Greetings Friends!

During the month of June we are exploring a sermon series called, “I’ve been meaning to ask…” as a way to help us re-connect and grow deeper in relationship as a congregation.

The name of this series from A Sanctified Art conveys intentionality, warmth, curiosity, and consideration. In essence, this question also implies the following statements: “I’ve been thinking about you and I’ve been wanting to check in… You’ve been on my mind… I haven’t known how to have this conversation, but I’m getting started with a question.

The ellipses symbolize the main objective of this series: to cultivate courageous conversations— and to keep having them, even if we need to pause.

We began last Sunday, June 6 with “Where are you from?” and we were reminded that in order to build connection and trust, we need to listen to each other’s stories and experiences to learn who and what has shaped us and others. We also need to feel seen and known for who we are. The first week was as place to begin anew both in affirming the particularity of our identities and acknowledging our common ground.

This Sunday we will continue with "Where does it hurt?" While on his way to one person carrying a hurt Jesus saw another, and both found healing. I am reminded of the old adage, "Never compare your inside to someone else's outside." Just come as you are. Come and see the One who knows and loves us inside out. I look forward to being with you!

June 6: Where are you from? – John 1:35-51
June 13: Where does it hurt? – Mark 5:21-43
June 20: What do you need? – 2 Timothy 4:9-18
(Pastor Faiana preaching)
June 27: Where do we go from here?
– Ruth 1:1-22, Acts 10

With much love,
Pastor Lara
aka "The Vicar"