June 11, 2020 | Issue #45
Beyond "Editing" Lives and Maintaining Hope
It’s just weeks before our Independence Day holiday, and three months have passed since the Governor Baker’s emergency order. One takeaway I have from the past week is that we need to maintain hope and presence of mind.

The changes we have experienced have gone beyond “editing” our lives. It is clear that our constituents and our services require a customized approach during the “re-opening.” Continue reading.
The Arc of Massachusetts had important work planned before any of us knew the extent of the pandemic, such as the workforce shortage crisis and the Census. The urgency of the pandemic and great need of our constituents compelled The Arc to reallocate resources and staff time from projects we anticipated working on this spring and summer, as well as ongoing programs.

But our work must continue. As well as helping families navigate issues related to the virus and the reopening of programs and advocating for good policies and funding, we will keep the needs of people with I/DD and autism in front of Governor Charlie Baker, the legislature, and policymakers. We must continue educating decisionmakers, legislators, families, and the general public; developing and advocating for policy proposals that will ensure that people with I/DD have the support to live full, safe lives in the community; and mobilizing advocates.

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COVID-19 Updates
In our latest weekly COVID-19 update, learn more about the latest information from the state regarding individuals with I/DD and The Arc’s upcoming priorities and projects.
This past weekend, the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) released a new visitation policy for families of individuals living in DDS funded homes.
On June 11, we were grateful to welcome DDS Commissioner Jane Ryder for an exclusive webinar. If you weren’t able to attend the session live, this is now available to watch on demand.
The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly reminded all of us of the need to have our business in order! This webinar will go through the steps involved in developing a future plan. Learn more and register here.
Sponsor Spotlight

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