June 17, 2021
TCPG and Site Council Election is Complete!
What's next?
  • Welcome the incoming board members!
  • Thank the outgoing board members!
  • Email Chelsea Lin to learn more about positions that are still available!
  • Your participation is welcomed! To help begin the school year with a smooth start, we especially need the following chairs filled by August: Vice-Chair; Treasurer; Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity (EDI); Hospitality; Special Education. Please consider lending a helping hand and joining as a chair, co-chair, or committee member. 
  • Have a great summer!

Questions? Contact volunteer@thorntoncreek.org
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2021-2022 TCPG and Site Council Election Results

The Thornton Creek Parent Group and Site Council 2021-2022 election results are now official. The results are as follows:

  • Site Council Chair - Chelsea Lin
  • Vice Chair - unfilled*
  • Treasurer Co-Chairs - unfilled*
  • Secretary - Roddy Theobald
  • Communications Committee Chair - Emily Mitchell
  • Curriculum Committee Chair - unfilled*
  • District Relations Committee Chair - Matt Mitchell
  • Enrichment Committee Co-Chairs - Lisa Berman and Megan Tremain
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity (EDI) Committee Co-Chairs - unfilled*
  • Facilities Committee Chair - Jana Dilley (seeks co-chair)
  • Fundraising Committee Chair - Kathleen Phan (seeks co-chair)
  • Grant Writing Committee Chair - unfilled*
  • Health & Safety Committee Co-Chairs - Courtney Bell and Erica Seddig
  • Hospitality Committee Chair - unfilled*
  • Parent Education Committee - unfilled*
  • Recruitment and Hiring Committee Chair - unfilled* 
  • Special Education Committee Chairs - unfilled*
  • Volunteer Committee Chair - Jenny Pinto

Thank you to everyone who participated in the elections process, and congratulations to the newly elected TCPG and Site Council chairs! Wishing you all a safe and happy summer, as we look forward to the 2021-2022 school year with incoming Principal Gerrit Kischner!

*If you might be interested in one of the unfilled positions, please email chair@thorntoncreek.org to discuss. We welcome your participation! 
Message from the Incoming Chair
Dearest Thornton Creek community,

Let me start by sending an enthusiastic high five to each and every one of you for just getting through this school year. Thanks in no small part to this community, we've managed to parent, teach, and love our children through a pandemic—thank goodness those kids are more resilient than we grown-ups are.

For those of you whom I haven't met yet, I'm the parent of a rising fifth grader and rising first grader. I'm a writer and editor, I love baking sweets (and feeding my people), I laugh loudly and talk too much. I volunteered for this role not because I think I'm the best person for the job, but because Thornton Creek needs us all right now. It has always needed us—our model of collaborative decision making, expeditionary learning, even our calendar of community events was built around a culture of active parent volunteerism. I know we're all real tired after this year. I also know our school community has weathered many storms these last few years, and many are feeling (understandably!) battered. But all those things that make TC special need parents to chip in—in ways big and small, in person and from home—to make happen. I urge you to reach out sometime this summer—I'd love to work with you to find the right volunteer position for your time availability, skill set, and interests. (We particularly need to fill the roles of treasurer and vice chair.)

There is important work ahead of us, but there's much to be hopeful about: an incoming principal already demonstrating his investment in our community and expeditionary learning; forward momentum in our school's commitment to anti-racism; increased communication among school leaders; the most wonderful group of teachers and staff; our magical, curious, weird, wonderful kids. And a return to full-time, in-person learning!

I am committed to doing everything in my power to make Thornton Creek as warm and welcoming an environment as possible, and to seek out—and amplify—the voices of families who have in the past felt unheard or misunderstood. I plan to work closely with PTA leadership and TC staff to find ways Thornton Creek can continue its racial equity work and parent education. I will make mistakes and say the wrong thing sometimes (probably often). I will, and I hope you'll join me, get better at having uncomfortable conversations. Together, let's foster a community where it's ok to make mistakes and feel uncomfortable—but also where we can laugh and find joy and ultimately learn about, with, and from one another.

Please join me. I promise it'll be fun!

In partnership,
Chelsea Lin
'21-'22 TCPG/Site Council chair
Thank You!
Thank you to each and every person who has made time to be involved in Site Council this year. The meetings were long (and more boring over Zoom), the duties were less gratifying, but you all are an integral part of Thornton Creek flourishing despite every obstacle this year. Thanks especially to our committee chairs for stepping up and making things happen with optimism and patience. And an extra special thank you to our outgoing chair and vice chair, Jessica Williams-Nguyen and Elizabeth Duffell, and outgoing treasurer, Jacob Blickenstaff, for your unparalleled dedication, incredible hard work, and grace. You all are the best! 
Please consider stepping into one of the following roles. For more information, please contact the current committee chair (linked below), or contact chair@thorntoncreek.org.

Vice chair* - currently Elizabeth Duffell
  • The vice chair supports the chair position, and in the absence or disability of the chair, performs the duties of the chair.
Treasurer*/Finance Chair - currently Jacob Clark Blickenstaff
  • Prepares the budget, keeping and disbursing all monies of the TCPG, and managing a committee to ensure accurate books of accounts of all transactions of the Parent Group.
Curriculum Chair* - currently Jesica Avellone
  • Supports Expeditionary Learning, Responsive Classroom, and all alternative curricula used in our unique program through educating the parent community and supporting the strength of these programs.
  • Compiles and produces the yearly expedition newsletter.
Equity, Diversity, & Inclusivity (EDI)* - Vacant
  • Plans and implements school-wide diversity events for students, families, and staff.
  • Supports and encourages discussions about diversity at Thornton Creek to facilitate understanding and celebration of differences.
Facilities Co-chairs - currently Jana Dilley (will continue), Zoe Kappelman
  • Proposes and implements improvements to and maintenance of facilities, including landscaping, water quality, and earthquake preparedness.
  • Manages the lost-and-found.
Fundraising Co-chairs - currently Kathleen Phan (will continue), Jennifer Schlobohm
  • Plans and coordinates events to raise funds for Thornton Creek Parent Group
Grant Writing - Vacant
  • Research and pursue available funding and donation sources. 
Hospitality Chair* - currently Karen Wirkala
  • Organizes the welcoming events for new families, and first day of school coffee. 
  • Plans a variety of appreciation events for teachers and staff.
  • Coordinates school tours.
Ombudsperson - currently Sarah McVay
Parent Enrichment - vacant
  • Organizes parent education events.
  • Produces a yearly summary of expeditions, such as the Expedition Newsletter. 
Recruitment and Hiring - currently Anna Marshall
  • Promotes and facilitates parent participation in hiring Thornton creek teachers, staff, and administration.
Special Education Chair* - currently co-chaired by Julie Shin, Beck Weinhold
  • Supports community building among and advocacy on behalf of families of students with special needs.
  • Promotes inclusion of students with special needs in all school activities.
  • Plans and coordinates parent education events relating to special education.
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Jessica Williams-Nguyen, Chair
Elizabeth Duffell, Vice-Chair
Jacob Blickenstaff, Treasurer
Roddy Theobald, Secretary


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