cognizant of where and how you ask your pet to walk, sit, and lay down. Seatbelt buckles in hot vehicles, hot leather seats, etc, can all do the same.
  • The temperature inside of a parked vehicle can reach extremely high temperatures very, very quickly and may sicken or kill your pet faster than you had thought possible. Often, even venting the window open is not enough. If you are going to bring your pet and leave them in the car, bring along a human friend that can sit with them and ensure they are properly cooled and vented while you are outside of the vehicle. And remember, leaving your pet tied outside of a store not only puts your pet at risk of being harmed or stolen, but also may be subjecting them to a burning sidewalk in the heat!

Dewey is a little over 4 years old, and weighs about 50 pounds. He likes people, kids, other dogs, (no cats please!) and loves to snuggle. He is up to date on vaccines and has been altered.
Transport Team Table
By Patty M

Welcome To Rescue Dogs Rock Transport!
We have so many dedicated drivers and volunteers and many more willing to help. You will find dogs and cats in need of transport on the RDR Transport Page.

I would like to take this opportunity to go over some safety tips for a smooth transport.

First of all it is great to have the basics already in your vehicle. We recommend the following:

  • a sliplead or 2
  • treats
  • a cleanup kit consisting of wipes or paper towels
  • water and a bowl
  • a crate (not necessary on all transports but for some.)
  • Old towels and/or sheets/blankets to help protect you (and possibly your lap!) from 'accidents'

If you are a volunteer transporter for RDR: This is where the fun begins!

Once transports are filled, chats are set up on Facebook messenger. Meet spots, timing, drive info will be in these very important chats. Please be sure to check these chats as the transport progresses.
When you arrive at your meet spot, you may be early or transport can be arriving late. We ask that all drivers post their ETAs to the next location in the messenger chat to keep transport running smoothly. Remember to please keep checking the chat for updates!

Once the dog arrives, please exchange any paperwork or items traveling with him or her first and secure those items in the vehicle where you will not forget to pass along to the end destination. The dog should be tethered already or crated in the vehicle but be cognizant that each time you open the door it is a potential risk for the dog to jump around or over you, so be aware.

Before the dog exits the vehicle, make sure your sliplead is correctly around the dogs neck so that he or she is “double leashed.”

Transfer the dog safely to your vehicle (sometimes treats can be your friend.)
And off to the next stop.

At the end of the day you will feel like you really contributed to helping a once helpless animal off to their new life!!
Rescue Dogs Rock NYC - Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

"Save a life by adopting instead of shopping" Rescue Dogs Rock is a not for profit animal rescue founded in 2015. We exist solely on donations and rely primarily on fundraising to help animals in need. Our goal is to save abused & at risk dogs...

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Thank you for your support!
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