June 19, 2018

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2018 Dates to Remember
Online sales
Pack prize exemption forms
IYOS Budget
Unit Banners
Popcorn t-shirts
Training Dates
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District Kernels
Petah La Shauro

Diamond Dick


Wagon Wheel

Black Hawk

Iron Horse 


War Eagle

Twin Lakes
Lora Novencido
Jobina Kirby


**All Kernel information can also be found on our popcorn web site.
2018 Dates to Remember
2018 Sale Dates - 
Saturday, September 15 to Sunday, October 21

2018 Dates to Remember - 
June 29 - IYOS Budges are due by 5 PM
June 29 - Pack Prize Exemptions are due by 5 PM
June 29-  Popcorn t-shirt orders due 
June 29-  Unit banners orders due 
August 1- Online sales begin
August 2018- Popcorn training (district specific)

2018 Popcorn Staff Advisor 
I have already had the  privilege  to meet some of you already, but I wanted to introduce myself as your new popcorn staff advisor. I am not new to the council and in fact have been here almost 20 years. The last few years I have been working in the development department as the staff advisor for: Metro Golf Tournament, Werner Shootout, ICC family  campaign and United Ways. 

I am excited for us to change our vendor back to Trail's End and working with Chuck Pattison our rep.  Faith Barrett will also be assisting me with this year's campaign.   I look forward to working with you all and THANK you for believing in our popcorn campaign.  Faith and I can be reached out email

Stephanie Rall
Sr. Development Director 

Online Sales begin August 1
Learn more information 

Pack prize exemption form due June 29th
Turn in your Pack prize exemption form 
before  June 29th 
You can click HERE to for the Prize Exemption Form

IYOS Budgets Due June 29th 
Send your budget  HERE   by June 29th to receive 1% extra commission. 

DEADLINE to order Unit Banners 
is June 29th. 

Each committed unit to sell popcorn will receive one banner at no cost (I have ordered your one). If you want to purchase more. 
DEADLINE to purchase your 2018 popcorn 
t-shirts is June 29th.

You can click HERE to order

2018 District Training Dates
Find out when your 2018 District Training Dates are!

You can click HERE for more information on District Training Dates. 

Join us and earn an extra 2% for your unit sales!

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