June 2020 Newsletter
We are using a new
training platform!
Strand Virtual Schoolhouse

For our multi- day on-demand courses, we have been using Adobe Captivate Prime- and it doesn't quite fit our unique needs. So we decided to build a training platform ourselves.

At our roots, we are just a "Mom & Pop" production and we love to keep it simple!
45 -Hour Victim Advocacy Course

Myra and Russell Strand

Aug 1-Oct 31
(On-demand course)

*Pre-approved for Victim Advocate Certification
for both Civilians and Military Advocates
20 -Hour Trauma Informed Leadership

Myra Strand

Aug. 1- Sept. 18
(On-demand course)

*Pre-approved for CECs
for both Civilians and Military Advocates

Conversations on how to rebuild trust after community trauma:

Please be safe out there, these are tough times ๛
☞Practice critical thinking
☞Practice kindness and patience
☞Take care of you and take care of your communities
☞Lets work hard to develop trust