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June Article

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Our maintenance crew is busy visiting prairies, shorelines, raingardens, and other native restorations all over the Metro area. What have they been observing? What natives are blooming first? What weeds are coming up this month?


Native plants love the rain we've received this spring,

Marsh Marigold
Caltha palustris

and now with a little sun they are growing strong and blooming with vibrant colors! A few examples of these early native plants are Marsh Marigold, Jacob's Ladder, and Wild Geranium. These are important plants for pollinators because they provide a food source early in the spring when other plants' flowers are still forming.


Jacob's Ladder
Polemonium reptans
Wild Geranium
Geranium maculatum


Non-native invasive plants also love the spring rain and are shooting up like rockets.  Our maintenance crew is busy spraying, hand weeding, and weed whipping them before they go to seed. Some weeds of biggest concern are Reed Canary Grass, Garlic Mustard, and Canada Thistle. 

Garlic Mustard
Alliaria petiolata

Spring is a great time to get a head start on managing these aggressive weeds because 

they are usually some of the first plants to come up. This makes it easier to spray the weeds and avoid favorable native species.  Dandelions or Creeping Charlie can also be annoying weeds this time of year but are a smaller priority compared to these weeds that can out-compete our beneficial natives.  


Need help maintaining your native restoration? Visit our website here for more information on our maintenance program or contact our Maintenance Coordinator Tracy at 612-220-4178 or at

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Native Plant of the Month
Swamp Milkweed
Asclepias incarnata
Moisture: Wet or Moist
Exposure: Full Sun
Bloom: June- August
Color: Pink
Height: 3-4 ft.


Description: Clump-forming plant blooming in early to mid-summer with clusters of fragrant pink to mauve flowers.  Plant has a deep taproot, which makes it hard to transplant once established.  When bruised the plant oozes a milky sap.  After fertilization, a green pod develops; later releasing flat, brown seeds with tuffs of silky-white hairs for wind dispersal.  Grows in swamps, wet prairies, and ditches; although tolerant of well-drained soils in gardens.  Flowers, containing lots of nectar, are food plants for monarchs and other butterflies.  The plant serves as a larval plant for monarch larvae.  Other common names are marsh milkweed, red milkweed.

Invasive Plant of the Month

Yellow Rocket

Barbarea vulgaris


Exposure: Partial Shade/ Full Sun

Moisture: Moist or Dry

Height: 1-3 feet

Blooms: April-June


Description: A biennial from Eurasia, Yellow Rocket invades disturbed areas like road ditches and fields. The plant is in the mustard family and has small yellow flowers in clusters on the top of each stem, each with 4 petals.  The seeds are found in 1-2 inch pods oriented upwards on the stem. The leaves are lobed at the bottom of the plant but become smaller and more variable as they ascend up the stem. Multiple stems can come from the base of one plant. Management strategies include hand-pulling or spraying before the plant goes to seed. 

Pollinator of the Month

Mining Bee

Photo by Heather Holm

Andrena Spp.


Range: Most of Northern Hemisphere

Habitat: They nest in sandy or loamy soil. Forage for pollen and nectar in open areas.

Identification: Black with light colored hairs that form bands on their abdomen.


Pollination:  Mining bees are very attracted to aster species like Large Leaf Aster and goldenrod species like Zigzag goldenrod. They are one of the first species of bees to emerge in the spring; pollinating Bloodroot, Pasque Flower, Wild Lupine, and other spring flowers.


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Profile of the Month

 Author Heather Holm


Heather Holm is the author of the new book Pollinators of Native Plants; a guide to attracting, observing, and identifying pollinators and other beneficial insects with native plants. Heather graduated from the University of Guelph in Canada and is now a landscape designer specializing in native plant restorations.  A passionate advocate for native plants and pollinators, Heather is a popular speaker, teaching people the benefits of using native plants to support pollinators. She also authors a blog called Restoring the Native Landscape with Plants and is a monthly contributor to the blog Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens.


Come visit Heather for a book signing at our Retail Nursery this Saturday May 31st! The retail Nursery will be open from 10am-4pm and Heather will be signing her book and helping customers choose plants for pollinators from 11am-3pm!

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