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An hour of beautiful candlelit quiet, broken occasionally by readings and music - to heal the jangled nerves of everyday stress and to tap the deep inner truths and calm within us all. All are welcome, whether from within our own Wildflower community or from without. This month, guest cellist Beth Ringel will nourish our musical imaginations with her artistry. Please come share with us the sacred power of silence. For further information, please email:



Please note that the yoga class has switched their times from 6:30 to 5:30 BUT it will still be in the Fellowship Hall and still on Mondays. Join Becky Davis for this wonderful way to get into shape! That's Mondays in the Fellowship Hall at 5:30! Contact Becky for more information -


The bridge over I-35 many of us use to get to and from the church will soon experience construction delays or closure. Improvements include the reconstruction of the Oltorf Street bridge, improving entrance/exit ramps and frontage roads, constructing new extended entrance/exit lanes for main lanes and ramps, and adding U-turns in both directions at Oltorf Street. Bicycle and pedestrian enhancements will also be made along the I-35 frontage roads in each direction within the project limits. We will try to keep you informed when the bridge closes for several months and advise you of alternative routes to the church during that time.



The printers are running behind so we actually do not know when our roll out will be of the new hymnal in the pews. Most likely, we will see them in early summer. This hymnal largely has our hymns from the two current hymnals plus 150 new hymns for us to try over time. The new hymnal was made possible by an individual gift but about 1/3 of the necessary hymnals to fill our sanctuary are available to be purchased for $20 each (at cost) in honor or memory of someone. Forms for this are in the bulletin today. You can also go see Melissa in the church office Mon-Thurs, 9-2 or send via email at Please know that the bookplates have limited space so please keep your dedication limited to two lines of 35 characters each (including spaces).

In honor/In memory of:  (60 character max.)

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Sunday school for both children and adults is out for the summer but will be returning on Rally Day, September 3. Thanks to all who have helped through the year.


Throughout scripture, we are called to "offer hospitality to the stranger or foreigner in our midst."

One way we answered that call last year was to deliver a collection of personal care items, mainly toothbrushes and toothpaste to the Honduran and Guatemalan immigrants coming through the Sacred Heart Welcome Center in McAllen, Texas.

During the month of July, we will again take up this collection.  Please bring travel size toothpaste tubes and toothbrushes for the collection box in the front vestry.

Our donation last year was greatly appreciated by the Welcome Center which continues to serve 50 to 200 immigrants daily who have been traveling for weeks and then processed by the US  Border Patrol to seek asylum in this country.

The immigrants are dropped at the McAllen bus station, two blocks from the Welcome Center, and must find transportation to the residence of a relative or contact person.

In the interim of a few hours or overnight, Sacred Heart offers these tired and somewhat confused families shelter, a meal, toiletries and a change of clothes.

Churches and organizations from around the state and country contribute to this effort.  We at Faith Church are proud to be among the supporters.

Message from your EM team
Fourth Tuesday


The 4th Tuesday Potluck lunch will be on June 27th -- an early Fourth of July celebration. Wear your red-white-and-blue and come at about noon. How about good picnic fare? Bring a dish for all to share. We can always pretend we're outdoors, because we know it's going to be way too hot (or maybe raining) to really be outside -- so INSIDE the parlor/library. Everyone is welcome!    
Faith Food Pantry


The food pantry is in need of volunteers who can give their time one to two times a month. This is especially needed on Mondays and Thursdays. Please contact Kathy Renfro at for more specific information and training. 


Believe it or not, I will be starting the "gathering stage" of the 2018 directory later this summer. What that entails is my making sure all addresses are correct, all family information is accurate, and that we try to have pictures for everyone! Please, if you have not sent me a picture for the directory,  send them post haste so we are not scrambling at the last minute. Be sure, when sending a photo, that you let me know who is in the picture and an approximate date of the picture. Also, if you have any photos from past events (i.e. Easter egg hunt, Children's Sunday School, celebrations for others in the parish) I would like those as well so I can spruce up the directory a little bit this time! Thanks so much in advance.

As always, contact me in the office if you would like a black and white copy of the current directory or if you have other questions or submissions for the directory or bulletins or enews. 

(but we still accept cash and checks as usual!).  

How does it work? Scan the QR code below with your smartphone. There are no additional fees for you as the donor. However, as with all such transactions, an administrative fee of 1% will be deducted from your gift before it is delivered to our church. This one-time fee is for the reasonable and customary costs of operation of the Presbyterian Mission Exchange which hosts our electronic giving. If you pay by EFT option, this will be the full extent of the fees deducted. Gifts made using a credit or debit card will be assessed an additional fee of 2.598%+$0.26 (deducted automatically by our card processing vendor). Your full donation, which includes all the fees, is tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law.  



Would you like to learn more about Faith's Internal Team? Then join Scott Haring, Michelle Huddleston and Anne Wingler the second Wednesday of each month from 6:00p - 6:45p. Areas of focus include: Worship, Adult & Children's Christian Education, Hospitality, Nursery Coordinator, and Congregational Care.

Questions? Please contact: Anne Wingler


2017 MEETING DATES: June 14th, July 12th, August 9th, September 13th, October 11th, November 8th, December 13th


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    • Kathy Renfro for Bill who had a conversion ablation on May 31
    • Kathy Renfro, continued prayers for her brother, Jeff Pierce, who continues his search for employment
    • Louise Haring for a co-worker, Rosemary, whose Lupus is progressing and for Carol who has cancer and begins treatment at MD Anderson.
    • Joe Schwertner, the father of the Loers' daughter-in-law, who has had a heart attack and has pneumonia, in ICU, and his family.
    • Holly Turner, David and Jessie Shell, John Platt's niece
    • Todd and Anne's 40th Wedding Anniversary
    • Gene and Martha's 65th Wedding Anniversary
    • Jean Frank's mother's 96th birthday
    • Melissa's husband, Scott, who lost his father in December and now his best friend, Scott George, last week to a massive heart attack.
    • Our planet and humanity's responsibility to care for it.
    • For all who believe that violence is the answer
    • Our leaders for wisdom, patience and understanding
    • Victims of violence and their families
    • Those suffering from physical, mental, or emotional stress and illness. Those who are homeless, financially despairing and all others for whom our prayers have also been requested