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Worship for 
Sunday, June 14

9:00 am Drive In/ Outdoor  Worship Service

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Friday, June 12, 2020
Beloved of God,

There is a song that goes, "I am the church, you are the church, we are the church together..." I have been thinking a lot about that as we read the Book of Acts together, and as we figure out how to be church these days. I lean heavily on the fact that the church is not a building, but a body. THE body of Christ, with Christ as our head and the global church as the hands and feet and stomach and heart and every other part. 

It's tough to remember that we are one in Christ when there are so many differences. Yet it isn't our sameness that makes us the church. It is our diversity that is unified in Christ. Christ makes us one, part of each other, interdependent and in relationship. 

We live that out by keeping connected with one another: worshiping together in the parking lot or online, praying for each other, serving our neighbors near and far, studying together, and meeting formally or informally, in person or online. 

This week we will read from Acts chapter 4 where nothing can stop Peter and the other apostles from witnessing to the love and grace of Jesus Christ. That is what the world needs from us now. And it is what we need from each other now. Not sappy pleasantries, not negativity. We need the gospel. That in the love and grace of God, Jesus came to be with us and for us. That through Christ, God's final word is life. And that we have that eternal life here and now in the Holy Spirit. Let's fill up our world to overflowing with that message. Let's fill up our congregation to overflowing with that message. Let's let that gospel flow through us so that nothing else can get out. 

Peace to you, Pastor Sarah 

Bulletin for June 14, 2020 
Worship Service is streamed live on Facebook. W hether you join us for drive-in worship or live on social media, we can all worship together.

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Readings for Sunday

The readings for Sunday, June 14th are:
  • First Reading: Exodus 19:2-8a
  • Second Reading: Acts 4:1-22
  • Gospel: Matthew 9:35-10:8 
If you, or your family, is interested in reading for our Drive In Worship, or providing music for worship, please email Melissa (office admin).

Call 651.371.5421 to hear this week's  sermon. 
Our office administrator, Melissa, and Pastor Sarah are temporarily working from home.  

You can leave a message at 651-462-5212, and we will get back to you or call Pastor Sarah at 517-902-3977.  You can email us at or

Please take this time to take care of you and your family, and know we are always here for you. 
What is the next step in calling a settled call pastor?

St. Paul Lutheran needs to create a Ministry Site Profile (MSP).  The MSP provides congregations a single, common form to use to describe their mission and their search for a rostered minister.

The Church Council has tasked the Ministry Site team with completing this profile by early fall. A Ministry Site Profile team has been formed to work with the congregation on creating this profile. The team consists of: Julie Coozennoy, Bob Olson and Brandy Timmons. 

Continue to watch your weekly email for updates.

Have a question? Ask a question directly on the website: ask the Pastor, ask the Executive Council or ask the Entire Council. 

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We are looking for volunteers to clean our church as we transition back to "drive in" worship.  If you are able to help, please sign up here.  We would like to limit it to one family unit at a time, and please wear a mask and gloves. 
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We are blessed to have knowledgeable and caring nurses in our congregation! They have some words of advice for us: 

 There is time and opportunity for fun in the sun: don't endanger the fun with bad practices.
For swimming and boating, wear a life jacket at all times on a boat, for fishing and cruising. You may follow boat safety, but don't count on everyone else's good matters.  Stay vigilant when your children are swimming, either in a lake or a pool. It takes only minutes underwater to put a child in danger of drowning.
When biking, wear helmets at all times, even if you are just going around the block.  The "bike" programs have been cancelled this year, but if you need information on procuring a helmet, your local police department may have some information. 

Remember to pray for these nurses and all those on the front lines fighting the coronavirus. 
Additional Church Service Opportunities will resume when we resume church services. 

Book of Acts Bible Study
Dates: Wednesdays in July 
Time: 7pm 
Meet: via Zoom 

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Sunday, June 14 
9:00 am      Drive In/ Outdoor Worship
Sunday, June 21, Father's Day
9:00 am      Drive In/ Outdoor Worship