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June 2013

The mission of 
100K Jobs in Haiti
 is to build the capacity and capability of existing Haitian businesses, create new strategic businesses, encourage local purchasing from all Haitian businesses and transform Haiti's 40 largest cities. 
100,000 Jobs is Active in 
the Following Cities:






Strategic Partners


Implementing Partners

To Get Involved
Please Contact
Dave Genzink in the US


  Daniel Jean-Louis in Haiti

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WinShape Foundation Partners with 100,000 Jobs Haiti


cap haitien group brightened


The WinShape Foundation was created by S. Truett Cathy, founder of the
Chick-Fil-A Company to provide a platform for franchise owners to engage in partnership with others in need around the world. David Daniels is a Chick-Fil-A franchise owner who believes that business is his mission.  David, who has already made several trips to Haiti since 2010, recently returned from Cap-Haitien where he met with a group of 17 entrepreneurs eager to grow their businesses.  With two other franchise owners, Craig Phillips and Todd Coleman, David taught a business seminar using WinShape's SERVE Leadership Model.  Click here to read more

American Mentors Visit Following Business Training in Pignon

photocopiest brightened Katia Libby and Dave Melhus, members of an affiliate from Pella, Iowa traveled to Haiti in April to visit the members of a local business affiliate called Partners in Pignon (PaPi). During their first meeting with 12 entrepreneurs, the Americans and Haitians discussed the group's  theme, Growing Stronger Together Dave recalls, "The interaction of the business leaders was inspirational and exceeded our expectations."  American business mentors reinforce training through group seminars and one-on-one meetings.  Further, mentors offer guidance on business loans and growth strategies.  PaPi member and copy store owner, Paul Joseph is pictured left.
Mentors Needed throughout Haiti
Jack and business man in the mountainsThe reputation of 100,000 Jobs Haiti is spreading.  Entrepreneurs in Jeremie, St. Marc, and Jacmel are eager to receive the training that has already transformed the business communities of Leogane, Gonaives, and Pignon. Following training, these entrepreneurs are excited to have business mentors make regular visits to discuss their new business plans and strategy for growth.
If you feel called to use your business skills as a mentor in Haiti, contact Dave Genzink at
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