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June  2013
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Native Plant of the Month
Purple Prairie Clover
Dalea purpurea
  Exposure: Sun or Partial Shade
Moisture: Moist or Dry
Blooms: June-July
Color: Purple
Height: 1-2 feet

A member of the bean family, it has a purple, cylindrical flower head that attracts butterflies and bees. It has an alternate leaves that are divided into 5-7 leaflets. It does well in dry or mesic prairies on sandy loam or loam soil. It is also moderately drought tolerant. This plant is useful for erosion control because of its deep fibrous roots, which help anchor soil.
Invasive Plant of the Month

Common Burdock

(Arctium minus)

Leaf: Large, heart-shaped
Height: 4-5 ft
Blooms: July- September
Bloom Color: purple
A common weed from Europe with large, heart-shaped leaves. It forms a rosette the first year and a tall, branched stem the second year. After growing the stalk it produces large purple, thistle-like flowers that later form burrs that stick on clothes and pets. It has a large, deep taproot that makes manual removal difficult. 

Retail Nursery Hours

This month the retail nursery will be open:

June 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th 
from noon-4pm
June 7th-8th
June 28th-29th
5300 Hwy 12, Maple Plain
Garden Club Field Trip!
Natural Shore Technologies is now hosting FREE field trips for Garden Clubs with 10 or more members. Come join our Native Plant Specialist Shirley Mah Kooyman for a 1 hour lecture and tour of our retail nursery in Maple Plain! Your club will get an up close experience learning more about Minnesota Natives! 

Choose from one of the following lectures:

  1. Minnesota's Native Plants: A Sampling for Your Garden
  2. Landscaping with Native Plants
  3. Top 30 Native Plants for your Garden


Call or email Shirley for more information at 763-464-8323 or at

How to Attract Wildlife to your Restoration!


Tired of just the ordinary grey squirrel and robin in your yard? Planting native species can help diversify the amount of wildlife you see. Below are some tips and names of native species that will help your garden attract a variety of bees, butterflies, birds, and more!


Aquatic wildlife- Shoreline restorations can provide essential habitat for aquatic life, including fish. They are attracted to the transitional and emergent vegetation for food, shelter, and spawning grounds. Frogs and turtles also use these plants for their homes. Waterfowl like ducks and herons are commonly spotted in restorations, using the plants for nesting and to find food. Emergent plants you can add to your shoreline include Blue Flag Iris, Sweet Flag, Arrowhead, Bur-Reed, Lake Sedge, and Hard or Softstem Bulrush.


Hummingbirds- These tiny creatures need to consume over half of their bodyweight in sugar every day to survive! Help them out by planting native plants that produce large amounts of nectar including Obedient Plant, Butterfly weed, Blue Giant Hyssop, and Wild Bergamot.  Species like Foxglove Beardtongue, Columbine, and Cardinal Flower have adapted their flowers specifically for hummingbird's long tongues to be able to feed on their nectar.  Plant these and you can sit back and watch the little guys zip around your restoration!


Bees and Butterflies- Monarch populations have recently dropped in large numbers presumably because of herbicide uses depleting Milkweed habitat. Planting various species of Milkweed for larval stages and other natives for the adult's food can help restore their populations in Minnesota. Other beautiful native plants both bees and butterflies use for nectar sources are Purple Prairie Clover, Liatris species, Blue Vervain, Aster species, Blue Lobelia, Joe Pye Weed, Turtlehead, and many more.


You can see that some plants attract birds as well as bees and butterflies, going a long way to provide food and habitat for multiple wildlife species. Just remember, plant a variety of plants with different bloom colors, blooming periods, and heights to create a diverse habitat for multiple wildlife species.  If you have more questions about attracting wildlife, visit our website at or come in to our retail nursery where our experienced staff can help you find plants to attract wildlife to your area! 


Click  Here to read a recent Star Tribune article about helping pollinators by planting native species!


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Employee Profile: Spencer Bauer

Spencer hails from Wisconsin but is currently living in Minnetonka. He has worked at Natural Shore Technologies for a few years now on the installation crew and helps out on the maintenance crew whenever needed. He is currently in the Landscape Architecture Master's Program at the University of Minnesota. His favorite part of working at Natural Shore Technologies is learning more about native plants and new management techniques. In the future he hopes to incorporate more native plants and their natural benefits in landscape design.