June 2019 TreEnews

Summer Tree Care
It’s hot out there!

Help Canopy ensure that the young trees we planted over the fall and winter stay
healthy and thrive.

Join us this summer at one of our upcoming
tree care work days.
water-wise tree care tips.
Survey Trees this Summer
This summer, Canopy volunteers have the chance to survey trees in two fun programs: The Great Oak Count and Young Tree Care Survey.

Saturday, June 22, 2019 | 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Learn to survey oaks with Canopy’s Tree Plotter map and collect data in Palo Alto neighborhoods.

Saturdays, July 6th and 13th | 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Survey the health of young street trees of all species across Palo Alto.
Email Elise Willis at elise@canopy.org with any questions about the programs.
Warm Welcome to Maya Briones
We’re so happy to welcome Maya Briones to the Canopy team!

Maya is Canopy’s new Community Forestry Coordinator. She brings to the team a background in environmental research, planning, and habitat restoration. We asked Maya to share a bit about herself, continue reading on the Canopy blog .
Meet the Tree Whisperer - Thank you!
Thanks to all who joined us and for making Meet the Tree Whisperer such a lovely, inspiring and successful event!

Dave Muffly shared his message of planting resilient trees to provide sustainable habitat for biodiversity as we face climate-change threats. Stay tuned for an article about his vision. You can find more about Muffly at his website, Oaktopia.

Special thanks to our event partners:

We're deeply grateful for everyone who helps grow healthy trees and healthy communities. Thank you all for investing in a nature-filled future!
Tree Spotlight: Red Ironwood Eucalyptus
Native to Australia, the red ironbark eucalyptus ( Eucalyptus sideroxylon ) has a history in California that stretches back to 1850 when the tree was widely planted for the lumber industry. Continue reading on the blog...

Thank you to Ankush Bharadwaj of the Rhee Lab at Carnegie Institution for Science for preparing this post.
Trees in the News
We're Hiring
Canopy is seeking hard working, dedicated people to join our team and fill four AmeriCorps Public Allies positions! Check out the job announcement and learn more about the Public Allies program .
May Tree Gifts & Grantors
Eleanor Linton
in honor of Susan Ellis and Mark Linton

Kyuri Doeden
in honor of Laura Teksler for her dedication to LAEF

Karen Kwan
in honor of Ms. Anju Vriksha-Joseph

Carolyn Compton and Patricia Jo Morrissey
in honor of Elise Willis and the volunteers who have been so supportive

Thank you to the following grantors for their support of Canopy's programs!

Take a Trip. Plant a Tree.
Did you know that air travel is a major contributor to climate change?

Trees are nature's answer!*

Consider carbon offsets.  A gift to Canopy goes to tree plantings and tree care, one of the best ways to combat global climate change. Balance your round trip across the U.S. for $60, or to Europe for $110, or calculate your own trip at 1 penny per mile. (Based on rounded up mileage and conservative rate of $10 per ton of CO2 emission averted.) Designate your donation as "Carbon Offset".
*“An approximate value for a 50-year-old oak forest would be  30,000 pounds  of carbon dioxide sequestered per acre,” said Timothy J. Fahey, professor of ecology in the Department of Natural Resources at Cornell University. “The forest would [concurrently] be emitting about  22,000 pounds  of oxygen."

For more information, contact Judy Sissener at  judy@canopy.org
Bay Area Green Business

 Canopy's mission is to grow the urban forest in Midpeninsula communities for the benefit of all. Our vision is a day when every resident of the Midpeninsula can step outside to walk, play, and thrive under the shade of healthy trees.