June 16th Update: Governor Signs Bill Extending Pandemic Policies
The Governor has now signed S 2475, An act relative to extending certain COVID-19 measures adopted during the state of emergency, which cleared both the Senate and House last night after an agreement was reached regarding most differences between the two chambers. Some provisions included in earlier House and Senate bills remain unaddressed, and are currently being reviewed by a conference committee.

The COVID-19 State of Emergency previously in effect ended at 12:01 AM yesterday, June 15th.

The legislation signed into law this morning by Governor Baker carries an Emergency Preamble, meaning it takes effect immediately. The new law, among other provisions:

  • Allows remote meetings of public bodies until April 1st, 2022

  • Includes a provision ratifying actions of public bodies that may have been taken during the lapse between the expiration of the State of Emergency and the signing of the new law: "[...] if this section does not take effect until after June 15, 2021, a public body may provide for remote meetings as specified in this section and any action taken thereof shall be ratified, validated and confirmed as if this section had been in place."

  • Temporarily reinstates remote permissions for representative town meetings, nonprofit member meetings, notary services, and reverse-mortgage loan counseling

  • Establishes that special permits granted under emergency provisions for expanded outdoor dining, which would otherwise expire in 60 days, will be valid until April 1st, 2022 

  • Permits to-go beer, wine, and cocktail sales by restaurants through May 1st, 2022, which must be sold at the same price for off-premises consumption as for on-premises consumption

  • Extends until April 1st, 2022 eviction protections put in place during the pandemic

  • Extends certain flexibilities for assisted living residences, and the ability for medical assistants, podiatrists, phlebotomists and certain military personnel to administer COVID-19 vaccines

Click here to access the full text of the legislation, as passed. Still pending before a conference committee are billing protections for COVID-19 care included in the earlier Senate version of the legislation, and a cap on fees that delivery apps charge restaurants that had been included in the House version.
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