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Happenings In & Around the Presbytery of NYC
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From the Executive Presbyter
The Executive Presbyter, Robert Foltz-Morrison, is currently on medical leave from June 10-28. He will not be checking phone or email messages. He is at home resting after successful surgery this past Tuesday, June 11th. You may contact the Presbytery Office instead at (212) 870- 2221, ext. 4. Cards may be sent to him at:

Robert Foltz-Morrison
3050 Corlear Avenue, Apt 402,
Bronx, NY 10463
From the Presbytery Office
Friends, effective immediately, on Fridays during the summer months (June, July & August) the presbytery staff will work virtually. This means that the physical office will be closed. The staff will have virtual access their phones and email and will be able to respond to both your calls and your emails. Should you find the need to meet with a staff member on a Friday during this time you are asked to reach out to that staff member to make arrangements for them to come in to the office.

Yzette Swavy-Lipton
Executive Administrator/Office Manager
From the Justice Ministry Committee (formally known as the Committee on Witness to Society and the World (CWSW) ) and the Advocate for Justice Ministries
The Justice Ministry Committee (formally known as the Committee on Witness to Society and the World (CWSW)), calls your attention to several upcoming events and activities.
  • Poor People’s Campaign Event Friday, June 14 at 7:00-10:00 p.m.
  • Closing the Rikers Island Jails 
  • Reproductive Choice
  • The Mathew 25 Initiative
  • Pride Events at First Presbyterian Church, NYC 
  • Feast of Mary Magdalene A Lecture, Liturgy, Procession & Party in support of Benincasa Community, Sponsored by Fordham University, Department of Theology Sat, July 13, 2019 10:30 AM – 4:00 PM Fordham Lincoln Center & Benincasa Community 113 W 60th St., 12th Floor

To have your congregation’s justice-related events included in future email newsletters or on the Presbytery of New York City’s Justice Ministries Facebook page, contact mkoenig@presbynyc.org .
Good Works Committee Invites Congregations to Submit Grant Requests
T he Good Works Committee is charged with distributing funds for projects that support new or existing church development, new or existing mission projects, new or existing young adult initiatives, and that supplement staff to assist with such projects within the Presbytery.

The committee invites congregations and fellowships to submit proposals for possible funding of new or on-going missional efforts through the Good Works Fund.  Guidelines  and an  application  are available on the  General Resources  page on the Presbytery's website.

Recently approved projects include a four-church collaborative jazz and justice project in Brooklyn and support for the Vital Congregations Initiative that is engaging more than 25 congregations within the Presbytery. Contact  goodworks@presbynyc.org .
The Presbytery extends its congratulations to:
  • Congratulations to Rev. Dr. Derrick McQueen (St. James Presbyterian Church) who, was awarded a citation, from the New York State Assembly for his contributions to the NYC Multicultural Festival. Rev. McQueen was honored for his work in uniting a culturally diverse community and providing opportunities for NYPD officers and civilians to better understand themselves.
The Presbytery extends its prayers to:
  • New York City Presbytery's Executive Presbyter, Rev. Dr. Robert (Bob) Foltz-Morrison, who underwent surgery earlier this week. Bob's surgery was successful and he is at home recovering.
Lydia Tembo (Candidate Under NYC Presbytery's Care) - Clarity of Calling
There are stories of vocational discernment all around the region and the Church. Lydia Tembo, a ruling elder of First Presbyterian Church of Forest Hills and under care of the Presbytery of New York City, shares her thoughts about theological formation and vocational discernment.

In August of 2019 she will join the staff at Princeton Theological Seminary as the new recruitment associate in the seminary's Office of Admissions and Financial Aid.
Calling All NYC Presbytery Youth! We're off to Purdue University
in West Lafayette, Indiana for PC(USA)'s 2019 Triennium

The Committee on Congregational Ministry and Nurture (CM&N) reminds you that Triennium 2019 is quickly approaching


Excitement is building as we get ready for the 'Here's My Heart' Youth Triennium 2019. If you have a youth in high school consider sending that/those future church leader(s) to Youth Triennium 2019.

The deadlines are quickly approaching for grants, application and registration. We ask that you complete the medical forms

Please also call and or email us so that we can confirm the submitted information. You can reach our Registrar Maria Medina at mcmedina@uvm.edu .  You can reach Rhonda Sanchez at rhondasanchez@live.com or 347-498-6260.

Full information can be found on the website:  https://presbyterianyouthtriennium.org/

CM&N reminds you if you have any questions, please email Maria Medina, who is working with CM&N or call the presbytery office and we will direct you accordingly.
Thank you,

The Presbytery's Committee on Congregational Ministry and Nurture
  • Louisville area Presbyterians and their friends raise bail to spring more than 50 people
  • PC(USA) UN ministry hosts delegation appealing for peace in Colombia
  • Addressing our hesitancy to give freely
  • Caribbean and North American churches are on the move together
  • The gospel is for people of all races
  • Church offers monthly positive affirmation workshops to children and teens
  • Hábleme del racismo
Presbyterian Foundation Accepting Applications for Church Financial Leadership Grants
A pplications are now being accepted for the Presbyterian Foundation’s Church Financial Leadership Grant program.

Applicants must be a pastor, commissioned ruling elder or leader of a 1001 New Worshiping Community within the  Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) .

The grants will help pastoral leaders institute best practices for church financial leadership, introduce them to new models of giving and stewardship, and offer new ways to talk about money and form generous disciples within their church.
June is LGBTQ Pride Month! 
P C(USA) Store has a growing number of books written by and for LGBTQ Christians and their allies. These include:

Limited Time Discounts Available for Holmes Camp - REGISTER NOW!
Before Big Tent There Will be the Convocation for Communities of Color
A s we grapple with the emerging church of the 21st century, it is imperative that we come together to listen, learn and envision the future. God, through Jesus Christ, is providing us an opportunity at Big Tent to go deep in our theology and faith while renewing our spirits. – The Rev. J. Herbert Nelson, II; Stated Clerk of the General Assembly. 

What is Big Tent?
Since its inception in 2009, Big Tent has been a “Big Presbyterian family reunion.” It is the assembly between General Assemblies that brings us together to celebrate our church as the Body of Christ and engage in deeper conversations about how we can be the community we are called to be in this age; to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ as children of God whoever we are, wherever we are. 
Be a Welcoming Church
Learn how your church can make visitors feel truly welcome and comfortable. The Be the Welcoming Church Video Tool Kit will help you develop a congregation-wide ethos of hospitality and institute best practices for greeting newcomers, making them feel at home and encouraging them to return. Be the Welcoming Church will help your congregation be more effective as hosts for Christ.
Reminders for When You Feel Like Giving Up on Ministry
"T o be in ministry is to be a Christian that is on mission wherever you are, preaching and living out the gospel with unbelievers,” says author, speaker, and artist Jackie Hill Perry. “While doing this, there is and will be the temptation one day to give up.”
Perry outlines four vital truths to remember from 2 Corinthians 4 about ministry when we lose heart.
How Can a Church without Kids Reach Minnennial Families?
Listen to a podcast about the struggles and opportunities churches face when reaching younger families.

  • To reach younger kids and grow a kids’ ministry, you first have to reach their parents. Third graders can’t drive.
  • Outside of prayer, the first thing ew need to do in revitalization is stop blaming others and accept responsibility.
  • If there are only a few young families in the church, don’t treat them as a separate class of people in the church.
  • Churches must give up the idols of personal preference and comfort.
2019 Presbytery Meeting Dates and Material Deadlines
Stated Meeting
Saturday, September 28, 2019
Tuesday, December 3, 2019
Material Due (by 5:00 PM)
Friday, September 13, 2019
Friday, November 15, 2019
2019 Commission on Ministry Dates and Material Deadlines
All material for COM's consideration must be emailed to the commission at com@presbynyc.org
On Calling a Pastor
On Calling a Pastor , is a resource for pastor nominating committees and mid councils is now available. Each section of the manual builds upon the next to walk users through the call process highlighting the partners in the call process, polity, using the CLC system, and emphasizing the need for spiritual discernment. The resource is in PDF format. It may be read online or downloaded and printed. "On Calling a Pastor" includes videos, links to online resources, case studies, and "teach the teacher" Power Points for those training pastor nominating committees. Download the full handbook or individual chapters. You may also watch supplemental videos. To access the video links from within the PDFs, click on the icons found in the various chapters.

The Church Leadership Connection staff is here to serve you. If you need any assistance or have questions, contact them by phone at 888-728-7228, ext. 8550, or by email at clcstaff@pcusa.org .
Employment Opportunities Within and Around the Presbytery of NYC
Congregational Searches
The following congregations in our presbytery are currently engaged in active searches:

  • First Presbyterian Church in the City of New York - Pastor, Full-time
  • First Presbyterian Church of Newtown - Interim Pastor, Part-time
  • Fort Washington Heights Presbyterian Church - Solo Pastor, Part-time 
  • St. Augustine Presbyterian Church - Solo Pastor, Part-time

More information on these positions can be found on the PC (USA)'s Church Leadership Connections (CLC) website.  Click here for CLC's website .

Temporary Congregational Searches
  • First Presbyterian Church of Forest Hills - Interim Pastor, Full Time. Learn more
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