June 19, 2019

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Message From The President

By John Witkowski, President & CEO

Legislature Scheduled To Adjourn For Year
Municipal Deposits Legislation UpdateCreditUnionBillUpdatePresMessage

IBANYS has reported throughout the 2019 state legislative session on the new and challenging political environment in Albany, with Democrats in firm control of both chambers of the Legislature and Banks Committees. With their Senate and Assembly majorities mostly coming from downstate and New York City, many legislators do not have a familiarity or relationship with local community banks. However, many do have such a history with credit unions. 

In the closing days of the session, an agreement had been reached between Assembly Banks Chairman Zebrowski (D-Rockland County) and Senate Banks Chairman James Sanders (D-Queens) on legislation (A. 3262, Zebrowski /S.6079,  Sanders) to allow credit unions, savings banks, savings and loan associations and federal savings associations to accept and secure deposits from municipal corporations, and the Legislature appears  poised  to approve the bill.  IBANYS strongly opposed this legislation because of what we see as the potential serious negative impact allowing tax-exempt credit unions, which are not subject to CRA mandates, may have on both local community banks and the communities and customers we serve. Throughout the legislative process, IBANYS has taken various steps in our efforts to prevent approval of this legislation:
  • We submitted a Memo in Opposition, and a white paper analyses explaining how the proposal would impact local community banks and those we serve, and how it would make an already unequal playing field between community banks and credit unions even more one-sided;
  • We launched a grassroots action alert urging member banks to contact their legislators to vote no; and
  • We advocated for the inclusion of a provision to make the playing field somewhat more fair by providing some tax relief for community banks, but the Democratic majorities in the Senate and Assembly rejected our proposal. 
The final amended version of the bill was an improvement over the initial proposal, in that: 
  • Thrifts would no longer be required to form commercial bank subsidiaries in order to accept the deposits, as they currently must do under state law.
  • It does not immediately give full access to credit unions. Instead of allowing credit unions "carte blanche" permission to enter the business, they will be restricted under a pilot program that includes funding limitations and nominal community reinvestment fees. It also provides thrifts with unlimited, unrestricted authority without restrictions. 
  • Credit unions will be required to adhere to a new community investment provision, although it is not equal to a full CRA mandate.
  • There will also be a study to determine the impact of their their involvement on community banks and local communities.
However, IBANYS continues to strongly object to any initiative that allows tax-exempt credit unions to hold public funds.  If the legislation passes, IBANYS will continue our opposition by working with the Governor's office to seek a gubernatorial veto. 

Meanwhile, the Legislature also appears poised to pass legislation to allow credit unions to participate in the State Business Development District program by  amending the State Banking Law to "expand access to banking services in communities where there is a demonstrated need for additional products and services." Currently, banks that open branches in under-served communities are eligible to receive below market-rate deposits, which lower the financial risk the branches may incur when opening in an under-served community. The bill notes that "because banks and other eligible financial institutions have submitted a modest number of applications over the past twenty years, the program should be expanded to include credit unions to encourage additional banking services in under-served communities.

The 2019 legislative session included a number of other initiatives that will have a direct bearing on New York community banks. We will be preparing an in-depth analysis of all legislation passed this year once the session is over and the Legislature departs from Albany until next January. 


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2019 Meetings

Attend One of Our Educational Meetings! Meetings2019

It has been an extremely busy first half of the year at IBANYS on the educational front. We have held meetings and conferences across the state for New York community bank directors, compliance officers, security officers, lending officers, human resources officers and senior executives -- culminating with our 2019 annual convention last week. Our programs covered various subjects important to our member banks, and were presented by expert speakers. They are provided great opportunities to network, and to earn CPE credits as well.

There's more to come: Our meetings and conferences will continue. Here's a look at what's next:

Banking Executive SymposiumBankExecSymposium

September 9-11, 2019
200 Riverside Drive
Clayton, NY 13624

CPE Credits Available  = TBD


Of course, you also won't want to miss our full calendar of our IBANYS webinars on a wide range of operational, governance and strategic issues. 

Have an idea for one of our meetings? Want to see a meeting or forum on a different subject? We want to hear from you! 
Contact Linda Gregware or John Witkowski with your thoughts and/or comments.

2019 Annual ConventionConvention19


Our 2019 Annual Convention at the Turning Stone Resort & Casino was a success and we can't thank everyone enough for attending and participating!  Special thank you to our exhibitors, sponsors, donors to the PAC Silent Auction, and speakers.  Speakers' presentations are available to view/download from our website.  Here is a final recap of last week's events:

On the first day, people from across the nation gathered to set-up trade show exhibitor booths, prepare presentations, and network with fellow attendees.  The golf outing took place on Kaluhyat Golf Course where golfers enjoyed the outing though the weather was cloudy all morning and the rain began to fall prior to all finishing the course.  Thank you to our golf sponsors:  Metropolitan Commercial Bank, Heilbronner Consulting, LLC, Sandler O'Neill + Partners, Steuben Trust Company and The Bonadio Group.  

Exhibitor Tradeshow - Monday, June 10

Dinner & Keynote Speaker (Cindy Miller) - Monday, June 10

Monday concluded with our Welcome Dinner which  keynote dinner speaker  Cindy Miller , former LPGA Pro-Golfer.

The second day of Convention was a busy one. The morning began with a networking breakfast. Then we heard from Michael Jamesson of Jamesson & Associates;  Fabio de Sant'Anna of Strategic Resource Management; Richard Garabedian of Hunton Andrews Kurth; Bart Smith of Performance Trust Capital Partners; Pat Howard of SHAZAM; Anthony Burnett of Level5; Greg Roll of ICBA Securities and Preston "Pres" Kennedy of ICBA & Bank of Zachary (LA).  In addition to speaker presentations, there were eight 6-minute drills sponsored by Freed Maxick, Compliance Anchor, COCC, Pentegra Retirement Services, T. Gschwender & Associates, Homestead Funding, Promontory Interfinancial Network and Travelers.   
Speaker Presentations - Tuesday, June 11

After some downtime, the exhibitor tradeshow opened for the night. The PAC Silent Auction also took place, which offered organizations the opportunity to showcase items from their region while contributing to an essential committee that focuses and advocates for community banks in NYS legislative affairs. The PAC contributes to New York State candidates and officials who understand and support the vital role community banks play in our local and state economies, as well as our communities. We received numerous unique items from areas across NY and the nation, bringing both variety and a story to the donated items. Items donated included a Dooney & Burke Janine Crossbody Bag in Gray, a Skaneateles Lake Tour provided by Mid-Lakes Navigation, 1 Set of Yankees vs. Red Sox Tickets & 1 Set of Mets vs. Phillies Tickets, among many more. Thank you to all donors who helped make this event a success.
Our Tuesday Dinner was sponsored by Federal Home Loan Bank of New York (FHLBNY) and featured remarks by Preston "Pres" Kennedy, ICBA Chairman & Bank of Zachary President/CEO. The After-Dinner Party, sponsored by S.R. Snodgrass, P.C., concluded the evening and featured the Beadle Brothers Band.

The final day of Convention was just as packed and exciting as the first two days! The educational component of our program continued with dynamic speakers such as  Bryan Adler of Vetter ; Kevin Gulledge of Abrigo, and Tom Stebbins of Lawsuit Reform Alliance of NY. In addition to the presentations were our last two 6-minute drills, sponsored by CloudBnq, Inc. and Accume Partners.

Wednesday Speakers (from left to right): Bryan Adler, Kevin Gulledge & Tom Stebbins

The day ended with closing remarks and a lunch sponsored by Compliance Anchor. Thank you to all attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and speakers. Our 2019 Annual Convention was a success thanks to all of you and we are looking forward to sharing the experience again next year.

Mark Your Calendars for Next Year's Convention

W e are looking forward to sharing the experience again next year, June 15 - 17 right back at Turning Stone Casino & Resort! Mark your calendars and save the dates!
IBANYS Education/WebinarsWebinars

Have you reviewed our 2019 Webinar Calendar? The Independent Bankers Association of New York State (IBANYS) partners with CBWN to bring you more than 150 webinars each year covering compliance, lending, regulations, security, operations, new accounts, collections, fraud, security and other topics. Even better, each time you purchase a webinar, you support IBANYS, because a portion of your registration comes directly to us. Thank you!  

You can view the 2019 Webinar Schedule here or by category here. In addition, CBWN has made some recent updates to provide better service to its consumers. Unfortunately, some changes may have caused you to miss important webinar announcements. Please read the IBANYS letter to view the updates and ensure that you do not miss another webinar.


CBWN has added more than 140 webinars to the IBANYS webinar calendar, covering all the essential topics. Start the new year off right by gaining the knowledge and tools to make 2019 the best year yet! 

CBWN and IBANYS thank you for your continued support of the education in the community banking industry. 

Government Relations


As noted above in the President's Message, the State Senate and Assembly reached agreement on, and appears poised to pass legislation (A.3262, Zebrowski/S.6079,  Sanders) to  allow credit unions to enter the public deposits (state and/or municipal deposits) business. 

IBANYS strongly opposed the legislation,  testified against it, submitted memos in opposition and white paper position paper analyses and asked member banks to reach out to their local members of the State Senate and Assembly to urge their opposition as the bills. We believe the legislation would seriously impact community banks and the municipalities and customers they serve. 

Nevertheless, at press time the Legislature - now dominated by heavy, downstate Democratic majorities - appeared pleased to approve the legislation.  A.3262, Zebrowski/S,6079,  Sanders allows credit unions, savings banks, savings and loan associations and federal savings associations to accept and secure deposits from municipal corporations. 

IBANYS strongly opposes allowing tax-exempt credit unions to hold public deposits. The final legislation, as amended, did make some improvements over the initial proposal.
  • Thrifts would no longer be required to form commercial bank subsidiaries in order to accept the deposits, as they currently must do under state law. IBANYS has long advocated for this result for savings banks and savings and loans.
  • The final bill as amended does not immediately give full access to credit unions, but instead phases-in credit union participation, with scheduled steps of the total amounts of deposits they may hold. Thrifts have no such limitations.
  • Credit unions will be required to adhere to at least some nominal new community reinvestment provisions, although nothing equal to a full CRA mandate.
  • At the end of the pilot program, there will also be a study to determine the impact of their their involvement on community banks and local communities. 
The Legislature is also pleased to approve S.3312, Sanders/A.3320, Zebrowski to permit credit unions to participate in the State Business Development District (BDD) Program.   The BDD program was established in 1997 to provide incentives for banks to establish bricks and mortar branches in areas with a demonstrated need for banking services. The incentives include the ability to accept municipal deposits, and a real property tax exemption for ten years. IBANYS does not believe either incentive is appropriate to provide to tax-exempt credit unions. Read IBANYS' Memo in Opposition.

If these bills are approved by the Senate and Assembly, IBANYS will continue our opposition by working with the Governor's office to seek a gubernatorial veto.

As the session ends, IBANYS will be reviewing the full results of the final actions in the Legislature, and will provide an update once we have carefully assessed the impact on community banks.   

We thank the members of our Government Relations Committee, and all our member banks, for their active participation in our legislative process at the state and federal level during 2019.

Other Legislative Activity:
  • The Legislature has approved legislation A.7604 (Buttenschon)/S.5411 (Sanders) extending the banking "wild card" law until September of 2024. The law allows the State Department of Financial Services (DFS) to maintain the viability and competitiveness of the New York State banking charter vis-a-vis the federal banking charter, is due to expire this September. The legislation is awaiting the Governor's signature.
  • A.5635A (DenDekker)/S.5575A (Thomas) would expand the current data breach notification requirements and include a limited exemption for banks that notify of breaches under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act to avoid duplicate obligations. 
Washington, D.C.WashingtonGR

ICBA: Call Report Relief Rule Doesn't Meet Congressional Intent

ICBA states that the newly released interagency final rule implementing call report relief fails to meet the intent of Congress.  While the "Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act" required a short-form call report in the first and third quarters for banks with less than $5 billion in assets, the final rule effectively removes data items that generally do not apply to community banks anyway.  ICBA plans to continue working with policymakers to provide meaningful relief by limiting short-form reporting to the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of changes in shareholders' equity.

On Tap This Week In Congress

The Senate Banking Committee  met this week to discuss 1) reauthorizing the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program, and 2) collecting beneficial ownership information.  The   House Financial Services Committee   is also slated to hold hearings this week on the impact of recent trade and tax policies on the economy, strengthening enforcement against securities law violators, boardroom diversity, and the appraisal industry. 

Bowman's Nomination For Full Fed Term Moves ForwardBowmanNomination

Michelle "Miki" Bowman
The Senate Banking Committee has advanced the nomination of Michelle "Miki" Bowman for a full term as a member of the Federal Reserve Board.  President Trump re-nominated her last month following her bipartisan confirmation for a partial term expiring Jan. 31, 2020. If confirmed by the Senate, Bowman's re-nomination for a full 14-year term would begin Feb. 1, 2020. 

In a recent letter to the committee , ICBA noted Bowman has distinguished herself on the board by engaging with community bankers. She made history last fall as the first person to fill the Fed's community banking seat, which was instituted by Congress in 2015 due to ICBA's successful advocacy. IBANYS has strongly supported both her initial nomination, and her nomination to a full term.

Stop Credit Unions' Purchases Of Community BanksStopCreditUnionAcquisitionsofBanks

ICBA is urging community bankers to contact their Members of Congress to investigate the trend of large credit unions buying up community banks. Community bankers can use  ICBA's "Be Heard" grassroots action center  to send your Representatives customized messages asking them to use their oversight authority to rein in credit union abuses. 

ICBA also wants community bankers to email your examples of egregious credit union actions to exposingcreditunions@icba.org Community bankers can also access ICBA's customizable op-ed and talking points to raise awareness of the acquisition trend and its cost to taxpayers in local news media.  ICBA issued the resources following its launch of the ICBA Credit Union Task Force, which followed an American Banker op-ed by ICBA President and CEO Rebeca Romero Rainey on the credit union acquisition issue.

Industry Trends & Updates

Four Reasons to Offer SBA Loan Programs DoxfordArticle
by Prudent Lenders

Offering SBA loan products provides a worthwhile alternative for small business owners like these and a way for you, as a lender, to keep the door open. Learn more about  how implementing an SBA loan program  can lead to higher profits and more satisfied customers.

SBA guaranteed lending: The basics

All loan programs through the SBA are guaranteed, meaning you're able to manage your financial risk while offering your borrowers more flexible terms. Becoming an SBA lender also gives you opportunities to expand your product offerings and to cultivate relationships with new and longstanding customers.

SBA loan programs make it possible for you to lend when there's a collateral shortfall, when longer maturities are needed to improve cash flow, or a myriad of other reasons. Loan proceeds can be used for a variety of purposes, including: business start-ups or acquisitions; working capital; expansion; equipment; real estate purchases and the refinancing of existing debt. Read the full article.


IBANYS & Excelsior Growth Fund's Partnership Helps Veteran Entrepreneurs

Our partnership with Excelsior Growth Fund (EGF) has helped them access fast and affordable capital to numerous small business owners, particularly for veteran entrepreneurs that have benefitted from EGF's reduced interest rate loans. 

Through IBANYS' referrals, EGF has refinanced high cost debt for veterans like Glenn Read of Glenn Read Enterprises, and supported new opportunities for business owners like Chris Dambach of Industry Standard. Read their stories to learn more about the impact of IBANYS' partnership with EGF.

Glenn Read

We sat down with Glenn Read to learn more about his story, his business and how his $100,000 veteran loan through EGF helped him reach his business goals. Read more.

Chris Dambach

Chris Dambach is dedicated to giving back to his fellow veterans. We spoke with Chris to learn more about how his $50,000 veteran loan helped him continue his mission. Read more.


The Economy By The Numbers

  • The U.S. Commerce Department and Census Bureau reported housing starts dropped 0.9%, and were down 4.7% from a year ago. Single-family starts were down 6.4% from April. Building permits rose 0.3% percent in May, but remained down 0.5% from the same time last year. Single-family permits were up 3.7% month-to-month. Single-family housing starts fell in the Northeast, the Midwest and West, but rose in the South, where the bulk of home-building occurs. 
  • Although home-builders reported solid confidence in the housing market in June, levels dropped due to concerns over trade issues, high costs of construction and lack of skilled labor. According to the National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index, builder confidence dipped to 64, down from 66 in May and 68 in June 2018. Anything above 50 is considered positive. Three-month moving averages for regional HMI scores found the Northeast posted a three-point gain to 60. The Midwest was up three points, to 57, while he West held steady at 71 and the South fell a single point to 67.

New Interagency Cybertesting For Banks

According to press reports, senior regulators say U.S. financial regulators are working across agencies to develop a comprehensive test for banks and their cyber defenses. A system could be in place later this year that would replace the current system, which involves several different tests from various regulators. 


Facebook To Launch Its "Secure, Scalable, Reliable" Cryptocurrency

Facebook announced its plans to launch Libra, the company's cryptocurrency backed by a basket of global currencies and investments, along with a regulated subsidiary called Calibra, which will roll out a crypto wallet and ensure "the separation between social and financial data." Facebook is partnering with Mastercard Inc., PayPal Holdings Inc., Uber Technologies Inc. and Spotify Technology S.A. for the cryptocurrency, promising that it will be "secure, scalable and reliable." 

House Financial Services Chairwoman Maxine Waters, D-CA requested that Facebook delay developing Libra "until Congress and regulators have the opportunity to examine these issues and take action." She also called on Facebook executives to testify before the committee, apparently with the backing of ranking member Patrick McHenry, R-NC, who called for a hearing on the project and "its potential unprecedented impact on the global financial system." 


The Bond Academy

Learn Bond Basics with your Peers!

When: October 21, 2019

Where: Embassy Suites
1022 S. Shady Grove Road
Memphis, TN  38120

The Bond Academy is designed to provide community bankers with the basic knowledge needed to help plan and create effective investment portfolios.
A high performance investment portfolio can provide a noticeable increase to your bank's bottom line. The learning objectives of Bond Academy are aimed at providing you with the tools to understand how debt instruments work and their overall role in complementing the entire balance sheet.

This all new curriculum has been specifically designed to equip a new portfolio manager with basic portfolio management issues. Specifically, fundamentals of bond pricing, valuation, and selection will be covered extensively.  You'll learn the basics of the bank portfolio investment process. There is also an opportunity to earn up to 12 CPE credits!

Who Should Attend?

CPAs and those new to their roles as investment officers, cashiers, controllers, and internal control professionals will benefit the most from Bond Academy. New directors serving on the investment or asset-liability committee will also find this course beneficial. No advance preparation is necessary.

You Will Learn:
  • Bond basics, including bond pricing, duration, and price volatility
  • Bond types, including agencies, municipals, mortgage securities, and floating rate instruments
  • The composition of a high performing portfolio
  • How to understand the rate market: yield curves, spreads, monetary policy
  • How economic data affects the bond market
  • The impact of interest rate risk on portfolio management
  • Portfolio strategies of laddering, barbells, riding the yield curve
  • Day-to-day portfolio management techniques
  • Evaluating investment portfolio performance

  • ICBA Members - $595 / session
  • Nonmembers - $695 / session
  • Members & Non-Members: Save $150/session for each additional registration from your bank.


New York Community Banks: Have You Taken The Survey Yet?

New York community bankers: Participate in a survey from state regulatory agencies and the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) on a range of topics for research purposes. CSBS has begun the annual process of surveying community banks on their economic condition, regulatory impacts and business plan. The goal is to get a more accurate understanding of how bankers are feeling about the future and to help provide an important barometer of the state of the industry. Survey results will be presented during the Community Banking in the 21st Century Research and Policy Conference, slated for Oct. 1-2 in St. Louis. Responses are due June 30. 

Banking News

Further Your Education at Barret Graduate School of Banking BarretGradSchool

Barret and IBANYS are aligned with a common interest: to represent the interests of the industry through effective advocacy and high quality educational offerings.

Located in Memphis, TN, Barret Graduate School of Banking offers a comprehensive graduate learning program for professionals in the financial services field. IBANYS has established partnerships with key industry educators including the Barret Graduate School of Banking. The school provides community bankers with an opportunity for a graduate degree in banking. 

We are currently endorsed by ICBA, ICBA Securities, Arkansas Community Bankers, CBAofGA, Indiana Bankers Association, CBAofKS, MIBA, CBAofOH, CBAofWV - with a couple more on the way. 

To learn more about Barret Graduate School of Banking, please visit   www.barret.ws.


Keep The Door Open For Your Small Business Customers

Excelsior Growth Fund (EGF) is NYBDC's nonprofit Community Development Financial Institution and IBANYS' exclusive online lending partner. Join the growing number of banks that work with EGF to offer their customers an affordable and responsible option when they do not qualify for traditional financing. EGF offers loans up to $500,000 with a convenient, digital process. Loans under $100,000 are disbursed within 5 business days.

 EGF's experienced team can work hand-in-hand with yours to develop a customized process to make referring seamless. To learn more about offering your customers a second look through EGF contact Bryan Doxford, SVP, at bryan.doxford@excelsiorgrowthfund.org at at (212) 430-4512.

IBANYS Spotlight Is On...

CES produces the biannual NY Banking Customer Experience Benchmarks which include 100,000 + objective reviews by households and businesses about all banks they use. 

We interview customers at every institution in New York and gain their ratings on 53 different customer-centric metrics. Subscriptions provide banks with a best-in-class Customer Experience Measurement program with ongoing objective customer feedback and competitive benchmarking.

For more information, please contact Bruce Paul, CEO:
IBANYS Endorsed Services
IBANYS identifies offers products and services that provide value to your banks, companies, employees communities. These brief summaries provide links for information. Please contact IBANYS President John Witkowski with questions.

Health & Wellness

My Wellness Resource & TELADOC

The health and wellness landscape continues to evolve. "My Wellness Resource" can be a nice addition to your existing benefit package. 

Teladoc can save your banks time and money, and provide real value to your employees as this testimonial from a New York community bank CEO proves:
"I wanted to let you know that some of our employees and I have been using "Teladoc" and it is one of the best things we have done for the bank. We all love it: We are saving time, avoiding waiting in an urgent care center or a doctor's waiting room for non-emergency related illnesses . . .and it is easy to use and convenient. Once you use it, you are hooked! This was a great find! Would recommend it to all banks."

Mario Martinez 
Chairman & CEO
Catskill Hudson Bank

Contact Alan Justin: (716) 907-5500. 

"Cure the Blue" Helps Banking Industry Battle Prostate Cancer!

The "Cure the Blue" program sponsored by the Buffalo Bills Alumni Foundation allows New Yorkers to participate in one of the most comprehensive efforts to help promote prostate cancer awareness and research in the United States.  Lake Shore Savings Bank has provided prostate cancer literature and Cure the Blue information at all eleven of its branches and their headquarters in Dunkirk. The bank also offered Cure the Blue ceramic lapel ribbon pins for a $5.00 donations to Cure the Blue to all their customers. "We fully understand the severity of this disease and the devastating effect it can have on families" said Lake Shore Savings Bank President and CEO Dan Reininga. "Our support of the Buffalo Bills Alumni Foundation's "Cure the Blue" initiative is something that we are taking very seriously and are proud to support." Buffalo Bills Wall of Famer and Alumni Foundation President Booker Edgerson, a two time prostate cancer survivor, said the bank has been a tremendous longtime supporter, noting: "They have really stepped up to the plate with their unwavering support of our Cure the Blue initiative." 

IBANYS urges all of our member banks, associate members and allies to join the effort. Cure the Blue" raises funds and awareness regarding prostate cancer in New York State. Visit  curetheblue.com  to get involved! Of all new cancer cases in the nation, prostate cancer represents 9.6%. In 2017, there were an estimated 161,000 new cases, and more than 26,000 fatalities due to the disease. Support IBANYS' "Cure the Blue" campaign to help New Yorkers participate to promote prostate cancer awareness and research.

Secure, Enhanced Internet Presence

The .bank program by fTLD operates trusted, verified, more secure, easily-identifiable internet locations for financial companies and  customers. www.icba.org 

Did You Know?

. . .That there have been 56 people who have served as Governor of New York? Four served non-consecutive terms. New York has never had a female governor.
  • There are only three living former Governors: George Pataki (1995-2006); Eliot Spitzer (2007-08), and David Paterson (2008-10). 
  • New York's longest-serving Governor was its first: George Clinton, who took office July 30, 1777, and served seven terms in two different periods, totaling just under 21 years in office. 
New York community banks play a key role in our state and local economies. Help spread the good news among our customers, business, elected leaders and the media!

John J. Witkowski
President & Chief Executive Officer

Stephen W. Rice
Director of Government Relations & Communications

Linda Gregware
Director of Administration & Membership Services

William Y. Crowell III
Legislative Counsel

Natalie Rowan
Marketing & Social Media Assistant